So tired of waiting


Two things:

1) I am so impatient about my company calling my sister in to do an interview for an open job here. She’s pretty much a shoe-in for the position, since she jumped through all the required hoops like being part of the employment agency my company hires through; performing some online computer tests to extraordinary scores; and the manager in the department that’s hiring called the agency and specifically requested her information. But this was on Tuesday. And now it’s Friday, and she has yet to get a call to come in for an interview! WTH?! I don’t want to be a pain, so I’m staying quiet and waiting to hear something. But I really want to go over to that manager and ask her what’s going on. Because I know how badly my sister would love to get out of her hellish job, and how the waiting for the interview is killing her. Grrr.

2) Still no word about the play auditions. Since the director said that he would probably have the show cast “by the end of the week” I guess there is still some time, technically. But it’s not looking or feeling good. I wish they could send out a group e-mail saying “thank you, we have cast the show” so all the people who didn’t get cast would at least know. But no one ever does that. Instead, you’re stuck wondering. Maybe I got it. Maybe not? I want closure.

So, that is my gripe for today. It’s been an impatient week. And as of right now, it’s not getting any better. I can’t wait for my sister to call or text me that she finally heard something! I need to put my phone away or something so I don’t keep looking at it.


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  1. I hate waiting. Especially for things that I really want. And your sister getting out of her shitty job would be so wonderful!! I will be holding my breath until you both hear something. And I hope it is good news for both.

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