Weeds, I command thee: Be gone, at ONCE!


I love my newly landscaped backyard, but I hate the weeds. And there are weeds! Oh man, there are lots and LOTS of weeds back there.

Over the weekend and after work last night, I worked to pull weeds up and spray what couldn’t be removed completely from the ground with RoundUp. I also poured bleach on a section of weeds to test that option, to absolutely no effect. The section I tried with vinegar had the same, nothing reaction. In fact, that section is greener! I feel like I am barely making a dent. It’s because the yard was riddled with crab grass when I moved in, and the landscapers could only do so much to get as much of it out of there as possible before they spread the gravel. They did apply a pre-emergent to help prevent new weeds from germinating, but that couldn’t stop the existing crab grass from hell.

And we had lots of rain recently. That made the weeds nice and healthy, and they’re having a ball ruining my pretty yard now.

I finally asked for professional help today, from my landscaper. He told me to go buy something called QuickPro, which is basically RoundUp on steroids. So that’s what I’ll be doing on my lunch hour. I’m desperate. I hope that this will work!

To make my yard experiences more fun, there have been a lot of mosquitoes out there lately. Not sure why… could it be the grass, and the regular watering from the sprinklers? Yet, co-workers who have nothing in their yards are reporting lots of mosquitoes lately, too. Either way, it’s not cool. I have bites all over my legs, ankles, feet and arms. I’m ready to douse my yard in chemicals at this point to kill the weeds and the bugs! Poor Hurley won’t get to use his backyard for awhile as the chemicals do their work. But he can thank me later, when he can also enjoy his lovely yard. (You know that he is very fickle when it comes to asthetics, right? Well, he is.)

I don’t want to have this house run my life, you know? I want to enjoy it, yeah. But I don’t want to spend massive amounts of time on the upkeep anymore. I hope I can get the backyard back to a manageable state soon. I don’t mind going out there on the weekend to do trimming, spraying and other maintenance stuff. I do mind being on my hands and knees for 2-3 hours at a time, sweat pouring off my face and into my eyes (ouch) as my two bum wrists start to lose power as I rip weeds out by their roots. I’ve lived in lots of houses with weeds in yards, and this is by far the most difficult yard I’ve ever had. At least the other weeds were the kind you could “pop out” with a hoe or something. My hoe is basically useless here. Crab grass roots go way, way down, and they really hang on to the dirt when you try to remove them. All I do with the hoe is chop them off below the surface; only to see them grow back up within a day or two.

Sorry. This post blows, because I am just whining about weeds. But it’s the main problem in my life right now!

How awesome is that, though… seriously? I do feel so grateful that this is the worst of my current problems. Weeds. Everything else is pretty good, and things are moving along smoothly in most areas of my life. I’m even getting to bed earlier and for the past two days, have been getting to work a half-hour earlier than usual. (I want to adjust my hours so I can have more time after work to do stuff outside, so that will mean coming in earlier.) The weather is finally cooling off! They said we have had our last 90 degree day for this year. What a relief! I’m so psyched to get my bike out and explore my neighborhood, and get back to hiking. I’m considering jogging, too. Or, more accurately, working up to jogging. Whatever works to give me energy, help me sleep better and feel more awake and focused during the day. And lose weight. Yeah, that too.

I’m not sure why this hasn’t occurred to me until now, but I think I can try to go hiking on my lunch hour. My office is about 10 minutes from the mountain, and if I bring a change of clothes and my water bottle, I could pull off at least a 30 minute hike. It’s worth a try. As it is now, if I were to leave work, go home and take care of Hurley and change, and then drive all the way back to the mountain, I end up left with very little daylight. My office is as close to the mountain as I can get. So… maybe tomorrow I can try this idea out and see how it works! Yay for hiking again!

I’m not too concerned yet, but my creative side is taking a hit lately for some reason. I have no desire to write anything new, and that’s weird. I’m also drawing blanks when it comes to simple things like writing e-mails to friends, or coming up with Facebook status updates. It’s like a section of my brain is out of town. I’m sure it will return when it’s ready. But if not… I might have to go hunt it down and bring it back by force. Maybe exercising is the thing that can bring it back.

Because, really… all the other aspects of my physical health are suffering thanks to my recent complete tailspin out of the exercise habit. It’s not like me to not do at least one very active thing each week… at least take one bike ride, or go to the gym, something. Now I see the effects of complete sloth, and I’m not pleased. I’m tired, achy, not sleeping well, having intestinal issues, feeling lazy in general, and I get winded faster than I ever have in my life. I hate this so very much, so I am changing it. I’ve had more than enough of this crap. I’m going to make myself feel a lot better again, now! It’s not really hard to do… it’s just making the effort and setting the habits back into place. Making new, even better habits than I had before.

I’m not getting any younger, and there is literally no time to wait. Or waste. I have to be the best Me I can be, while I have the abilities and desire to do it. It doesn’t make sense to NOT TRY, if I think about it. What have I got to lose if I take care of myself?!?!

I’ve got too much to do in this life. Time to get going!

And time to kill those weeds!

Both the real weeds, and the weeds in my body that are choking out the healthy stuff. I can’t let it go any further, or it’ll get out of control over time.


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  1. The vinegar takes a while to take effect. Once you spritz the leaves of the weeds (you can’t just pour it on the ground & let the roots soak it in), they dry up and turn brown in a day or two. You still have to pull the dried up weed out, but… well… you’d have to do the same with any kind of weed-killer, anyway. I’m betting the bleach works the same way. It’s not just an instant, quick-fix.

    Another “green” option is covering weedy sections with an old square of carpet or section of newspaper, which starves the weeds of light, and then they die. Again, you’d still have to pull them out. Dead or alive, removal of the actual weeds is always going to be part of it.

  2. At our old house we had a practical forest growing back there which confused hubby and I since there is no water and nothing used to grow there. It just suddenly started growing. I wonder if the mosquitoes have to do with the rain too??

    Creative slump? *points down* Yup, right here! I am just in a slump. But it always comes back around so I am sure it will for you too. As for the exercise thing, I need to do that too. But getting my body to agree is difficult. 🙂

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