Sara and Zorro


Wow, I am just so proud of my friend Sara, who competed tonight at the Westminster Dog Show!!

She’s got a very interesting story, too… because Sara is disabled, and Zorro, her Belgian Malinois, is her service dog. So she’s not only got an incredible helper and friend, but a Westminster-worthy little guy on her hands! It’s so cool.

While Zorro didn’t win best of breed (so he won’t be going on to tomorrow night’s herding group judging), just getting there and doing this is such an amazing accomplishment. Sara hasn’t had the easiest lot in life, and seeing her doing what she looooooves so much, at this level, just brings tears to my eyes. And so, I wanted to share the video of her work today. She comes in at 6:10 on this video:

It’s just so nice when you see people you care about succeed! Sara got me through the year I worked my first publishing job in NJ. I was hired as a circulation and marketing assistant, literally splitting my day in half to work with different departments. But then, my position was eliminated. They liked me, though, and kept me on… but as a reader service admin. It was a blow to my ‘career’ at the time, and while I was happy they found me a job so I wouldn’t be laid off, I was disappointed. But fortunately, Sara was also moved into this position, so the two of us called people all day long and logged reader response cards. It was tedious work, but with Sara it was a LOT better. We laughed so much, and had lots of fun making up weird stuff. She was so encouraging, and had such a great attitude that it was hard to not feel better around her. She’s had so many medical problems, and even has two replacement hips. And yet, she’s not a complainer. That’s pretty rare.

She got married in 2001 to a great guy she met online, and they’ve been together ever since with their menagerie of animals. They now live in Florida, and she seems to be doing so well these days. Her dogs win awards all the time, and she’s so good at what she does. I remember when her old dog Mango (also a Belgain malinois) was excelling at schutzhund. I’d never heard of it before, but it was fascinating. Mango was a sweet girl, and sadly passed away from seizures several years back. Now her legacy lives on in Sara’s work with Zorro. Like I said already, this is just so cool.

Here’s to people like Sara: the ones who face obstacles the rest of us can never really fathom, and keep a smile on their face. The people who are so passionate about their interests and hobbies that they don’t settle for anything but the best. I can’t imagine how painful it is for Sara to run around the ring, but she does it anyway because she loves her dog so very much. She’s inspiring and I’m really excited to see where she goes from here. She’s the kind of person to only go upward!


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  1. Wow, that’s so great to hear Sara’s doing so well! She was always so nice and very sweet, I’m happy she is accomplishing her goals. It’s more than I’m doing! Go Sara!

  2. Wow! What an amazing and heart-warming story and a fabulous accomplishment. Sara is certainly an inspiration and should live by her example of doing what you love and never giving up. Just awesome! 🙂 I love the dog shows on TV so I will certainly be watching to see her.

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