The bullets mean it’s “special.”


I think Monday calls for a bulleted “Randoms” list rather than the usual paragraph-form stuff. So, here goes:

* It was so beautiful on Saturday! I went to lunch with my Mom and sister, and then we did some shopping. T bought some plants to begin her first garden, and it was fun to be able to offer advice. I was thinking I’d go hiking before the sun set, but it didn’t happen. I was uncharacteristically tired out for some reason, and instead took a nap. Later than night I did my planned shopping trip to get things for the house. I’d thought I’d get to IKEA, but I didn’t make it that far. I spent way too long in Lowe’s looking at all kinds of stuff, even though I only went in there to get a small container of black paint and the new light kit for the ceiling fan that I’m refurbishing. Lowe’s and Home Depot (although I prefer Lowe’s) are so much fun to browse in these days. I just daydream about what I could do, and I covet things like the special-order chandeliers and high-end window shutters. Time goes really fast in those places. Next thing I knew, it was already almost 8:30 and there was no way I’d make it to IKEA before they closed. (I’d wanted to buy the medicine cabinet I need for the master bath, as well as a foot stool.) I did, however, go to Target (but didn’t buy anything) to look for something to use as a new nightstand since mine is literally falling apart; and I did the grocery shopping at 10pm. I got home, and crashed. It was a long day.

* Yesterday was a very rainy Sunday, and so I did very little. I slept very late, and only ventured out of the house to make a run to Quizno’s, because I was craving a sandwich from there so much. I watched Paranormal Activity, finally. I’ve had it from Netflix for almost three weeks already. I’ve been scared to watch it because I got it in my head that it would give my house-ghost ideas about how to turn malevolent. I’m telling myself that no, nothing is going to happen, because unlike the thing in Paranormal Activity, I really doubt my ghost is actually a demon. I’m pretty sure the pets would absolutely HATE living there if a demon was hanging around all the time. And I would feel a sense of dread and fear a lot, right? I don’t feel like that, at all. In fact, I get the sense my ghost actually watches out for us, in a way. When I have politely asked it to stop waking me up…it did. And that one time when I asked it to sit on the bed to cool me off, I really think that it obliged. (That one’s up for debate, though, because I was loopy and in that half-dreaming state when it happened.) Either way: Paranormal Activity was very creepy, but somehow didn’t terrify me as much as I’d expected. This is a good thing! Plus I really do admire the simplicity of the movie. Well done, filmmakers.

* I watched the Oscars at my sister’s house. She made marinara sauce using some of the new herbs she has in her garden… it was so delicious! Fresh herbs really do make a huge difference. We had fun watching the Oscars, and laughed out loud more than a few times. We’re thinking Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin made the PERFECT hosting team. I want to see them do more together. I think this was the Oscars telecast I’ve enjoyed the most in recent years. Well…except for that modern dance thing they did for the best score nominees. That was weird. Especially the Hurt Locker part. Still, I had to laugh.

* I didn’t have strong feelings about anything nominated this year, although I know I loved Avatar, Inglorious Basterds, and Up. I haven’t seen most of the other nominees to make a real judgment. I did hope for a surprise upset so that the girl from Precious (Gabourney Sibide? Did I spell that right? I’ll check it later. LAZY) would win Best Actress. She was soooo cute. Did you see her tearing up as Oprah talked about her performance? Oh, it made me cry, too! I guess, though, it’s OK that Sandra Bullock won. I like her, in general. And she did look the best of anyone last night. So pretty!

* My damn dog will still not go out in the rain. I even went out there with an umbrella (prompting my sister to quip, ‘What? Is he P-Diddy?’) and tried to coax him to pee or poop so I could leave to go to my sister’s for dinner. MAN. I wish sometimes I could just pick him up and squeeze him to get it done. That would show him!

* I’m excited it’s a short work week. My sister and I are doing a road trip on Thursday! We’re going to Vegas to visit the lovely Vegas Princess. We’ll be staying on the strip, thanks to an incredible deal my sis found for Excalibur for two nights. This is the first long road trip we have done like this since the one to San Diego in 1999. Oh man… 1999?! That long ago? Holy crap, time flies! Either way, it should be lots of fun.

* My car has a cracked windshield. Already. On Friday, a rock from the back of an open semi hit the windshield and created a 7 inch, straight crack that hits the edge of the glass where it meets the rubber seal. I think that means you need to replace it. Son of a BITCH! I mean, come on. New car. Shouldn’t it last a little longer? And I only just switched car insurance the other day. I feel weird that already I’m calling up with a glass claim. Yikes. Well, what can I do? Not much, other than fix the fucker.

* I would have liked to see it, but I didn’t get to Alice in Wonderland this weekend. It’s really OK, though. It made a shit-ton of money and didn’t need my measly financial support! I still can’t wait to see it.

* Something is wrong with my jaw now. It’s all jacked up on my right side. It hurts so much to open my mouth all the way… or lay down on my side on a pillow. It kept me awake last night, unfortunately. I couldn’t get comfortable. I have my dentist appointment for a cleaning tomorrow, though, so that’s perfect timing for once. I’ll see if they can tell me what’s going on. I don’t think it’s a toothache, because it’s not painful if my mouth is closed. And it seems to be centered on that little hinge-spot in front of my ear. I honestly don’t know how I could have done anything to my damn jaw. All I know is that it seemed to have started hurting upon waking up on Friday morning. Now, if I can damage my wrist tendons and now my jaw, apparently, while sleeping… what the hell do I do when I sleep?! What’s going ON there? Whatever it is seems to be very dangerous. And it might explain why neither pet will sleep on the bed with me through the night.

* Time for lunch.

*An hour transpired between that last sentence and this one. Lunch has since been eaten. It was McDonald’s. Don’t judge me.


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  1. So excited to see you and T!!! 🙂

    I have the same jaw issue and believe it or not it is related to your sinuses. I thought my doctor was smoking crack but it is all connected in there and when I get stuffed up my jaw will hurt some time. There are sinus pockets back there near your ear canal. Everything’s connected so that is why sometimes you can get ear aches and jaw aches and everything when your sinuses are bad. I hate sinuses.

    I loved the Oscars this year. So much fun. Except for that dance thing. What was UP with that??

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