“It’s the New You-oo!”


How do you like the new theme? I, for one, am crazy about that header up there. That’s some good blog-themin’ happening, right there.

Not too much is going on today. Just working and trying to stay awake because I didn’t get as much sleep last night as I’d hoped I would. It was just too hot last night, and my stomach was rumbling. I feel OK today, but I do have moments when I really think I am getting nauseous again. I’m paranoid.

This will be an interesting week. Tomorrow morning, the fence company is coming out to begin work on removing the old metal RV gate (the gate of hell) and building a new block wall with a new, normal RV gate in its place. It’s very cool that this is finally happening! I will actually have a gate I can open and close, and LOCK. Wow. The things that can make a girl excited these days…!

And then, later in the week, work may begin on the patio cover. I’m just waiting for the permit to go through with the city. The contractor is handling it for me, which is great. He’s thinking that by Thursday or Friday, they might be able to begin construction! And so, that is number two on my list of Major House Priorities. (Having that shade there will help my summer A/C bills quite a bit, given the afternoon sun exposure all along the back of the house.)

Update on the roach situation, for all of you that have been waiting on the edge of your seats for more news on this very exciting front: I had an exterminator visit on Saturday morning, and he saw one of the dead roaches and told me it was an American cockroach, which is a variety that’s not nearly as terrible to deal with as some of the others (like German cockroaches, for instance. Damn Germans!) and wouldn’t require much more than me keeping the sink and tub drain plugged up in the hall bath because I don’t use those very frequently, and weatherstripping the French doors. He sprayed around the foundation, inside and out, and reassured me that what I had on my hands was NOT a roach “infestation.” It was a very normal and very minor issue compared to what I was imagining… and when I told him about the one on my bed he said it definitely sounded like the cat carried it up there. American roaches like to be near water, and wouldn’t find a bedroom to be very hospitable for its roachy needs. Whew. That night, I was finally able to sleep in my room again.

I still need to install moulding/baseboards. I did the measurements and I need at least 110 feet of material. But it really might be better to just have someone do this job for me, too. I could do it, I bet, but it will take me a very long time since I have never done it before. It might not be worth the aggravation and long-term mess. We’ll have to see, I guess.

I want to get some painting done this week. I’m all ready to do it, I just need to devote the time and energy to it. I don’t like all the mess involved, and the clean-up of the trays and brushes and all of that. But it’s got to be done. My kitchen is lined with blue painter’s tape and the walls are sanded and washed, ready to go. Time to pay the fiddler, whore!

Probably only a couple of you will get that quote. But whatever… I like it, it makes me laugh, and I find that particular movie hilarious. So does my little Sheltie. He told me so. And then he stuck his tongue out and mocked me. So fresh.


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  1. Now this is more of what I should do with my blog. I like my pretty sunflower, but I can’t post pics like I want. Boo.
    Love your blog. Love the dog. 🙂

  2. Fraulein, you sound like an old-timey gangster or something when you say “aces” that way… like you are thanking a local bartender for allowing your little moonshine operation to keep going behind closed doors during Prohibition. “We keep this up, and me, you…we’re aces, pal.” Shove a cigar in your mouth, and drive away in your fancy 1920s car, all satisfied and mob-like in your confidence.

    Thanks for the compliment, Tammy! I love my dawg, too. He’s kind of cool and stuff. But the thing is, I like your blog’s style. The black background looks awesome, and sunflowers are kind of gorgeous. This style is very, very bland and it might not work in the long run because it’s not that user-friendly of a theme for me… but heck at least I could customize the header. That’s all that mattered to me. Gittin’ Hurley’s big face out there. 🙂

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