A 1 in 2 chance!


Neat! I just got a callback for that show!

And, even cooler, the part is only between me and ONE other woman. I know the woman, too, and while she is a very experienced actress who’s worked paid gigs all over town, she might not ‘look’ the part more than I do.

Either way, I’m so flattered that I’m in the running at this point, and that my competition is a woman who is really good at acting. Even if she gets it, how cool is it that I made it up to her level on my first time onstage again in seven years?! Yippee!

So, I’ve still “got it,” as the kids say. Or the old people. Yeah, I think the old people say “got it” more, actually.

One thing that’s somewhat unsettling, but I am OK with it: I am no longer considered for the young, perky ingenue. I’m now a Mom-type. When did I get old? Probably over the past seven years, I guess. Either way, I know tons of actresses lament reaching this age because the parts become limited. And it means you aren’t young anymore. And not being young is kind of scary. I think this audition has been more jarring than my last birthday, in that I feel my age and feel kind of bummed out at how fast time goes by.

And if I were to get the part, it might play with my head a little to portray a mother and wife. Especially when one of the kids dies in the show. And that kid’s name happens to be Malcolm, of all the names in the world.

OK, worry-part of my brain is now turned OFF. I’m off to work now, where I’ll probably be a little giddy over the callback thing. Fun times!


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  1. …and weirdly enough, the character of Malcolm drowns. Gulp.

    I kinda can’t get over that coincidence. And I do agree that IF I played this role, it would be somewhat cathartic. I’ve got a lot of unresolved grief built up with this particular tragedy. I just wonder why this show popped up now, why I felt the urge to audition, and what it could mean for my own personal journey. Like I said, even if I don’t wind up playing that role, it’s still got me thinking, and it’s opened up something that’s been shut down inside of me for awhile.

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