So, it’s gonna be THAT kind of a day


I always know I am in for a strange day when I have a very realistic nightmare the night before. So today should be interesting.

I was exhausted last night, and went to bed earlier than usual. I had this dream that felt very long about being good friends with James Franco. You guys know I love him.

He’s a fascinating kinda creature. I’m probably going to be buying his book this weekend, too, since I have $15 in Borders Bucks burning a hole in my coupon wallet. Anyway.

In the dream, we lived not far from one another and got to be friends because we were hanging out with our dogs at the beach. I don’t think he even has a dog, but in the dream he had a German Shepherd and Hurley was playing with him in the sand. After that, I didn’t see him too often but if I saw him in the store or something, we’d talk for a few minutes. Oddly, I don’t think it was a romantic attraction thing – which is weird, because I admit to both loving his mind and his everything-else in my waking hours. 

One day I heard on the news that he committed suicide. It was devastating. I couldn’t stop crying and my sister was also beside herself. Then I found out some friend or relative of his had taken James’ dog to the pound and it had been put down because no one wanted it. I was so angry because I would have taken his dog. Everyone said he committed suicide because he had too many things going on and none of it was fulfilling, and he did the whole tortured-artist suicide thing. Ick. It was just a gross dream.

Not the kind of dream you want to have about one of your favorite actors. And seriously, no matter what, every time I have a nightmare that doesn’t centrally seem to revolve around dogs, something tragic ends up happening with a dog, anyway. I hate it. I wake up all depressed from these dreams.

At breakfast, I always read Entertainment Weekly as I eat. I had been reading about child actors, and then turn the page to see the review for 127 Hours. Weird timing. I read that review, which rated the movie an A, and now I would love to go see it. It apparently opened today, but only in about one or two theaters total. (I don’t think that should count as ‘opening.’) I guess I have to wait awhile.

So I feel kind of off right now. Thanks to that stupid dream. I really am grateful that I am one of these people who has very vivid, entertaining dreams. But the flipside of that is my nightmares are also very vivid. Not what I’d call entertaining. Just creepy.

My previous nightmare before this came after I saw a trailer for the movie Human Centipede. Umm, trust me…don’t watch it. I really like horror movies sometimes, but I can’t even think about watching that whole movie. Puke. And what I dreamed about were some rottweilers that were shown in one quick shot of the trailer. See? Always comes back to the dogs.

You don’t put dogs in peril. It’s apparently the main unacceptable thing to my subconscious mind.

OK, moving on to something other than icky thoughts:

I’ve got a lot I’d like to do this weekend. But first up is Hurley’s final class! Tomorrow is the test for the Canine Good Citizen certification. I’m oddly nervous. Just a little, though. I think I am just excited for him and for us. I’ve never had a certified anything. I really don’t get tired of being around that dog, ever. He’s just so smart, sweet, balanced and all-around NICE. The Little Ambassador. He can go up to any dog, young or old, and know exactly how he should approach that animal. He can be playful and in-your-face, or he can be submissive and cautious… whatver that other dog requires. Oh, and he also knows how to do this with people. And cats. It’s kind of fascinating. I love to take him places and just observe. I can’t say I’ve ever seen an animal that can do this so easily. I certainly never owned a dog like this before. My dog Sam didn’t like men with beards and baseball hats. Malcolm didn’t like little kids or dogs that were smaller than him (!). But Hurley? So far it’s been two years, and we have yet to run into a problem.

I also want to go hiking this weekend. I want to spend a lot of time outside.

And I have to do YARD WORK again, blehh. The weeds are unrelenting, but I also haven’t sprayed the industrial strength weed killer on them yet, either. So I have to do that tomorrow. Also, I need to take down all the Halloween decorations on the back porch and inside the house and pack it all away again. And get an oil change.

After that I have other things I could do, if I felt ambitious. Like finally put away all of my books. Or paint my bathroom now that I have the paint. I could also sand and prime the 5 interior doors that are left that need to be refinished. The list is long.

But, mostly, I would like to do mellow things like that hike I mentioned, get back to reading again (I have been awful about that for the past few weeks for some reason) and watch stuff from the DVR. I have lots of It’s Always Sunny… to catch upon, and then several episodes of The Event, and last night’s Fringe. By the way, please watch Fringe if you aren’t, already. I truly adore that show and don’t want it to get cancelled.

I wonder what the rest of today is really going to be like. Only one way to find out.



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  1. Woo-hoo! Hurley’s getting his CGC!

    I still want to do that… someday…

    Someday I want to do yard work, too. I’ve been planning it every day for the past week, but due to rain, and then waiting for the wet leaves to dry so I can rake them and then being sick, well…let’s just say I’m tired of looking at the layer of leaves on everything.

    I agree, that’s some pretty kooky dream, however, I’d just be excited that I dreamt about somebody like that at all and not care what the dream was about, just who was in it!

  2. That movie does look really good, especially since it is based on a true story. I love vivid dreams but my nightmares tend to stick with me too. I had one the other night that the owner of the house we are renting came and kicked us out and we had nowhere to go. Sucks when I wake up feeling all worried and confused.

    Yay Hurley!! He is so smart. 🙂

  3. Jen- I hope you do get to do the CGC test someday; it’s really fun. I’m having a ball watching the other dog/owner teams in class. Some of the rambunctious dogs have come a long way! Others… not so much. But it’s a good experience, all around.
    I hope things dry out so you can do yard work, too. Blahhh. I don’t want to *really* wish yard work on anyone, but I guess this is how we know we are adults now. Sigh. Yard work.
    Oh, I have nice dreams with Mr. Franco, as well. And that damn Mr. Barnes. Not together, yet, but I have to say that would work very well for me. VERY well. Mmm.

    CP– Ugh, vivid nightmares just suck so bad! I know that worried/confused feeling well, and I don’t know about you, but it can last awhile. I hope no one kicks you out the rental house. I can say with all certainty that a nightmare like that coming true would simply SUCK ASS.
    Don’t worry, it won’t come true! Our brains just like to mess with us. Mean, nasty brains.
    Thanks for sayin’ Hurley is smart. He doesn’t seem smart when he literally leaps up, trying to catch planes as they fly over the yard… but hey, we all have the planes we try to catch, don’t we?
    I need to go to bed. ZZzzz.

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