The girl with the “itis” illnesses


It’s now been two weeks of The Crud, but I am finally at the end of it. I know this because on Saturday I went to a doctor, finally. I had been sounding better, and not coughing as much, but I still felt terrible. I woke up that morning with a heaviness in my left lung, and knew it was time to stop screwing around; I had to go get some help for it because if it was morphing into pneumonia, that would be really bad.

It turns out I’ve been walking around with sinusitis and bronchitis. Nice. The sinusitis is likely bacterial, so the doctor gave me a prescription of a Z-pack of antibiotics. I’m on day 3 of 5 days. For the bronchitis, she gave me cough syrup with codeine and a Ventolin inhaler to help me open up my bronchial tubes and cough up the crap that’s down there.

So far, I am getting better. I’m still not all the way there, though. I’m still blowing my nose excessively and dealing with a gross, heavy thickness in my throat as everything tries to drain out. Yuck.

Yesterday was the last day of the 4-day weekend. I debated with myself about cancelling out of the gift-wrapping event with the Sheltie rescue, but in the end I decided it was OK to go since I’d signed up for it weeks ago, and I knew I’d just be sitting there for the whole thing. However, about an hour into it, I was so ready to leave. I know this is gross, but the mucus was building up in my throat and nose so bad, and when I blew my nose it sounded really noisy and obnoxious. I tried not to cough too much, since that could keep people away from our table. It was the longest three hours ever. Even if the people were nice, and Hurley was the star of the show (he gave nice kisses to 2 different babies!), I still couldn’t wait to get out of there. In my car, I hacked and blew my nose for a good 5 minutes straight before I could drive home. Whew. Not gonna do THAT again. The next time I am signed up for something like that and I know I feel sick, I’m just going to be honest and call out. Lesson learned.

By the way, we only made $47 in donations. Some people were getting their gifts wrapped by us, and not making a donation, which is very lame. All of us were disappointed, overall. (The day before they’d made $93… but they were in a better location inside the book store. We were in the very back of the store yesterday, in the far corner near the registers. It was hard to find us!)

The group is doing this all over the valley until Christmas, at different book store locations, so overall I think they’ll end up with a decent amount of donation dollars.

I have a lot of yard work to do again, surprise, surprise. The past two weeks have been null and void, really, when it comes to keeping up on the yard. I have weeds again in the back and I need to cut the lawn. And I still have some Halloween decorations to take down out there! I hope to get to some of this over the week, with whatever daylight I can get. It’s tough, I won’t lie: My back is still giving me a shitload of problems. As it is right now, I can’t stand up perfectly straight. I could really use a few deep-tissue massages and maybe a chiropractic adjustment. We’ll see. I have to pay my bills this week and if I have some left over, I am gonna go do it. (I had the money earlier, but couldn’t go because of being sick. Lying face down while suffering from a sinus infection is really not a great idea.)

I’ve yet to hear anything about the work transfer. No news is good news, I guess.

Sandy is doing just fine! She came with us over to my sister’s for Thanksgiving, and she did so well. She and Hurley were circulating nicely among the guests, and begging for scraps, of course. But Sandy really seemed so at-home with us, and you’d think she and Hurley had been visiting my sister’s house for years or something. It was so cool to witness. My sister’s cats have not formally met my dogs yet, but they have all seen one another and there has been no hissing or bad mojo. Very encouraging.

I’d hoped to go see a movie this weekend, but that couldn’t happen, sadly. Instead I caught up on some DVR stuff (mostly It’s Always Sunny) and did some reading. And I slept. I slept a lot.

I don’t know if I blogged about this yet or not and I am way too lazy to go back and check, but sometime last week this guy came to my door to see if a UPS package had been dropped off at my house by accident. Turns out, it had. I had kept the package in question out on my porch just in case the rightful owner came looking for it. Anyway, it belonged to this guy’s wife. The reason it had been mailed to my address was because they used to live there! They were the owners-before-last; they were the ones who sold it to the guy who lost it in foreclosure.

It was the neatest thing to just talk with him for about 10 minutes about the house. He told me all kinds of stuff; like he was the one to wire the garage for the electric necessary for a welder… he had made the big metal gate that I had removed (I wanted to ask, What were you thinking with that thing?! but I held my tongue)… he also did all the tile throughout the house himself. He explained what the mystery dial on the wall in the hallway was (a control for a swamp cooler that was once on the roof, but is long gone now). And, he described how he had painted each room and was surprised to hear the whole place was basically left white with stained carpets when I got it. I guess they had done some “custom painting” that he was particularly proud of or something. The guest room was once orange! And the office was dark blue. I would have liked it!

It turns out this guy (he is a cop with the county sheriff’s office) now lives down the street, along one of the routes where I regularly walked Hurley. He recognized Hurley, in fact, when we opened the door, because he’d seen us walking. He told me to stop by if I ever had any more questions about the house, and he or his wife would help me out. How nice, right?

I didn’t get the nerve to ask about the weird thing I call the “House Spirit” but maybe if I do see him out sometime, I’ll bring it up. I don’t want to look like a complete flake. But it would be awesome if he confirmed something. Like maybe someone died in there, or he had experienced the spirit, too. For now, though, I don’t have the guts to ask!

Finally, and I know I am jumping all over the place on this post, but in March there is an event going on at the big park downtown for dog rescues, and there will be something called a SHELTIE PARADE. Oh my God, how cute, right?! Anyway, I learned yesterday that part of the parade is a talent contest with good prizes, like huge bags of dog food and gift cards to PetSmart and stuff. Everyone yesterday was gushing over Hurley’s little tricks routine, and saying he was going to walk off with the grand prize this year, if we go. So, of course, we’re going! The dog last year won just for doing the “prayer” trick. Hurley can do a routine of about 6 tricks in a row. Yes, I am bragging.

Now, to get Sandy trained…

It won’t be easy. She isn’t as into it as Hurley. Every time I attempt to train her to spin, which is the easiest trick to teach, she just lies down and pants at me. Oh, well. We’ll keep trying!


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  1. Wow! That’s neat about the house stuff and meeting a decent neighbor! What a boon! He can give you helpful information, and he catches bad guys! Can’t wait to hear what they say about the house spirit.

    I wonder if maybe it’s just a bit too early for gift-wrapping…? Though it definitely STINKS that some people took advantage and didn’t make a donation! GRR!

    Sheltie parade sounds fun! Go, Hurley!

  2. I am glad you are finally getting over The Crud. I have had both of those itises and they are NOT fun!

    How cool you meet your house’s previous owners and he recognized you and Hurley. That’s a good connection to have for any questions/concerns.

    Please give us a video of Hurley doing his tricks. I would love to see him win first prize….because of course he will!

  3. I want to have my own Sheltie Parade! I’ll do it this Saturday, marching around the neighborhood with a boombox and hopefully, some balloons. Sure hope it doesn’t rain.

    It’s true; I think that the gift-wrapping thing will do MUCH better as it gets closer to Christmas! Last year they made a lot of money in December doing this. It figures I was there for a ‘boring’ day, but still.

    I definitely need to get a video of his tricks. Also, a video of him and Simon wrestling. They’re really getting into it anymore. It looks bad. Sometimes there are hisses and yelps. And yet, they keep going! They are such boys. The best part is at the end of a ‘match’ and Simon is licking Hurley’s head and face. Awwww. They love each other. Even if they love kicking each other’s asses. (Sandy ignores these Battle Royales for the most part… she’s already figured out she doesn’t want to get in there and be a part of that mess. She just barks if they get too crazy and bang into furniture, since she gets startled at sudden loud noises.)

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