A matter of inches


Oh man, I am frustrated right now! I just spent about an hour trying to make one of those wire shower shelf-thingies fit into my shower. It’s adjustable, so I assumed it would just be a matter of sliding the thing into place and it would fit flush to the ceiling in the corner of my shower stall, no big deal.

Not so fast.

The problem is, my ceiling is a little too high for me to use only three of the metal bar-pieces, and yet when I try to put the fourth metal pole in, the spring can’t compress short enough to let the stupid thing fit. I ended up with a spring flying and a pole clanging on the tile as it gave under the pressure as I worked to force it in place. I’m unfortunate enough to have a ceiling with a height that’s conveniently just in between the possible height ranges for the stupid shelf.

I had to get one of these wire things because there was a crappy plastic shelf glued to the wall of my shower, and for the past month it’s been falling off, little by little. It’s very old and was probably glued to the tiles in the 1980s. Anyway, I finally had enough and I yanked it off the wall tonight. Then I had to spend some time with a scraper, trying so hard to get all the adhesive and crap off of the tile. I got about 90% of it off (also using Goo Gone, which only helped a tiny bit, sadly) and then scrubbed the shower down, and got ready to install the wire shelf. And yeah… that didn’t work out.

I have an idea, though. If I can cut the spring that allows the thing to be adjustable, I might be able to make it fit. Problem right now is I no longer have bolt/ wire cutters. I used to have them, but I think X kept them when I moved out of the house. Grrr. I should have some of my own, anyway, so tomorrow I’m going to buy that and start chopping up that fucking spring. I WILL make this work, damn it.

The other annoyance is the blinds in my office. I finished painting the room, finally… and it looks pretty great! I had bought new 2″ faux wood blinds in Walmart about a week ago, a set for each of my front bedroom windows. Anyway, this afternoon I removed the old flimsy mini-blind from the window, and cut open the box for the new blind.

And come to realize it’s one inch too short. The way these things need to be installed meant I couldn’t mount the brackets from the top of the window… they have to be flush up against the right and left sides of the window (I’m mounting them inside the window frame).

I had to pack the thing back up, which was a huge pain, and haul both 46″ wide blinds back to the store. I could only buy one set of 47″ wide blinds since that was all that was in stock in that particular Walmart, but I can get the other one later. It got too dark by the time I was ready to hang them, though, so right now I have nothing on my window. I’ll hang it tomorrow after work or something.

I’m so tired right now. I think I put a lot of effort into things this weekend. I wish I had more to show for it, though. Oh, well. I’ll get there.

In other news, I decided to throw my hat into the ring and audition for a part in a play. I haven’t been onstage since 2003, for a lot of reasons. Mostly, I was tired of acting and dealing with stupid drama among the theater-people. But I did enjoy it, once upon a time. I got to play some amazing roles, too. I got to die onstage every night as Juliet… I played a dog and pretended to hump someone… I was a nun and a Catholic school girl… I played a psychotic high-school murderer… I was the lead romantic interest in the only decent Woody Allen show there is… and a lot more.

Anyway, yesterday I made an acting resume (I no longer had one anywhere on my hard drive… I think I must have had my old computer the last time I needed a resume) and sent my photo to the casting e-mail address. They’re auditioning by appointment only, tomorrow and Tuesday nights. They said to email them and they’d let you know when your appointment is.

No one has gotten back in touch with me.

I hope it’s nothing catty or petty… maybe they’ve been too busy to email me back. Still, it would be nice to know if I am doing this audition or not, soon, so I can plan for the drive downtown. Why would they be petty? Oh, probably because of the snarky gossip mill, the one nasty actor I had a falling-out with, or the fact that the director of this new play was also the same director of the last show I acted in back in 2003 and I can’t remember if I talked about my negative experience on that show with anyone who would have chattered it back to him. Blah. I hate this crap. Maybe I don’t want to get back in there…

No, I do, that’s the thing. I saw the audition notice and read up about the play and decided it was the kind of story I wanted to be involved in telling. It’s something like the very rudimentary first-version of my book, back when I was interested in Selkies and mysterious beings coming from the sea. I am in the age range for one of the lead characters and so, I thought: What the hell. I can do this. I can do dramatic roles, very well. I can cry on cue. I tried it again last night in the bathroom mirror to see if I still had it, and I do. Coolness. It would be interesting and kind of exciting to get back up there onstage once more. Remember that rush of adrenaline before (and during) the show, and the times when a show is palpably affecting the audience and you can honestly FEEL IT in the theater. So much fun.

But, unless they contact me with an audition appointment, it’s not going to happen at all. Not that it would, anyway… I’m nobody, and I haven’t been onstage in seven years. Still, it’s a cold-read audition, which is my favorite thing ever. Just getting to audition alone would be enough. I really hope I get the chance.

Argh. This was a night of grrrrr and arrrrggggh.

Tomorrow is going to rock, though. Things always get better these days! I hope it’s the same for you, too. Peace out, homies.

UPDATE: The director called me a little while ago, and we talked for a bit;  we’re cool. And I have an appointment for tonight at 8:30! I’m reading for two parts b/c he still sees me as younger than I am– he can’t picture me as the 35 year old woman character, so I’m also reading for the chick in her 20s. So funny. Again, he hasn’t seen me since 2003. Hee hee!


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  1. Woo hoo for an audition call! I was all ready to go ballistic about why they weren’t calling.

    Home improvements are great when things always go like they are supposed to. Unfortunately it seems for people like us that is never the case. One day I will have to tell you about our closet building fiasco. Or why it took hubby four days to build me a shelf all because the buildings in this damn state ARE NOT LEVEL OR FLUSH!!

    the shoddy craftsmanship astounds me.

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