Things to Watch and Love and Feel All Squishy About


I’m not going to talk about work on this post at all.

Instead, I’ll document some other stuff going on, because my blogging has become sporadic out of necessity (I now journal in Word; it feels like 1998 all over again) and when I do come on here, I hate seeing all of my angry, ‘private’ posts. I added the comma and the quotes because if I didn’t, that sentence would read, “…my angry private posts” which sounds like I am writing posts about my angry privates. My privates have not seen nearly enough action of ANY kind to get all angry about. Not even the innocent stuff, like riding a bicycle too long or wearing a wet swimsuit past its freshness, has occurred in recent months. Years. Oh man… YEARS.

Well, I’m actually very happy about my calm, healthy privates. At least one part of me is unscathed.

I had no clue I’d go off on a tangent about my genitals today. Huh. How ’bout that?

So, some big stuff going down in my geek life right now. I’ll begin with the biggest:

James Marsters, 47, is getting married to his 24-year old girlfriend! OMG!

No, actually, THAT really isn’t the biggest tragedy in my geek life. I wanted to throw you off for a minute. In fact, this non-story is not even close to the list itself. That’s because it says “James Marsters” and not “Spike” in that story. If Spike were real, and getting married, now that would be something.

I’m talking, of course, about the ending of LOST.

This show has been fantastic! I’ve never had such a great time thinking in my life. I learned so much about philosophy, religion, mythology, geek-sci-fi science, Volkswagen vans, what happens when a man gets sucked into the turbine of a plane engine and so much more over the past 6 seasons. And to think, when this show came out, I wasn’t interested because I honestly thought it was just something trying to capitalize off of the popularity of stupid “Survivor.” I was misinformed. When I finally saw season 1 when it came out on DVD, I knew just how wrong I’d been to not be watching that show all along. It was insanely addicting, and if you’re like me, you might have watched your first bit of LOST on DVD too, and you might know that feeling of “I HAVE TO WATCH ONE MORE EPISODE — RIGHTNOW!” and how sad it was to realize just how fast you had burned through all the DVDs in the set. Because that meant there was no more LOST to devour, and you now had to wait for the new episodes to air, one at a time, over the course of a real TV season. To quote Sawyer, “Son of a BITCH!” But in a good way.

I’ve been inspired by the show to go ahead and imagine the craziest shit I can possibly come up with when it comes to my own writing. I’ve picked up on little things that made me fall in love with all of the characters to the point where I feel emotionally invested in every single one of them, for better or worse. (Yes, I am even talking about some of those weird Others from earlier seasons, and Kate… because they all have their place.) The LOST writers are sick, man. I don’t know how they have been doing it, but it’s absolutely mesmerizing and deliciously brain-twisty what they have done with this story. I doubt there can ever be a show like it again.

(These are quite possibly my two all-time favorite LOST moments:)

God, I’m gonna miss this show.

For awhile now, I have been enjoying the TV episode format for stories more than movies, and LOST has a lot to do with that. A movie is just done and over in an hour and a half. A show like this gives you 22 hours (IF YOU’RE LUCKY, which we haven’t been in the past two seasons, really) a season to savor. You have time to think about what you’ve seen, process it for all its worth (hey, real honest grammar dilemma there- is it “all its worth” or “all it is worth”? If it has worth that is inherent to it, then the right usage is “its”… but if the phrase is really “for all IT IS worth”… then I guess the first one is incorrect. HMMM) and happily anticipate the next chapter. I really love TV series.

And now, I am losing two of my favorites. LOST, of course, and Tim & Eric Awesome Show Great Job! Tim & Eric is something altogether different. What I love to do is tell people about the show, maybe even share a clip or two, and then sit back and take in their reactions. Sadly, very few people “get it” and most just act like I never did show them a clip because the clip confused or grossed them out; or they tell me for awhile exactly WHY they didn’t like it or get it. But here’s the thing: This show almost perfectly mirrors the kind of stuff that my sister and I (and me and my best friend Kristen) have been making up and laughing about all our lives. It’s so weird to watch the show and get all giddy because it’s so very close to our bizarre sense of humor. No show’s ever gotten this close to what we make up when we hang out together. I laugh so hard I CRY and yes, I’ll admit that I have let a little pee out before when things got especially hilarious. Oh, man. This show has been the balm to soothe my stressed-out soul for awhile now. Where LOST made me think and care, Tim & Eric made me forget everything and laugh so hard the dog barks at me. Plus, we got to see Tim & Eric live last year, when they did an Awesome Show tour. We stayed late after the show so we could meet everyone in the cast, which was the best idea ever because we got our pictures taken with our celebrity comedy soulmates. This was one of the greatest nights of my life thus far. (This show has also given me a yardstick against which to measure any future male suitors. If they are fans of this show, I would think there is a solid chance we will hit it off as a couple. My sister and my best friend are soooo lucky, because their husbands simply adore Tim & Eric. There must be other nice guys out there who actually appreciate Casey and his brother, weird faces and noises, Richard Dunn, Paul Rudd’s Celery Man, David Liebe Hart and Steve Mahanahan’s Child Clown Outlet. There HAS to be! I shall wish on a star for it. I’ll be outside, shining a flashlight in your son’s room, trying to teach him about the stars… “I do this every night with your son.”)

