More self-absorbed ME bullshit!


Oh, Wed-ness-day. You are such a vanilla day. Nothing happens on Wednesday.

So, I talked to my HR person today about my paycheck and she was unable to give me a reason why it happened that my automatic deposit didn’t go through and instead I received a paper check. She said something about working with a new company and shifting everything over, or something, but she said it doesn’t explain why this sort of thing would happen. All she did was assure me that the next check will be back to automatic deposit, but you know I’ll be tearing into that envelope immediately, just in case.

The good news is I don’t think the bank is going to charge me for overdraft fees! I checked my account today, and all of the transactions cleared and there are no fees showing up. That is SO COOL. Maybe it’s because I did get the check in there as soon as possible, and with it being a long holiday weekend, that probably gave me some leeway. I’m hoping they won’t catch up or something, and add the fees soon anyway. I’ll keep checking today to make sure. But as of right now, I feel so much better than I have for the past four days or so. Whew.

I got another letter from the IRS! Yippee, right? It’s another hilarious one. This time they are telling me that I should hear a response from them “by March 20, 2010.” Thanks for letting me know, I guess. But seriously, I have to wonder: if it is taking THIS LONG to go over my information with a fine-toothed comb, maybe it’s not a good sign and really they are going to end up denying me the credit. So why can’t they just say NO and be done with it? Let me off the hook? I don’t know, this being-in-limbo thing is definitely getting old.

I have my follow-up appointment with the hand doctor today, so we’ll find out if I am deemed well enough to stop going to therapy, or if I need to go a little longer. I personally think I can stop going. Mostly because of financial reasons, yes. But when we did the measurements last week and saw the improvement, it was enough to tell me that if I just keep up on the exercises they taught me (and I purchased a special 2 pound weight just so I could do that), and continue icing it from time to time, I’ll get over it. I don’t believe I need to sit here for two hours twice a week anymore. Now I just need the doctor to agree with me.

Tonight is my second appointment with the personal trainer at the gym. I’m nervous again, but not like I was on Monday night when I had the appointment for the fitness assessment. At least now I know the guy a little bit and I’m getting my head around the fact that he has seen people in a lot worse shape than I am, so I have nothing to be ashamed of. My flexibility, for example, was almost as low as it could be rated. Ugh. But my bicep strength is apparently excellent. Weird. I wouldn’t have guessed that, but I’ll take it. I guess I do a lot of lifting in general… and I learned long ago how to lift properly and NOT with my back. Anyway, so… my body is apparently at a level for someone aged 41 years, so I need to get it back to my real age. He said I can get it to about 29 years old-shape. That’s cool.

He also helped me set a goal of reaching 178 within six months. Honestly, I can do this! I can do it faster than that, I think. He was realistic about everything, and said I should expect to reach my final goal weight within a year. So it won’t happen overnight, and I really, really need to keep reminding myself of that. I do tend to expect immediate results sometimes.

He also gave me an estimated daily calorie count if I want to lose the weight, and it’s 1170 a day. I did a quick calculation regarding an ordinary day, and I believe I eat anywhere from 2,000 to maybe as much as 4,000 a day (if I go to Olive Garden or something)! So I have a lot of work to do in order to cut back correctly. I started tracking calories yesterday and I went over by 600 calories. But that’s a good start! To think I can drop down to 1170 THAT FAST would be a mistake. I’ve got to shrink my stomach back to normal size, and I know that will take, at the very least, a few days or so.

Either way, the whole thing was eye-opening and kind of inspirational. The gym also offers metabolic testing and another high-tech test I can’t recall the name of, but they each cost $99 to do. I can’t afford it, although I have to admit it’s tempting to find out that kind of detail about my metabolism.

I’ve been getting to the gym about twice a week for the past couple of weeks or so, and hiking or doing the long walk at the park with Hurley in addition to that… and I have completely eliminated all carbonated drinks from my diet, and added more milk and protein (where I can) as well as cut back on sugar. I weighed myself this morning and the scale told me I’ve lost 4 pounds! So cool!

(It’s ironic that this is the same amount of pounds sister just realized she lost yesterday! She’s doing a ramped up Wii workout and eating better, too. How funny that we’d each lose the same amount of weight right now!)

I colored my hair the other day, and so far no one seems to notice. I hope that’s the case, and not that they notice and think it looks awful and so they aren’t saying anything about it. It is quite a bit darker… I dyed it “darkest brown” which is pretty much a black/brown. Personally, I LOVE it like this.

Man. I am hungry. Time to go try to find something for lunch that’s under 400 total calories!


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  1. I got home and realized that I have reversed the numbers… I’m actually allowed 1,710 calories a day. But I’m still going to try to stay as close to 1,100 as possible, anyway! (Maybe 1,500 is more reasonable.) So far today? 880 calories, including a snack! Yay!

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