Fine, I don’t need your steeenkin’ money!


I already posted this on Facebook last night, but I talked at length with someone at the IRS yesterday afternoon and found out that because I had what they are calling “ownership interest in” a home while I was married, and that was within the previous three years, I absolutely canNOT claim the tax credit. Even if my name was never on the mortgage, tax records, etc. Doesn’t matter that he bought the home before I even met him. Nope. Just by virtue of being married to the guy, I’m out of the game.

Chalk it up to one more frickin’ reason why I wish I’d never even MET him. Not that I knew back in 2005 that one day there would be a tax credit that the shitty marriage would exclude me from, or anything. I’m talking in retrospect.

I am considering one more official attempt, by sending in my ‘supporting documents’ to prove my case and explain why I feel people in my situation do deserve the credit, but… honestly, I’m feeling a little tired and burned, and don’t feel like dragging out an answer yet again, and keeping this thing going. I need to accept defeat and move on, methinks. So I didn’t get it. I am still doing OK. I feel in some ways like continuing the fight only makes me seem greedy or something.

I’m looking up a lot more DIY stuff now, so I can do even more than I’d originally thought I’d personally do on the house. Like build the back porch, with some help… but once I get the basic frame up and someone shows me how to reinforce the brackets, etc, I can just ‘take it from there’ and finish it myself. Lumber can be heavy, but that’s why you get a ‘spotter.’ Other than that, I can work power tools. I can totally do whatever, as long as someone just shows me how.

I say this now. Talk to me in three months, when I am typing this with a STUMP!


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  1. This just blows. I am so sorry. And I can’t help think if maybe the house took a bit longer you you waited a little more before buying you could get the credit. But then the credit wouldn’t be in existence either….sorry, Lortabs make me loopy. I’m not making sense.

    I think you will be awesome at all your DIY projects. You go!!!

  2. Hey, Lortabs… maybe *THAT’S* what the IRS is taking!! Ah ha. I think we have uncovered the deception, Watson.

    Thanks for the vote of confidence! I looked up “how to build a wood porch cover” on this afternoon; saw it is rated “moderate to hard” in difficulty with a projected cost of $1K-$2,500… YEAH. Might not be building my own porch after all. Bummer. But hey! You never know. Maybe some wood and supplies will ‘fall off the back of a truck’ or sumthin. I’ll get my teamster connections to keep an eye out for that sort of thing. Wink.

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