A little song, a little dance…


“…a little seltzer down your pants.”

So, next week is the last Tricks Class for Hurley and I. Our final assignment is to put together a routine to perform at the last class. Tonight we practiced and he’s got it. We’re close to being able to do that figure-eight thing where the dog runs through your legs really fast. He does one leg at a time, but you should see the proud smile on his face when he gets it right! It’s just so much fun. We practice pretty much every night, and now I’m getting psyched for the ‘performance’ because he’s getting so great at it. Plus: He looks extra cute right now. He got what the groomer called a “puppy cut” on Saturday, and he looks so much smaller and younger! He’s not shaved. He just got about half the length taken off all over. It’s like a puppy’s fluffy downy coat. AHHHHH! I could not love this dog more.

In other news:

* My brand-new Nokia phone is already not working right. Son of a bitch! Every call is all choppy and the first part of everyone’s words are cut off… IF the call even goes through. Most of the time, I’ll dial and nothing will happen. It will just say “Calling” for about an entire minute, and then it turns itself off. The battery is fully charged, and I always have great reception (all the bars). It’s a mystery. We know it isn’t the T-Mobile network itself because my Mom’s not having the same problems at all. She’s heard me just fine on her end of the phone calls we have been trying tonight. It’s my phone. I guess I have to haul ass to the T-Mobile store again tomorrow, see what’s what… I hope it’s fixable or they can give me a replacement phone.

* I saw my doctor yesterday and he ordered an MRI and an MRA. Once the insurance authorization goes through, I should get a call from the imaging place to schedule the appointment. I’ll finally know what the blood vessels in my brain look like. I’m nervous to find out. But to do it, to FINALLY put my mind at ease, will be a huge relief. Even if my insurance isn’t gonna cover it and I have to pay the full amount because I have a $2,000 deductible that needs to be met before insurance kicks in. My doctor says it should be around $500, but it could go as high as $800. We’ll see. I suppose it’s money well-spent. It’s just not money fun-spent.

* I have only two episodes left to watch of Season 2 of True Blood. And… OK, ladies… I GET IT NOW. The Eric storyline-thing has just kicked in and all of the sudden I don’t dislike Eric anymore. Now I kind of want Bill to just go away or something. He’s just not as interesting. I’m also on edge for my favorite character, Sam… hopefully he survives the season! I’m pretty sure he does. And all those icky black eyes. Yeesh. This show, man. It’s one that I didn’t want to like because Anna Paquin gets on my nerves, I was turned off by all the sex in season one (I am something of a prude, to be honest) and none of the guys were hot. I’m glad I stuck with it though and now I kind of love it. Now I just have to get my sister to watch it, and I’ll be happy. (She’s also got to watch Fringe, but that’s for another day.)

* I’m reading “Catching Fire” and loving the crap out of it. I feel like I’m almost obsessed with this story right now. I dreamed about it the other night! I haven’t had as much time to sit and read as I’d like, but I know I’ll finish reading this book over the weekend. And then, Tuesday is when “Mockingjay” comes out! Perfect timing. I wish I read these books earlier. I feel like I’m late to the party. But, who cares? At least I made it to the party at all. I know some of you have read these books, so you know what I mean. You’re the ones who inspired me to read it. 🙂 “Good luck, and may the odds ever be in your favor.”

* Tuesday’s gonna be a good day. DORIAN GRAY is finally coming out on DVD! After all this time, I can finally get my damn eye-candy I’ve wanted for well over a year now. It’s sucked not having anything to watch with my dude in it other than Easy Virtue and Prince Caspian. (Stardust, too, but he’s in it for such a short time, boo.) Easy Virtue’s just not the greatest movie. And there’s the awful Spanish accent in Prince Caspian to deal with. (I’d love that movie if not for that accent. I am superficial. As it is, it’s still a fun movie and it’s darker than the first Narnia movie, so, whatever– it’s my guilty pleasure, leavemealoneOK?)