Well, at least my other favorite shows are still on the air, for now. 30 Rock, of course (with my girl Tina Fey, aww yeah! Doppelganger and nice-person-in-person extraordinnaire!), Fringe, The Office, and Parks & Recreation. Fringe is fantastic in its own right, so I can’t really say that it will take the place of LOST or anything… it’s definitely got its own thing going on that I love dearly. Plus, one of the best new TV characters ever– Dr. Walter Bishop. Yeesh, that guy KILLS me! One minute I’m laughing, next I am a little horrified at something he has done, and then I am tearing up and sobbing as he tries to have a relationship with his son and make amends for his past scientific-sins (if you aren’t watching this show, you’re missing out on some good TV right there, pal.).

Oh, TV. How I love thee!

I haven’t been to the movies in months and months now. The last time I was there, it was for the film festival in the beginning of April, and that’s not the same thing as picking out a movie you really want to see, buying a ticket and sitting there for two hours or so, savoring something you were excited about. Now, is it odd that whenever I start my list regarding “movies I wish I have seen,” the first one out of my mouth is Hot Tub Time Machine?

Not some heady, foreign film… or a touching drama, or a special-effects laden 3-D spectacle. Nope. Hot Tub Time Machine is my biggest “miss” right now. I would go today if I thought I could pull off sitting in a movie theater seat for the length of a movie. Why? I don’t know. Something about that AWESOME title just kills me, and knowing some of the funniest guys around are in it just seals the deal. I’m not a sophisticated person when it comes to my entertainment.

Second on my list is Date Night. Again, fantastic cast of funny people. James Franco, my future husband. (I want him to finish his education first, of course.)

Third is Alice in Wonderland, but not in 3-D. This one comes out on DVD already in two weeks, so I guess I’ll be seeing it soon. Fourth, Valentine’s Day. KIDDING! Just seeing if you’re paying attention. I couldn’t be paid to sit through a pile of crap like that. Oh man. What do you take me for?

Well, there are a lot of things to watch. Thank goodness for the distraction of entertainment, right? Now we know why movies were such a hit back during the Great Depression and the (zombie) World Wars. We need this stuff to survive and not go all postal.

Oh! And I won’t even get into book geekdom. Even though on this very morning I received a box from Borders, with two books I ordered for myself as early birthday presents to myself… two books I am fully expecting to lose myself in their geekishness as I sit and read them both, hoping that they further inspire me with my own book… Tarzan of the Apes and Double Helix. I have been looking for these damn things for a long time (OK, about a week or two) and finally found cheap copies online. When I got paid, I had to order them. And this morning, BAM, there they were on my porch! Things are looking up for ol’ Gimpy.

Well…except for the ending of LOST. But I won’t think about that now, anymore. I’ll have plenty of time to think about it come Monday when it’s actually ALL OVER. Wow.


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  1. Dude, Im losing LOST and Supernatural and I think I will try to get Dexter for Tom to watch. He hasnt started on Fringe yet though.

  2. Yay, this was a fun post. (Minus all the “privates” talk — oh hell, that was fun too!)

    My two favorite Lost moments — because I’m sure you’re dying to know — are that bit with Desmond and Penny (that’s my favorite episode, actually) and Charlie’s death in “Through the Looking Glass.” I get worked up just thinking about that. Guh.

    I was going to do a whole commemorative Lost post, but … um … I suck and I ran out of time. If Fringe wasn’t coming back in the fall, I don’t know how I’d assuage my grief over NO MORE LOST. I think Walter Bishop is my new favorite character; almost named the new kitten “Bishop,” in fact!

  3. Dot: Supernatural will be back next year. I hope they don’t screw it up since this was supposed to be the series end this year.

    I am probably about 80% scared and 20% excited for the end of LOST. I just think it is not going to end how I think it should I will be disappointed. I hope I am pleasantly surprised.

    I have watched LOST since the beginning, really being drawn in by the promos that aired to advertise the premiere. I was hooked right away and stayed true even though it frustrated me and I threatened to quit it several times. I can’t believe it is going to be over. It is so different from any other show that is or has been on TV.

    My favorite LOST moments are the Desmond/Penny call in the Constant, in the Pilot when they hear that French message and Charlies asks “Guys, where are we?” (I still get chills hearing that) and of course any time Sawyer is shirtless and wet. 🙂

    P.S. I need the password to your last post.

  4. I watched the pilot when I was home alone, and Charlie going, “Guys, where are we?” at the end creeped me out so bad. So of course I was hooked!

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