Wanted: Scientist friend


I need some mad scientists in my life. I want a mess of ’em to pal around with, bullshit about stuff and maybe go out and do mischief in the streets after dark (knock over garbage cans and key cars, of course).

In truth, I need to find an advisor for my book. I think I know where to start, so I just have to put my lil’ query out there into the world. I’m nervous and shy when I think of scientists replying and saying “yeah, that’s cool, we can chill and I’ll explain why proteomics is the direction you want to be going in, because it’s actually valid science that no one else is writing about,” and all of that. I want to ask them why, precisely, hybrid animals are always sterile. Poor ligers and zonkeys. But what IS it about their chromosomes that means they can’t reproduce? I really, really want to know. I want to sit and talk about this shit. For hours.

When I’m not jonesing for scientist friends, I’ve been stupidly busy these days. All week work has been sucking the life out of me again. Not because I’m letting anything get to me emotionally; nah, it’s because I have so very much to do all the time and whenever I finally wrap up an article and think “there, that’s one more that’s done!” something always happens to snap it right back into my face with oh, not so fast there, chippy. I am tired of rewrites and the endless back-and-forths between myself and authors. Today I re-edited two very difficult and complex articles, both of which required a decent amount of on-the-fly research and fact checkin’ that took up a crapload of time. But I did it, I finished. I felt OK leaving at the end of the day.

However, I KNOW BETTER. I know that tomorrow I will have more to do on one or both of them. It never ends. Plus, I have the second German-native-speaker article to rewrite by Monday now that another article has been canned. I thought I had more time to work on that one (it’s not only all over the place, syntax-wise, but the whole thing is about EQUATIONS. Math. Oh my sweet Christ in a candy shop… I’m dead) but not anymore. Sigh.

It’s good to be so busy, though. I like how fast my days have been going lately. However, I do hate how fried I feel at the end of the day. I want some easy articles! I don’t want any more about carbon reporting metrics, or profit-loss equations. I want to edit/write about fluffy bunnies!

No, that’s a lie. I want to write about genetically-engineered people/creatures. I want to write about that all day. A scientist friend would cheer me on!

I can’t believe I haven’t seen Splice yet. I’d LOVE to go. I will. Probably by my lonesome, since I doubt I’ll find the scientist buddy-gang I am craving by this weekend, when I’d like to go. It’s cool, though. Going to the movies alone is actually really nice sometimes.

Oh, and if someone had told me years ago that one day, I would pick up an Edgar Rice Burroughs book and wouldn’t want to put it down, I’d do a sarcastic snort-laugh, because I kind of loathe reading “The Classics” and I always assumed that the Tarzan books were considered Classics. Apparently, not so much. I guess they’re more like pulp fiction than serious literature to most of the literary people out there. What does this mean for me, and you? It means that Tarzan of the Apes is actually READABLE and fun! I expected this one to go the way of Picture of Dorian Gray and Moby Dick, honestly. The fact that after only a few days of reading it I’m halfway through this book is really neat. What a nice surprise.

Also? Nothing like the Disney movie. Which is a very good thing. Although I do love that damn Momma Gorilla(TM)… she make-a me cry every single time!   And that movie has a good soundtrack. When I think of Momma Gorilla (Kala), I hear that song start up in my head, bwahhh wahhh, and I want to bawl!

“For one so small, you seem so strong/ My arms will hold you, keep you safe and warm/ This bond between us can’t be broken/ I will be here, don’t you cry…”


You know what’s funny? When I was taking this picture off my hard drive just now, I realized I have a similar photo… this time, it’s baby Miles and his SCIENTIST Dad (from LOST)! Awwww! I can imagine “You’ll Be in My Heart” playing in this scene, too (although it didn’t of course).

Next on My Blog: I find more photos of fictional babies and their caring parents, and talk about how easily they can make me cry, Part 2!


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  1. I don’t have time to do anything either. I understand completely. There is so much I want to do but I have neither the time nor the energy to do them. I wonder if that will ever change…

  2. Jen- I know, I tried watching SeaQuest last year and kind of lost interest for some reason. Maybe I’ll try it again, see what happens! Once I cancel my cable, I’m really going to be hitting up that Netflix subscription. 🙂

    VP- I can’t believe how many of us are feeling so challenged these days. Humans were not made to live like this. All this stress, all the time… no wonder every day feels like a battle. I do hope that you feel some relief soon. I hope we ALL do. We will. It’s just the getting there that’s so annoying.

  3. Aw, baby Miles! In a little Dharma tee-shirt!

    Oh, Math. In Germanesque. My brain bleeds for you, girl.

    Off to look up “proteomics” and get all knowledgeable and shit…

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