Weakness leaving the body


I had the initial workout with the trainer last night, and whoa, momma. It hurt. But that’s good! I was really proud of myself for making it as far as I did, because he was tough and the exercises are even harder.

It’s all resistance training at the moment, and only one machine is necessary. Everything else is balance, working my core and balance again for good measure. My balance is soooo embarrassing right now. You should have seen me, stumbling off to the side more than a few times as I went through the circuit. A simple thing… standing on one leg while doing curls and overhead curls (what are they called?) with a 5 pound weight in each hand… made me feel like a complete moron. But you know, as the workout progressed and I did the final and third set, I was getting the hang of it, even though I was still wobbly. It was definitely eye-opening to know just how untoned my core really is! I have lots of work to do.

But overall, I’m very psyched about it. I can do this, I totally can. Tonight I’m doing cardio and stretching, and tomorrow I’ll do the resistance circuit again along with a little more cardio. I’m doing great on the mindful eating thing, too. Looking up calories for everything, logging it all in a little notebook, all the good stuff.

I made one big mistake yesterday, though: I didn’t eat enough.

I was all excited about cutting calories, but failed to remember that I’d need enough to get me through the workout. D’OH! I ended up completely shaky and nauseous. Twice we had to stop so I could walk a couple of laps to calm the nausea down. Sheepishly, I admitted I hadn’t eaten enough, and he did a verbal slap-on-the-wrist to remind me about what’s healthy and what isn’t. I should have had about 700 more calories than I did yesterday. On the way home from the gym, all I wanted was milk to calm my stomach, so I bought a little container of chocolate milk and sipped it on the drive home. Man, that was GOOD. I felt a lot better after that, and was able to walk Hurley and take my shower without passing out. Lesson learned.

Today, I’m sore, but I like it.

I hope I stay this wrapped up in taking care of myself! In fact, yesterday I was wondering if I should get a tiny tattoo on my wrist or hand that will remind me to be good to myself, always. I don’t know what the tattoo symbol would be, or if it would be words or a word… I kind of want to do it, though.

Another thing: I still need to come up with a design to cover/enhance/ change my “G” tattoo on my shoulder. I like it as it is, and the G could stand for Groovy, which is one of the main nicknames I answer to, but I still know its origin and that is what bugs me. With the warm weather coming up, it will be visible again, and it would be nice to get it taken care of within the next few months or so, if I can.

I forgot the book I’m reading at home today, and I’m sad. It’s really a fun book, and I definitely recommend it to everyone reading this. I wanted to read on my lunch hour, but now I’m screwed. And I realized just now I don’t have the new Real Simple magazine with me today, either… I’ve had it in my car since it’s good to read at hand therapy, but last night I brought it in the house for some dumb reason. Why do I have to read when I eat alone?! I just do! GAH! Damn it anyway! Maybe I can find one of those shitty, free community newspapers someplace.

Blah blah blah, whatever!

So who is going to see Shutter Island? I will! Probably not this weekend, but sometime soon. I’m glad it’s finally coming out, although Leonardo DiCaprio’s accent in the movie is going to crack me up. I love that the character says things like “aks him a question” instead of “ask.” That’s good stuff.

Oh, and my DeQuervain’s (the wrist and hand problem, of course) seems to be doing so much better! The specialist assessed it again yesterday and said I don’t need to continue therapy beyond this week. I’m so happy! I still have to be careful and try to be careful of how I use my wrist, especially in twisting motions, but he cleared me to at least try any exercises I want in my new workout routine. That’s fantastic. And plus… I have dodged the need for a cortisone injection into the tendon! YAY!

Because I’m being random, here’s a quick list of things I call the animals:

SIMON: Sim-Sim, Puss-Puss (I hate that I say this one and plan to stop it), Skittles, Squeak, Simonovich, Simon Simonwitz, Bobcat, Puppy Paws.

HURLEY: Hurls, Hurleybird, Bird, Featherbottom (heh), Bebeh, Poople, Hurlihey, Luuuuv, My Sheltie (hey, it works, and it’s true).

Well, that’s all I can think of. So here endeth the post. I wish you all a good day!

No…wait. I’ll leave you with THIS: Enjoy this fantastic clip from one of my all-time favorite movies, Wet Hot American Summer. If you have not seen this movie, go get it RIGHT THE FUCK NOW BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO SEE IT.


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  1. I like to remind my clients/students that part of what they’re struggle with is doing something new. The awkwardness is due to lack of muscle memory. We don’t remember learning to walk, but that was just as awkward until we developed said muscle memory and the movements became familiar. Most of us probably remember how strange learning to ride a bike felt- that’s the same thing. The cool thing is, as you noticed, how QUICKLY the body picks up on what we’re demanding of it!

    Re: the tattoo- would you consider getting it turned into a bee? There’s a lot of growth/new life symbolism to be had in bees. Do some research. 😉

  2. Ohhh, I love Wet Hot American Summer. It’s one of those movies I stumbled onto, watched on a lark (because nothing was on) and ended up really liking.

  3. I have never seen Wet Hot American Summer (goes to corner to hide) 😦

    I plan on seeing Shutter Island this weekend. My cousin saw it and said it was increidble.

  4. Well, you are going to get slapped now. In the face. Yeah. Sorry, I gotta do it. (SLAP)

    Your choice: WHAS or Pineapple Express. We will force you to watch one. Soon. Oh, so soon, so soon…

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