Why nothing gets done around here


Two main reasons I never accomplish anything anymore:

1) Good books I can’t stop reading

2) Watching good movies and TV shows.

I could have gotten some painting done in the office tonight. Well, I am still going to try to do it. I also could have run the vacuum through the place since there’s dog and cat hair everywhere again and Simon won’t stop playing with Hurley’s dry food. Not to mention I could have done some of my own writing.

Nah. Instead, I made the stupid mistake of making dinner. Everything would have been fine if I could have just turned the TV on and had something dumb playing in the background as I ate. Nope, instead I found myself watching Dorian Gray for the second time since I rented it on Friday.

I love it.

I knew I would, but it took the second viewing for me to really, really love it. I’m so happy it finally came out and I could see it. It’s totally not for everyone. So I am not really recommending it to you if you’re not into any of the stuff in the movie, like dark, gothy stuff– murder, hedonism, English accents, you name it– because you probably won’t care for it. But. But… if you do like that stuff mentioned above, and want to see what my silly little crush is all about, go ahead and get it at Blockbuster. It’s listed as a “long wait” on Netflix so I couldn’t get it that way. (And forget buying it in the stores… I tried last week and no one is carrying it. No one cares about this movie, at all. Which is also why it’s so frickin’ cool. No one is going to see it. It stays my little not-so-guilty pleasure for awhile… and, when Ben Barnes gets all famous and stuff, I’ll be all smug knowing I was the first to figure it out. Ha. ha. Ha.)

I mean, even though I ordered a copy of it online, I still couldn’t wait to see it. It’s the first time in years and years that I’ve been this psyched to see a movie. Also, Ben Barnes is the first actor since Johnny Depp to make me stare in awe and lust as I watch him act. I feel like I’m back in 7th grade, seeing 21 Jump Street for the first time. And I love this feeling, because it’s so fun and silly and sweet! I like feeling like a little dork, but more than that, it’s gratuitous fun, and I totally don’t care. Wheee! Bonus: When I watch him, I am relieved to know I’m still straight. Hear me out:

Even though it’s been awhile for me since I gave a shit about anyone of the male pursuation, now I know it’s not because I lost my ability to find men attractive. I just hadn’t seen any that were attractive until now, that’s all. Not that I found women attractive, because I didn’t, and don’t. But I admit that over the past couple of years, I wondered sometimes if some latent thing was gonna come out of hiding and make me crave da pussy since it has been well over two years now since I was in a relationship of any kind. And it’s been even longer than that since I truly loved anyone in that way, dude or not.

Getting back to “What Does it For Me”… for anyone who is pervy enough to want to know. And, since you are still reading this, I guess that means YOU.

There’s this one scene where Dorian Gray is throwing a party and he’s all messed up and dancing with this girl, and then a guy dances in and joins them. The guy dangles Dorian’s key into his mouth and the reaction was awesome. Ben just grabs the guy, snaps his head backwards and snarls, “Don’t you EVER touch that!” and looks like he’s about to rip the dude’s throat out, his eyes like coal and teeth shining. Wow. Now that’s what I like. Why couldn’t he have played Edward Cullen?

No, wait. I take it back. Still… I think he could have actually captured some sense of danger underneath all the lovey-dovey crap that should’ve powered those movies waaaay better than Robert Pattinson did, and can. I see a harmless pretty boy when I watch RPattz and it does nothing for me, and in fact, played a part in ‘ruining’ Twilight for me. Oh, well. In the grand scheme of things, none of it matters of course. But really, could you ever for a second think Bella was ever in any danger of Edward killing her when you watched the movie? Oooh, so he’s a vampire. You’d never know it with how tame he is. When I read the book, I got a better sense of walking-on-the-edge of danger when Bella and Edward were together, and I really missed that element when I saw the movie. Anyone know what I’m saying?

Oh, Christ. Now I am sitting here, getting into a ‘tarded Twilight debate with no one. SEE? And this is why nothing, and I do mean nothing, gets done around here.

Now, I am going to read more Mockingjay–I mean, paint. Yeah. I’m going to paint. And walk the dog.

Right after I read one chapter. It’s just one chapter…


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  1. Heh. This is the mister, on seeing “Twilight”: “That’s the guy? Really, that’s the guy? He looks like someone punched his face in.”

    Now I need to add “Dorian Gray” to mah Netflix queue…

  2. Hee hee, YES. I don’t know where it came from originally, but my sister found a pic someone drew of a foot with facial features on it and the words: “I’m RPattz and I look like a foot” and it just cracks me up. I can’t believe with how much I really loved those first three books that I have yet to see Eclipse. I just look at the cast, the trailer, the all-of-it and feel all “mehhh” about it.

    BTW, Stephenie Meyer had better step up her game with whatever she writes next. Which will be… what? IS she even writing anything else? I heard she was going to do something with mermaids, or ghosts, or mermaid ghosts, but what and when? Just b/c you’re one of the biggest authors in the world now is no excuse to sit around your house doing nothing all day, lady. If I were her and had all that time and money, I would never quit writing all day!

    Y’know, I kinda like that mermaid-ghost idea, myself… I might steal it. 😉

  3. I am just laughing, laughing laughing over this because you captured my problem with Eclipse so much. I finally felt only “meh” about him. And so my favorite book was not my favorite movie. Oh well. I have the Hunger Games movies to look forward too, hopefully they don’t screw those up. I even know who I would cast as Katniss because she is who I picture in my head when I read the book. (Emily Browning: http://www.google.com/images?client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&channel=s&hl=en&q=emily+browning&um=1&ie=UTF-8&source=univ&ei=kSeDTNzZLY-asAOUlp33Bw&sa=X&oi=image_result_group&ct=title&resnum=1&ved=0CDQQsAQwAA&biw=1280&bih=581)

    I have to see Dorian Gray now. And damn, I was going to find you a copy and send it to you. I should have known you would have ordered one already. 🙂

  4. I’m wondering how they’ll do the Hunger Games movies, myself. But you know what’s so funny? When I saw “Emily Browning” I knew *exactly* what you were talking about! She would be a good Katniss, as long as she can get really gritty and almost-scary. I think she can. (Wasn’t Emily Browning one of the people Stephenie Meyer wanted for Bella? I seem to think she was…)

    Thanks for wanting to send me a copy of DG. Heh. It’s funny, I was thinking it would be in all the stores on the day it was released and I’d have no trouble picking it up. When I couldn’t find it anywhere, I was mad at myself for not pre-ordering it. I’m such a dork. But no worries, b/c my own copy arrived on Monday of last week. I’m sure everyone is relieved. 🙂

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