Geministic tendencies


Since Tuesdays are usually pretty quiet at work (for some reason, very few meetings ever occur on Tuesdays), I’ve decided to use my lunch hour* on Tuesdays for hiking.

*Hour? Well… let’s be honest. It’s more like an hour and a half with all the driving, and then changing of clothes and stuff added on. But I don’t take any breaks the rest of the day, or I leave later so it all equals out.

The first Tuesday hike was two weeks ago. WOW, did it hurt! My damn shins and ankles couldn’t take it for the first half of the hike. I had to stop, rest and stretch frequently. But the coolest thing happened at one point: it stopped hurting, and began to feel good. I’ve learned my lesson about the importance of rest and stretching. I have a bad habit of wanting to rush right into anything active, and just GO. Blast through the pain, keep going. Well, yeah. I’ve wised up. I know better now.

Last week I didn’t get to go, even though I was all ready. I had something else I had to do at lunch time. (I went on a power walk after work, instead.) But today? I’m psyched to get back out there again. This time, I think I can cut back on some time because I am 90% dressed for hiking already (wearing my hiking pants to work, as well as the sport bra, socks and sneakers) and I will take a much faster driving route to the mountain. And the weather is AWESOME. We’re in the 70s now as our daily high temperature. It’s a little breezy out there today, and sunny… damn. It’s just beautiful.

I’d like to get into jogging and then, ultimately, running. I have many friends who do this, and they just love it. And they’re so healthy all the time! They’re the friends who never say “ugh, I feel so tired today” or “this cold is kicking my ass”… and I want that, too.

I just need to figure out where to run. I don’t know why I don’t just go out and jog in my neighborhood like everyone else. I worry about running on pavement too much. I would prefer running on dirt or grass, or a track, but it gets dark early now and after work there isn’t anyplace convenient for running where I wouldn’t feel scared. Also– Hurley is a lot of things, but he’s not a jogging partner. Last night, we went on a long walk around 8:30pm and it was cool outside, breezy… and he still wore out at the end of the walk. He’s got to build up to it, I guess, like I do.

I still need to cancel my gym membership. Yeah, I’m an idiot. Paying for something I never use. (I just hate going there, in particular. I’d prefer a more old-school, smaller gym that’s closer to my house. Then I would likely go a few times a week.)

Tonight, I am probably going to join my sister at a yoga class she’s trying out. I’m a wee bit concerned because of my wrists; I’ve done yoga before and I know a lot of the poses and stretches have your hands flat on the mat, and I can’t quite do that anymore. Push-ups, for instance, are out of the question, so that should give you an idea of my limitation in this area. I’ve been trying so hard to stretch things out and do exercises to strengthen my wrists. I have to admit defeat soon, though. Because instead of making it better, I am making the pain so much worse. Especially when I’m sleeping. Holy crap… I can roll over or something in my sleep, bend my wrist (especially the left one that was broken) and wake up with searing pain. Really. It’s searing. It goes up to my elbow and practically makes my eyes water, I’m not kidding. But, fortunately, it goes away in a little bit and I can fall back to sleep. (I use a heating pad to help loosen everything up, too.)

I’m sad that I have bum wrists now. It makes me feel old.

And I think the left wrist might need real medical attention soon. Something is definitely not right in there. I’m not sure I healed properly.

BLAH BLAH BLAH! Who cares?!?!

I should just shut up and go do stuff. Sometimes, I get sick of reading my own voice. I’m a blogger who takes hours to finish a blog because I’m at work; I just came back to this and want to slap myself in the wussy face. Suck it up, lady! If something is wrong, get it fixed. Stop whining!

You know what’s good? The Bath and Body Works Candy Corn (caramel) anti-bacterial hand gel. They sold it for Halloween, so I don’t know if it’s still in the stores or not, but it smells so good. I wish I’d purchased lotion in this scent now. I’ve been using this hand gel a lot just so I can smell my fingers.

Smell my fingers!


My sneakers stink today. I wish I didn’t wear these stupid sneakers to work. I can smell ’em and it’s pissing me off. Plus I feel the need to hide from my co-workers because I’m embarrassed. I think I’ll keep my hiking shoes on the rest of the day. I hate when sneakers reach that point where they smell no matter if you wash them or air them out. I guess they just wear out and start decomposing. So sad. These were pretty nice Adidas sneakers, too. Bummer.

TWICE I typed “embareassed” up there in that previous paragraph. Stupid e, being right next to the r on the keyboard. Embareassed sounds good, though. I think I might have been embareassed once or twice in my life, but that’s my private business and you don’t need to know about it, trust me.

Weird how the last half of this post reads like someone else wrote it.

Not that I put a lot of stock into these things, because I don’t, but today I am behaving like a true Gemini. This might be bad news for my co-workers and family today. I might be a little annoying. I apologize in advance, and assure you that I cannot actually control myself.

Well, I guess that’s all I have for now. I like blogging. It’s nice to have a place to deposit all my mental throw-up.


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  1. Okay, so right when you went “BLAH BLAH BLAH! Who cares?!?!” it was like someone else had taken over your blog. For a second I thought maybe somebody had knocked you out and taken over your keyboard. She was a little bit scary. Then it was like you were on an even keel again, but still someone other than the chick who started writing this post. All of them could write, though, so it’s all good.

  2. I thought that same thing. After Blah Blah Blah I wondered who hijacked your post. 🙂

    I hope to be up for some hiking in a few weeks when my brother moves here. He’s a big hiker and I want to try some.

    And I know what you mean about the bum wrists. I hate being the person with the bum knees now. (I say knees because I always had problems with my other one so really both my knees are bad now.) I am hoping my new exercising helps them out because I hate not being able to use them like I want.

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