Good stuff, makin’ me smile.


First, there is today’s Married to the Sea post:

Then, there is the Slow Baby Laughing video I posted on Facebook last week. It’s just too funny; I had to add it here too!

This was unavailable for awhile, but thankfully someone reposted it to YouTube. Here is a Sheltie playing with a baby:

Here is MY Sheltie playing with a baby!

Upcoming movie goodness; and seeing the trailers on TV all the time… and shut up, so what? I know it’s Narnia. I don’t care. I’m seeing this!

1:36 above. Lovely.

And, finally, the wonderful and absolutely hilarious WHAT REALLY HAPPENED TO ABE LINCOLN skit from The Whitest Kids U Know. (Note: the audio is NSFW, so use the headphones.)

OK. Now I can go off to bed, happy in my codeine-laced stupor of giggles. (“Don’t break my butt!”)


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  1. We just watched this one at Amy and Torey’s the other night!! LOVE this!!! Glad that sheltie video is back up online again too. So cute.

  2. I get Abe Lincoln’s voice in my head all the time! “You have fucked up. You have fucked up! Now you fucked up!” Ahhh. I love this stuff. Also, lately I’ve had “Get a New Daddy” in my head. Damn it… I have to watch more WKUK!! Tell Amy and Torey to invite me over cuz I missed it the other night. I was busy. Ridding the castle of the vampire scourge, of course.

    SHELTIES! They’re everywhere.

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