The yellow dust from the Cup-O-Soup packet doesn’t wash out of mugs very well!


Hello, and I hope you are enjoying/ have enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend. I did. I made a vow to not do anything work-related, and I even put thoughts about work out of my head so I would enjoy myself and truly relax. It worked. I haven’t even taken my painkillers since Friday. I’m actively trying to forget that I have to go back to work tomorrow, too… but writing it here doesn’t help me accomplish that, so, let’s talk about random stuff instead:

* So when you have that horrid cup-o-Soup stuff for dinner one night, and put the rinsed-out mug into the dishwasher, do not expect that the typical dishwasher cycle will rinse the weird, yellow line of crud out of the coffee mug you used. Because it will not. My favorite mug, the one with the pugs on it, now needs industrial-strength scrubbing to get the inside back to its pristine white. But you know what… I probably won’t scrub it. I’ll just forget about it and keep using it. Why? I am one part lazy, one part still-recovering from the broken wrist, and two parts asshole.

* My garden is taking off! Well, compared to other people’s gardens, mine is very paltry indeed. But I have some blooming sunflowers at last! I also planted my two bourganvillea bushes in the ground on Saturday. I’ve had those plants since the end of March or beginning of April, and they’ve just been sitting on my back porch, getting watered, ever since as I waited for my wrist to heal up enough to go out there with a shovel and do some planting. Anyway, as soon as I get a working camera, I’ll snap a photo or two of my lovely little mulch-mess.

* Yesterday, my family and I had a little barbecue here at my house. It’s the first time I’ve used the grill since I moved into this house. We made hot dogs, chicken breasts, macaroni salad, rice pilaf, corn on the cob (which was FANTASTIC, OMG, I want some more right now if I could), and strawberry shortcake. The strawberries were awful, though! All bitter and sour. I hate when strawberries suck. But anyway, it was fun having the four of us together, just laughing and talking and eating. Later, my Mom and I watched “Hotel for Dogs,” which I have had for months and months since my Mom lent it to me, and I’d never watched it. It was cute, though. So funny: at one point near the end Don Cheadle is calling out the names of all the dogs…in the hotel… and one of them was named Hurley. When my Hurley heard his name, he stood up and looked around the room like, “Who just called me?” So sweet. I love my bebeh dog so much.

* I finally did some painting work again! It’s been so long since I have been able to do anything, but I finally feel strong enough in my left wrist to give things a try. I haven’t worn my wrist brace all day today! I’m not painting with my left hand, so I didn’t overdo anything at all today. I actually didn’t paint today… I primed. I never use primer, and today I just primed the hell out of my kitchen ceiling near the new light fixtures, and then I touched up some spots where the texture didn’t match when I patched things earlier. After that, I decided to brush primer all over the dark wood door of my bathroom. I want to paint it white, and perhaps eventually paint all the doors in here. This is the first one I’m trying. If it doesn’t turn out well, I will just buy new door-slabs and go from there. Still, this could save me some money if it works. I’m excited to be doing something again in this house, after so many long, LONG weeks of nothing. I feel a little better about myself since I can do things again.

* I really should have gotten a pedicure this weekend. These feet don’t look so great. Oh, well.

* The PHX Comicon happened this past weekend. My BIL was here so he could attend the whole thing (they showed some films/ web series he’s in). I didn’t go again this year because it was $30 for a one-day pass. I couldn’t justify spending that. I guess it’s getting bigger every year, so that’s cool. But I think I know why my gut told me not to go to this thing: apparently, X was there, and BIL saw him several times throughout the event. They didn’t speak to one another, and it sounds like they tried to avoid one another, too. Still… I’m sure glad I wasn’t there to see him, too. Also in attendance at this event: Writer Ex. I heard he was planning to hand off some signed copies of his book to some of the ‘stars’ who were going to be there. This makes me giggle and get all snarky. I’m quite sure James Marsters is going to be thrilled to read that literary gem. Conclusion: The Comicon is not for me, because it’s apparently Parade of My Exes, and no one needs THAT. Amen.

* Time to have some dinner and settle in for the evening. I was invited to go see Iron Man 2 with my sis and BIL, but I’m kind of thinking it’s a good night to stay home and go to bed kind of early… maybe do some reading. Just some ahhhhh time. Good night, friends. Time to chill.


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  1. Yup, it was pretty good! I learned how important it is to not think about the crappy stuff. When I started thinking about work, I made myself think about how it looks when Hurley and Simon wrestle. It’s been a decent trick, so far!

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