Re-animation and stuff


Yesterday I un-blocked my old blog. I figured that maybe it’s finally time to bring it back to life because there’s a chance that by now, X had forgotten about it, or at least given up on checking it. I mean, if he’s off giving girls single red roses and such… heh.

And besides, I’m not going to write anything information-packed or personal on that site. It goes back to being the fun blog. This is the diary blog. On that one, I can write my “reports” and everything like that.

For now, anyway. I still need to create my own website sometime soon, where I can share some of the weird stuff I am actually proud of, and wouldn’t mind for people at work to see. Plus, with my book chugging along again, I want to have a web-resume ready to go when I start the search for an agent and everything else that goes along with that. I’ve also gotta start submitting short stories to magazines. I rarely write short stories, but I know every little bit of writing you’ve had published helps prove you’re a decent writer. I’ve got real-magazine stuff, but nothing fiction has been published. So that’s another concurrent goal, right now: Write something, send it out, see what happens.

So, it goes without saying, that if you visit the old blog, please don’t make mention of THIS blog in the comments there. I don’t want anyone who doesn’t already know about this blog to know about it. Thanks.

I’ve got to stop having nightmares about my pets drowning. This morning it was a bad one, with Hurley being found in a dirt hole I’d dug in my backyard for a little tree. I had filled the hole with hose water for some reason, and I found him in there; I woke up as I was yelling, “Not you, too!” and trying to resuscitate him. UGH. So I laid there and decided I needed to cleanse my brain-palate before I could do anything to start my day. So I re-set the alarm clock, and thought happy thoughts as I fell back to sleep. Good decision!

First I had another story-dream. I can only recall some images, but it had to do with immortality and this big pool underground that this hot guy brought me and some other dude who I take it was my friend in the dream (it wasn’t someone from my real life). We were laughing and goofing off because we didn’t believe it was true, and we get there and all these people are sitting around wearing white, listening to music that makes their eyes glow; or, light up. My friend was laughing and making faces to me, when the leader guy — who looked like Antonio Banderas in Interview with the Vampire, ha! — grabbed him and yelled about not respecting the miracle or something, and then, BOOM, hits my friend with lightning. He falls over dead. Before I can react, the leader tosses him into a pool in the middle of the room. After a few seconds, my friend climbs out of the pool again, and takes his seat with a weird look on his face. I had to try to figure out what happened to him, and how much he’s changed now that he’s been re-animated. I WOKE UP. Alarm clock.

I hit snooze. Dreamed again.

This time it was a short, sweet little thing where I was sitting on some rocks near a lake, waiting for my boyfriend to be finished with a TV interview for a Japanese channel. I was watching from the rocks above, laughing at the interview-girl fawning over him. When he was done, he climbed the rocks and sat next to me and we were making dumb voices and laughing to ourselves as we watched the TV crew pack up. We had some inside joke, that I can’t remember now. And right now, I think the boyfriend changed, depending on the “shots” I had when I looked at him, from being James Franco to Ben Barnes. Oh, now if I could find a creature that could morph back and forth like that, I’d be one happy little weirdo.

Ahhh. Didn’t want to wake up, though! Now here I am, posting a quick blog when I should be eating my delicious Cinnammon Life breakfast cereal and stuff. But I like to blog. And I cannot blog at work, which is dumb. It had to be this– this little spit-poof of nothingness before I begin my stupid workday. At least tonight I will have some socialization-time and not be the hermit loner I was all weekend.

It was weird, I got NOTHING accomplished that I wanted to. I didn’t even watch movies I meant to watch (I have Fantastic Mr. Fox from Netflix, and I’ve had it for about three weeks now already) or take a lot of naps. Nope. I just kind of sat around, reading and playing on the internet. Normally when I do a lot of nothing like this, it’s because I am feeling depressed. I didn’t feel depressed, though. Just kind of indifferent to doing any activity. I was thinking of going to a movie by myself (Splice) but I didn’t end up doing that, either. I did buy some food and had a little personal BBQ for dinner last night, which is new for me. I never, ever cook and I’ve never used my grill just for me, alone. It always seemed like so much effort and mess just for me. Guess what, me? It wasn’t that bad. So quit being a lazy mofo and cook yourself some chickenz and burgerz once in awhile.

I did laundry, too.  And I cut a matted piece out of Simon’s back fur that I’ve been trying to work out with a comb all week. So that’s two more things I guess I accomplished! How ’bout that?!

Well, I have got to get ready to get out of the house and drive down to the office. I have another appointment at the wrist-doctor today. I’m trying to avoid going to physical therapy, so I hope he won’t tell me I need to do it. You should see my left wrist, though. It looks and feels pretty great. You can’t tell it was ever broken. I’ve been using it a lot, and it’s getting stronger all the time. I don’t want to do therapy again because it costs too much, and takes up waaaay too much time.

I hope you are having a good Monday so far. I hope it’s not too hot wherever you are right now. We’re going up to 110 today, according to The News-People Who Say Shit Like That. Yikes, that sucks. And so begins the summer. Time to become a seasonal shut-in.


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  1. is taking submissions for short story contests- their first one had so many participants that they decided to make it a regular thing. The magazine puts out issues 4x year- have fun!

  2. Thanks! Now I just have to think of a story with dogs in it. You’d think it would be easy, but the kind of things that pop into my head first aren’t very mainstream. I’ll give it some thought, though. 🙂

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