“Content blocked by organization”


Today I was in the office for a meeting, and then tried to get a few things done before I headed back out to come back home and telecommute the rest of the day. I had a few minutes as I waited for answers from coworkers on some questions I had, so I went online.

I can no longer blog at work, because WordPress has been blocked.

I didn’t check a blogspot blog or anything though, but still. This blows. So much for my little outlet/sanctuary/diary thing to keep me sane. I’ll just have to go back to my private diary if I need to get something out during the workday, from now on. This probably means I will post less frequently, and visit your blogs less frequently as a result of this.

I’m sad. It’s just one more thing to irritate me these days.

My sister is having a rough time with her job right now, and I talked to her a little while ago and frankly, here’s the thing: She can do so much better. I think her company is mistreating ALL of its employees, and doing textbook things wrong if you look at the proper way to manage people. I’ve written articles on management techniques and if I were doing another one, I would use her company as the example of what NOT to do.

I feel really bad for her, because she’s stuck. She lives where she works, so if she leaves this job, she has to go live someplace else. She doesn’t want a new job now because she still wants to move to LA to be with her husband… why get a job now, only to move shortly thereafter? And finally, her husband isn’t working right now, so she is the sole breadwinner at the moment. ARGH. I think her problems trump mine right now, and I want to help.

I’m offering to have her/them move in with me if things get tough. I mean it, too. It’s totally not an empty offer, or something I’m just saying to be nice. She has been taking SUCH good care of me since my little accident. I want to do something for her, too, if I can. And this would be one thing I can actually do without a) hurting myself or b) spending tons of money.

Man, jobs can suck so much sometimes. It’s rare that there are those times where things are status quo, or even “fine” or “great.” What a shame. But we do live in a money-oriented society, and the personal lives of workers isn’t really something companies worry about at all. Oh, they say they promote a “healthy work-life balance” but in actuality, that never happens. You get the passive-aggressive, indirect messages that yes, you can take your vacation, but it would be a lot better if you didn’t. That kind of thing.

I’m trying to think of what kind of company I can start. One that can employ my sister. And then maybe even some friends who would fit into whatever the business plan could be. The closest thing I can come up with is that we write some of the funny screenplays we always talk about! And we sell ’em! And instantly become rich! Well, just rich enough to not need pissant little jobs.

Ahhh. Daydreams.

Really, though. I wonder sometimes. That Will Ferrell movie Blades of Glory was written by two brothers that live in our city and just decided to write a script one day. And somehow, it got picked up and made into a movie. Our ideas are at least as good as that silly movie.

I don’t know. I am babbling now, and not sure if I have a point to all of this. All I do know is that this is, without a doubt, a very challenging time for both of us, and we have to get through it one way or another.


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  1. the screenplay idea sounds awesome! i think you should make a movie of your life and your funny experiences. geesh, I wish I could say that I could help with it too. for gosh sakes, I was a media arts major and studied to write screenplays…but lost that somewhere along the way. I need a refresher course.

  2. I think there is much discontent with work right now. I know hubby and I are both struggling with jobs that suck. I dream of a day I work because I want to not because I HAVE to. It makes me sad because I know it will probably never happen.

  3. If they blocked my internet at work I think I would just about break down. I think inviting your sister to live with you is a genius move; you guys are actually friends and she could certainly help you out right now. Plus, you mentioned in your other post that you’re feeling a bit lonely. I just wish I could help you out but I can barely keep my own shit together right now. Gah, this year has not been very nice.

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