All non-fiction, all the time makes dude a dull boy


Maybe I’m catty or a jerk or something, but I had friended the dude from the web series project on Goodreads, and today I had to laugh because on my most recent update email, I saw he read TWENTY-NINE books, all about marketing, the internet, blogging and Twitter. And every other update I’ve seen of his has featured these kind of books. I didn’t even know there were that many titles on The Internet and How To Get Rich Usin’ It. Cripes.

Read a real book once in awhile, douchey!

Like I said, I’m feeling catty. I guess I can’t trust people who NEVER read fiction.

And…marketing books? SRSLY? If you need to read 29+ titles to get the gist of it, give up the dream, Scooter. It ain’t brain science. I’m positive of it.

I don’t like this dude. I’m so glad I cut ties with his dumb project, because I just know it’s going to be a massive waste of time for anyone involved.

And… now for something completely different:

Here is a photo of last night’s sunset, using my camera’s “dusk” setting (which I LOVE):

…and here is this morning’s sunrise!

This sunrise photo wouldn’t have been possible without Hurley’s active intestinal tract… he woke me up a little while ago to go out and make a popple, as I insufferably call it. I happened to take a look out the front door as I waited for him to come back in and saw this riot of pinks and oranges. Luckily, the camera was still on the “dusk” setting from last night and BAM! Photo Time(tm)!

Who else has “Sunrise, Sunset” in her head now, too? Argh!! I don’t even enjoy that play/movie. Besides– safety issues, hello!! A roof is no place for fiddlin’.

Call OSHA and fine that Jew!


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  1. I bet that dude didn’t read those books word-for-word. I bet he just skimmed them. Also, I bet they weren’t very thick books… I mean, how much does it take to fill a book about Twitter, anyway? It hasn’t been around that long. Hmmm… let’s see… what else can I bet.

    Those are great photos! I love fall sunsets, etc…

  2. Mother Nature is amazing, isn’t she? I love the colors in the sky.

    What people read really is an interesting look into their soul, isn’t it? I have always thought so…

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