Fractured viewpoint


Last week, I found out that I did, in fact, fracture my tailbone in the Great Fall of 2010. Terrific. But it’s good, because now I know what the problem actually is and why it is taking so very long to heal. I’m going to give up whining about it, because there’s not much left in my whining reserves; I’ve been doing so damn much of it these days.

Ooh, plumbers are here. I’ll be back in a little while. OK, I’m back. You had no time to miss me since I picked up after only one space. But anyway, the plumber is here to fix the two leaky faucets outside. Both of them are old, dried out and leak like bastards, so whenever I use a hose either out front or in the back of the house, I get a flood from the faucets themselves in addition to the water coming down the hose. I’ve wasted a lot of water in the months I’ve lived here. I though that fixing them might be easy and something my sister’s maintenance guys could handle, but they tried and it takes a lot more than what they’re capable of. So the plumbing company is out here with the welding torches and what-not, putting new hose bibs on and whatever else they have to do. It’s gonna cost me around $135. Eeeeek. But, I need to do this. I hate seeing all that wasted water all the time. We do live in Arizona, after all. And people who waste water here are plain irresponsible.

I saw my psych today and he decided it’s time to wean me off the Zoloft. I had been taking it for anxiety; specifically, anxiety related to work and social situations. I’ve been steadily improving in these areas for the past two years, and on the last visit he cut my dosage in half. I haven’t felt a lot different. (BTW, I say I’m depressed here on the blog, but it’s not REAL depression, like I know too well… it’s more of that venting-in-my-diary kind of depression.) Now we cut the lowered dosage in half again for a month and then I can stop taking it. I’m curious to see what happens, and excited at the prospect of having one less medication in my system. I’m optimistic.

I’m going to try a new groomer tomorrow for Hurley. This one is just up the street from me, and has 23 positive reviews on; I feel good about possibly making the switch. Our usual groomer is fine, but since I moved they are a LOT less convenient. Plus they are always booked up way in advance anymore, and they have limited hours. And finally, Hurley hates going there so much I have to wonder if there is a reason behind it. What if they were rough with him? And I do suspect that the wound he had a couple of months ago on his back came from the groomer nicking him. I have no proof, but when he’s never with any other dogs and the cat can’t get his claws through the thick coat far enough to reach his skin… I wonder, you know?

I’m back to work now, telecommuting for the next 2 weeks. That’s good, but MAN am I busy right now, making up for the almost two weeks I spent out of work with this injury! Yesterday I literally exhausted myself, especially my left hand and wrist, with typing and picking through files, holding phones to my ear and other stuff. So today I’m trying to pace myself more, which is tough. I still haven’t been lying down periodically like I should be. Ugh. Too much to do. (Plus, I had that trip across town to the appointment today…a drive that took 45 minutes each way. Talk about being in pain! Yeee-ouch. At least on the way home, I stopped a few times and got out of my car to stretch.)

Right now, I’m thinking it’s time for vicodin. The orthopedist gave me a prescription for a form of vicodin with less acetominephen in it. So far, I like it. But I have a fear of being dependent on it, so I only let myself have it once a day, near bedtime. Today though…the pain is bad. Time for an exception to my own rule.

I still need to take a picture of this cast. I’ll get around to it, one of these days. I’d also like to bedazzle it. Maybe glue rhinestones on in the pattern of a carefully-chosen funny word or something. Any suggestions are welcome!


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