You know what I mean when I say just looking at something you find beautiful can make your day? Even if that something is an actor who hasn’t been in much of anything yet and you’ve only been admiring still photos for two years? Well, that’s how this is. I like looking at this. Almost as much as I like looking at Cute Overload or my own pets.

It’s my blog, right? So here are the standard gratuitous photos of him, because I feel like sharing them. You don’t like it? Suck it up. And scroll past it.

(I like this one because he looks like Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" here.)

(Just a neat lil' collage. He's like Sparkles, Male Model. Kind of.)


(He's cute when he is kissin' Eliza Dushku. Five by five.) 😉

All right, all right. Enough of this. And now, I share a photo of my poor, abused cat who I shove into sinks. You wouldn’t know it, but he is GLUED into this sink. With that Gorilla Glue stuff.

He’s still in there. I toss some Friskies in there every so often, and he does just fine. Dontcha all worry yaselves about him!


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  1. So seeing that Dorian Gray. Johnny Depp could be a real Dorian Gray. You know you thought it. That man looks maybe 26 and hes almost 50.

    OH GOD so gigglin at what you “do” to your kitty.

  2. Anna Paquin gets on my nerves, too. I can deal with her in the X-Men movies, but she’s the #1 reason I haven’t tried True Blood (the #2 reason is, I just don’t want to dive headfirst into everything “vampire” that pop culture has to offer). The commercials always turn me off, all she has to do is open her mouth.

    It’s kinda sad, really.

    I’m so happy you and Hurley have been doing the tricks class- I can tell how much you are enjoying it and how great it has been for you two to have this thing strengthening your bond.

    Have fun at the Dr.! I’m glad you’re going! What’s the worst that could happen? They could x-ray your head and find hip dysplasia in there.

  3. Dot– Johnny Depp just gets more gorgeous all the time. It’s not fair. But, it’s also fun for the rest of us because, wow. Johnny Frickin’ Depp, man. Epic hottie. Always will have the crown.

    Jen — True Blood confuses me because I kind of hated it for awhile and now I kind of love it. I, too, resisted because I didn’t want to hop on the vampire bandwagon thing… and Anna Gap-Toof Paquin is an odd one. But it’s a fun show. The more complicated the story gets, the more interesting it is. I say give it a try, but stick with it. You might not like it much at first, too. See what happens. 🙂

    Yeah, me and Hurley are stone-cold kickin’ it these days when it comes to tricks an’ shit! I’m so happy we’re doing this together, too. Best idea I’ve had in awhile was signing up for this class.

    Hip dysplasia in my brain would explain a LOT. Like, why I try and try and try so hard to be cool, to be hip, and yet I fail every time. My brain is all dysplased, all over the place.

  4. LOL! At least you know you’re not going to find THAT in your brain. Still, it’s odd experiencing the emotions that come with such diagnoses, even when you know there’s a 50/50 chance of something being there. Either you’re born with it, or you’re not. You think you’re ok with that, but the unexpected feelings and realizations that hit you are a real doozy!

  5. Hee @ your cat. I can’t get my damn cats to do funny stuff on demand because they’re so busy trying to eat the camera.

    I can’t get into “True Blood.” I just can’t do it. I think Alan Ball’s got some issues when it comes to sex, and Anna Paquin can’t act to save her life. She’s got whatever Natalie Portman’s got: they get worse and worse the older they get. She’s terrible! Also, I tried reading the books and they’re Terrible. Terrrrrible. But I’m glad you have a show you can be into right now. Summer is the worst time for TV. The finale of “Persons Unknown” airs next week. It’s not that great honestly, but I’m dying to know what the hell is going on.

    I’m glad you’re going to get your head checked (haha). Seriously, though. It’ll be good to finally know what’s going on. You have to let us know when your appointment is so we can send out good thoughts.

  6. I am so happy you are reading the Hunger Games books and watching True Blood. Don’t worry, I hated the first season too and Anna Paquin STILL get son my nerves. She just isn’t Sookie for me. But season three is awesome and Eric is HOTTTTTT!!!! I am holding out for season four because it is my favorite storyline from the books.

    I can’t wait to see some of Hurley’s tricks!

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