Punching Monday in the stomach


I wish I had the day off today! I didn’t get everything done this weekend, and I need more time. I wanted to finish writing my short story, but a migraine yesterday/last night derailed me. Fortunately I caught it early and by lying absolutely still, in the dark, and only rising to drink lots of water… it somehow eased up. I almost threw Simon across the room, though, since he didn’t quite get why I was lying there like that. Kept hopping up and talking to me, butting his head into my hands to try to make me pet him. I could almost imagine Hurley cringing, and saying to him: “Dude, I wouldn’t do that if I were you! Leave her ALONE. Trust me. She’s a complete pain in the ass right now.”

We had a thunder and lightning storm without rain last night, too. I’m still pissed that we got no rain. I smelled the rain, but all that we got was half-a-smattering of drops that didn’t even register. I hope we get rain this week. I honestly don’t remember when we last had rain. March?

I had an ultra-realistic dream about being pregnant and giving birth last night. In the dream, I’d opted to be a single mom, and I don’t think I knew the father. I was getting induced, so they gave me a ton of shots in my spine to numb me up (it didn’t hurt) and then wait for the other drugs to kick in. It was weird as hell. When I woke up from that dream at about 1:30am, I was relieved it wasn’t real. But also vaguely sad, because sometimes I honestly doubt I’ll ever have a child.

I still don’t want to go to work. I have to take a shower and get things “in gear” but I am like a little kid, going I don’t wanna!

I hung out with friends on Saturday night and laughed so hard I had to exert great effort to not pee my pants. I love that we had pizza, and then champagne and strawberries. Next, we drank hard booze and played RockBand. WOW, dudes… I suck at RockBand. I’ve played before, but that night was my all-time worst performance. I guess I can blame the drinks. Rather than actively play much, I did some drunken interpretative dancing behind the players. That was much more my speed.

I finally watched Fantastic Mr. Fox this weekend, too! I’ve had this movie from Netflix since May. No kidding. What a waste of money! Well, the movie was very cute and I liked it a lot. Wes Anderson redeemed himself somewhat. (I hated Darjeeling Unlimited or whatever it was called and didn’t even finish it.) Now I can finally get something new using my Netflix account. Can’t believe it took me this long. But I was never in the mood for it.

And I started reading “Lucy” too. It’s very good. I’m only about 1/4 into the novel so far and I’ve already had a handful of “damn it” moments. I’ll be reading this all week. And trying to keep everything in perspective and remember that my book is different and MY OWN CREATION and that I cannot worry about other works of fiction that are similar… just write and shut the eff up about it.

OK, that’s enough. Time to shower and do this crap, and get my ass to work. Sigh.


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