Jubilee, orange; tree, Sissoo!


The landscapers have done their job… they have leveled out my backyard, installed an irrigation system (both in the back and in the front, nice!), and planted four three and six bushes/plants. In addition, they installed 500 sq.ft. of sod, bordered by concrete pavers that were made on-the-spot. It’s so very cool! I can’t believe I have a real backyard now!

Here’s what I have:

Trees: Two Sissoo trees; one Chilean mesquite; one willow acacia.

Plants: Two lantana (one yellow, one red); one pink oleander; one snail vine; one yellowbell; and one orange jubilee.

These are all plants I like very much. Especially the lantana and the snail vine. I didn’t know what a yellowbell was, although when Randy the landscaper described it I knew I’ve seen them all over the place; I’d just never known their name. And the orange jubilee is, well… the orange jubilee!

I love saying ORANGE JUBILEE over and over again. I have also referred to my baby orange jubilee as an Orange Julius, of course. It’s also been called an orange jujube. And an orange jamboree.

Simon, being orange in color, has been the biggest victim in all of this. Because you KNOW I am calling him “my little orange jubilee” since I knew I was getting one in my yard. His face might say “oh, it’s OK,” I think his mind is thinking “I’LL KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP.” Poor little adorable kit-cat.

Since I am devoting a whole post (in a time period in which posting has become a relatively rare event) to the orange jubilee, it seems that I should include a photo of an orange jubilee here, right?


Aren’t those flowers cute? They’re like little trumpets; trumpets that are probably playing music as part of a jubilee celebration! Suddenly I hear that Easter song that goes, “Christ the Lord is risen to-da-ay! Ah ah ah ah ah lei-lu-iah!”

The yard isn’t complete yet, though. Nope! On Friday, a shit-ton of gravel will be delivered to my home and a crew will apply a pre-emergent to the ground and then spread the gravel. When I get home from work, I will have a finished yard! Unbelievable. I never thought I’d see the day. Of course, it’s never going to be finished-finished, as I know I’ll be adding things here and there over the years. But the difficult, necessary stuff will be finished, and that’s what matters. From here on out, it is maintenance and enhancement. I can do those things. I look forward to it.

Maybe in some other post, I can write about other stuff going on in my life, but at the moment I feel painfully shallow. It’s weird… I feel like I’m not thinking very hard these days. No big issues are on my mind, really. I’m just doing what I have to do every day, and that’s kind of the extent of it. And I am having fun with friends, new TV (yay!) and writing. Now I am considering a dance class because I found a fantastic deal that’s for 6 ballroom dancing classes for only $39 at the Fred Astaire studio near my sister’s new house. The only reason I’m not sold yet is because of the taking-a-ballroom-dance-class-ALONE thing. Everyone else there is going to be in a couple. The dance studio says it doesn’t matter… singles can come learn to dance just as well as a couple can learn… but still. I wonder. I’m already so self-conscious about my horrible body, and to be the chubby girl standing all alone among a room full of happy couples doesn’t sound all that fun right now.

Whatever. Who cares? I’m just talking myself out of it for some stupid reason. I should do it. I should just take the classes, have a good time, and enjoy the experience for whatever it is! Life is too short to not try everything, right?


So I suggest you try planting your very own orange jubilee!

Or get yourself a pair of Sissoo trees. See, I like having two Sissou trees, because two is a team. I can say I have Team Sissoo in my yard!

They’re coming to a yard near you! Someone get Seu Jorge playing on the iPod, right now!


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  1. Reading this almost makes me want a yard of my own. And I hate the great outdoors! I’m glad things are coming together for you on the house. I can’t wait to see pictures when it’s all done.

  2. I can’t wait to see it all! Pictures please. It sounds so amazing. And you being so happy about it is wonderful. It lifted my spirits. 🙂

  3. I promise to take pictures tomorrow. I’m anxious to share them. It probably won’t look like much in photos, but to me, it’s amazing. It’s been nothing but dirt, dust and weeds as long as I have known this house. Now, I think the house is getting super-happy with all the love it’s getting these days.

    My house spirit doesn’t really come out much anymore. I think it really does like me and what I’m doing here. I know I sound nuts even talking about the house spirit, right? But there is something here, and it’s very nice. If it is a ghost, it’s really nothing to be afraid of. I can’t explain it very well. I just know that in a weird way, I am glad it’s here. And that it apparently approves of the changes. Life is funny.

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