Bullets Over Blogway


Because I’m not sure I can come up with a cohesive narrative flow today, I think I’ll blog in bullet points. So, here we go.

  • On Friday, I caught up with that show The Event, and I have to admit that I don’t hate it. I went into it wanting to like it, since it seemed like it had a shot at filling the hole left by LOST, so it had an advantage from the get-go. However, I wasn’t crazy about the pilot episode, and then I was just too busy to commit time to watching it. I DVRed it, but I also DVRed shows I really care about, like Fringe and the Thursday night NBC comedies, so they got precedence when I had time to sit down and watch stuff. So, anyway, my point is that I watched it, I liked it, and I plan to continue to watch it. Wow. I’m sure you are enthralled by this blog post so far. I’m riveting!
  • And I mopped on Friday night, too! Mopping: It’s What Winners Do.
  • Saturday morning was the final class for Hurley, and the day of the long-awaited Canine Good Citizen test. My sister came with us and took some photos, which was really cool. Hurley did well, and he passed the test. However, he almost failed. The dogs must pass all 10 of the tests to get the certification; failing even one means you’re out. The thing he almost failed on was LYING DOWN. I was so confused, because ‘sit’ and ‘down’ are two relatively automatic commands. He does them both all the time. But on Saturday, he didn’t want to lie down on command. Fortunately, we got a ‘do-over’ on that one, and he did it. It was so strange. But like the instructor said, dogs don’t always do what you want or what they are trained to do.
  • I have to send the form to the AKC so he gets the official certificate and the tag to go on his collar. It’s pretty sweet. I can’t wait to get that stuff and be a show-off (even if the only place we are showing off is inside our own house).
  • My sister and I had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes that day. And really, does anyone else find it odd that people go to a SALAD buffet restaurant and then pile very few actual veggies on their plates? So many people get the bare minimum in terms of healthy stuff; they load up on the mayo-based ‘salads’, three kinds of beans, cheeses, pasta. And then they go to the hot food area of the buffet and get soups, breads, pasta (OK, I get the mac and cheese there, too), potatoes, muffins, etc.  I don’t like that it seems that there are fewer vegetable choices in the buffet lately (no sliced tomatoes, for instance!) to make room for all the pre-made salad crap.
  • The thing is, I just love veggies. I’m not what I’d call a healthy eater, because I love sugar too much for my own good. But I do crave salads. Salads with different types of lettuce, spinach, red cabbage, carrots, broccoli, tomato… mmm. So when I go to the salad buffet, guess what I do: I eat a giant veggie salad. My sister, too. If they start eliminating veggies, I’m going to riot. We just don’t have a lot of places left for decent salads.
  • I finally saw Troll 2. It was everything I imagined it could be, and much more. Absolutely hilarious. Now I just want to see Best Worst Movie again.
  • I tackled the weeds in the backyard on Sunday. I got all of them, one way or another. I used the hula-hoe and tore up the entire yard, then I raked. Then I pulled what I missed with the hoe out by hand. And then I sprayed the powerful weed killer on everything else. The problem is, this took me SIX hours. A whole day. Gone. And I didn’t get to mow the grass, or put away the Halloween decorations, because the sun went down. Unbelievable how much work my house really is. When you’re the only one cleaning and maintaining the interior and the exterior both, it can definitely get a little insane. But hey! It’s worth it, right? I have a lovely home and yadda yadda yadda.
  • I worked on my book. And this warrants mention for a particular reason, this time: I wrote my first sex scene.
  • I am such a prude! I never want to write things that are blatantly sexual, probably because I am a neurotic weirdo. But anyway, the story reached a place where it basically HAD TO HAPPEN. I had no choice, unless I wanted to cheat the story of a major plot point. So I did it. And you know what? It wasn’t that bad. I kind of like what I wrote, reading it back. It’s not gratuitous or gross. It’s nice. And honest. It’s just crazy that I finally got to this point.
  • And also, I think I’m dropping the young adult thing, specifically, for now. I’m just going to write the book I have to write and not worry about genre. It’s so much easier that way. I don’t want to censor myself more than I already do on my own.
  • My left wrist is incredibly sore today from all that weeding. I am doing some easy stretches and it’s helping a little, but damn. I wish I never broke it. It’s been shitty ever since.
  • I have a headache. I took my headache powder and it did help take the edge off. But something is brewing that hurts a lot. I need to finish this up and get back to work so I can do as much as possible before any possible migraines set in. The light sensitivity appears to have begun. I can beat this, though! I can win and not get a migraine! I’ll drink lots and lots of water, maybe go for a walk and massage my temples and scalp.
  • I’m planning to change my hair color. Sometime this week, I’ll do it. I’m going back to red-brown.
  • I have nothing else to add at this juncture. Thank you for your time and attention. Godspeed, little doodles.

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  1. That damn sun! How dare it go down early like that?!

    We have this salad chain here that I wasn’t aware of until a friend introduced me. It’s called Salata, and, according to the employees, it’s the Subway or Chipotle of salad shops. You go in, get in line, pick your size of bowl or to-go container, move down to the next person, pick your greens, and keep on through the line, selecting veggies, nuts/seeds, berries/fruit, meat, cheese, sprouts, beans, other toppings, dressing… until you get to the end. Then you have this gigantic-ass salad that cost something like $7. You can get a drink, some bread, or not… It’s kind of a lot of food after that, for something that’s just supposed to be a salad, but it’s good!

  2. I am on a huge salad kick myself, which is good since I am trying to eat better. My problem is I love salads but I hate the time it takes to prepare them. That’s why salad bars are my absolute favorite thing in the entire world because I can make my salads just like I want with minimal fuss and muss.

    I have noticed the lack of tomatoes sliced too, what is up with that? At least I like cherry/grape tomatoes.

    I am so proud of you and Hurley! What a wonderful accomplishment. Can’t wait to hear stories of him “on the job.”

  3. I love bullets! Blog bullets, I mean. I’m not trying to bust a cap in anybody’s ass or something.

    Now I want a big salad. I’ve been toying with the idea of going vegetarian; I think maybe I could mainly live on salads and be fine.

    I’m proud of Hurley for getting certified; I knew he could do it. And I’m proud of you for getting back to the book. I’m interested to see if you find it easier to write now that you’re not necessarily trying to place it in a genre. Good luck!

  4. I do love salad-specific restaurants. Salad bars are the greatest thing ever, but they’re so few and far between anymore. (Stupid germaphobes ruinin’ it for everyone else! I mean, sheesh– get an immune system and deal with it.) In college, there was a salad place in the food court at the mall near school and I’d go there between classes and get this huge veggie salad and take my sweet-ass time eating it, people watching and reading. Good times. Also, my all-time favorite dressing is French and is it just out in AZ, or is French dropping in popularity? There are just a handful of places that have it anymore; this means that I eat at Cracker Barrel way more than most people. Hey, it’s a decent salad. What can I say?

    Hurley is the coolest. I should clone him. Only good friends could have a clone, though, because they wouldn’t be for sale.

    I’m happy about the book thing, too. It’s been awhile, again. But it’s true– I think forgetting about the genre has helped. I always go back to how I wrote when I was younger and didn’t know any better… I never wrote thinking of genres and crap. I just wrote and that was it. Pretty simple. I want to go back to simple. In more ways than one. Thanks for the good luck wishes! I appreciate it!

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