Purple cast


I just got home with my brand-new hard cast! Woo-hoo! I totally know how to party.

I chose purple for the tape color. I could have gotten camouflage or glow-in-the-dark… hope that I chose wisely! Camo might have been a funnier choice. I keep thinking they offer camo b/c hunters are frequent recipients of casts; like they fall out of hunting blinds and stuff. “Ah-dur, hey Larry! I fell a’gin!”

The great news is:

1) They didn’t have to reset the bone, so it was painless today; and

2) My entire fingers are FREE! That means that as soon as everything is used to moving again, I can probably type with two hands again!! My thumb is still mostly-immobile, though. So I’m not sure when grasping or holding things can happen again. We’ll see. But being able wiggle my fingers again is awesome. Oh, fingers… I will never again take your ability to wiggle for granted.

I still have tailbone pain and pressure if I sit for too long, but at least my wrist is in better shape now, so I’m happy. One thing at a time…I am trying to be patient.

This cast is neat. I could really smash someone’s skull enough to hurt him, with this thing. WHY is that one of the first things I think of?


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  1. because it is almost in the weight measurement of “clock a burglar”.

    so I guess Im wonderin why you didnt go for glow in the dark? all disembodied arm floatin an stuffs?

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