Why, yes. I DO have some weed(s).


I’m on the second day of reduced sugar and WOW, so far I feel great! I know yesterday was tough, but once I got home, had a light dinner, walked the dog and went to the gym (in that order), I felt so much better. Last night it was hard not to snack because I got hungry, but I’m trying not to eat anything past 8pm. (I’ll eventually move that down to an earlier time once I get a new schedule in place.) Part of all of this is my desire to have a better night’s sleep, too.

Anyway, today has been a lot easier already. I’m not sure why. I had a great lunch with my sister, and we both splurged on a dessert. But I took my time and savored my brownie, and now I know that that was IT for the day. We’re both trying to eat better and we’re also both in agreement that going cold-turkey with the sugar is never going to work for us. So having a little snack like this once in awhile is OK. You have to realize that prior to yesterday, I was eating sugary snacks probably about 4 times a day on average. Sometimes the sugary snack was my dinner. It was getting ridiculous.

The gym was great last night, although I kicked my ass on the elliptical. It was so strange, because it was a slightly-different machine than the one I normally use, and it made my quadriceps and glutes BURN. The stride wasn’t as deep and was longer than the machine I’m used to, and it made different muscles hurt. I could only manage 10 minutes when I’d initially thought I could do 25. I made the time up on the bike and treadmill instead.

Wait a second… I have the radio on, and La Roux is on! Well, the song “Bulletproof” is, anyway. I had no idea this was a radio song. Is she going to get all popular now, too? That’ll be weird. I love that album, and it’s actually what I listened to as I worked out last night. It’s like female, early 90s Erasure or something, which is just fun to bop around to.

Anyway, so… Hurley is at the groomer getting cleaned up. Simon’s acting lonely, but he seems to be better than he has been in the past. I think he knows I would never not bring Hurley home from wherever it is I took him today. He’s growing up. My big Maine Coon dog-cat isn’t a kittpup anymore. (Wipes tear away)

My front yard looks hideous right now. After all the rain we’ve had lately, grass and weeds have sprouted up all over the damn place. I don’t want to be one of “those houses” that just lets things go and the next thing you know, it looks like a lazy asshole lives here. No way. I’m going to get someone who sprays weeds for my sister’s property to come over and kill this stuff.

Here are some pictures to show you how green my gravel yard has become:

Here’s the driveway area, in front of the horrible white metal RV gate that HAS TO BE REPLACED SOON, DAMN IT, BECAUSE I HATE IT:

(That stupid gate doesn’t even close all the way, so I can’t lock it or anything. I just keep my trash cans there in the hope that they’ll help block the fact that it’s open, and also to serve as a barrier when Hurley gets curious while in the backyard.)

While I’m doing it, here are a couple of pictures of the living room, now that I have hung curtains and the new shelf over the TV. I hung the shelf high because I hope to get a wall-mounted flat screen sometime in the coming year, if I can. My TV’s definitely getting a little old, and the sound is going a little bit. Poor old TV. It’s been a good one.

Damn it.. why is it this camera always has a dirty lens? I clean it off and no matter what happens, I see dirt on the photos. Maybe it’s a sign I am a dirty person.

I think I am. You do not want to see photos of “the office.” It’s a dumping ground at the moment, and my desk is out from the wall on an angle, in position for whenever I finally get around to painting the walls. I just can’t decide on a color. I have a ton of dark red paint that I got for free from a co-worker, but that might be too much for this little room. I’m leaning towards an earthly, lime/moss green… or maybe yellow… orange?… I just can’t make up my mind.

Wow, it’s 2pm. I have to get back to work. See ya later, blog. The next time I write, it will be after the LOST premiere! (Yes, I am a dork, thank you very much for noticing!)


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  1. House looks great! Now that I’ve actually seen what this mysterious “RV gate” you speak of looks like *shudder*. WTF?!

    Glad you’re feeling the effects of the new nutritional changes already! I was just thinking about you, reading in this month’s FITNESS magazine about a no yeast, no gluten, no sugar, no processed starches, no bread, no vinegar, no peanuts “cleanse” some news person had done and how it made her feel, the weight lost, etc…

    Honestly, reading your post yesterday made ME feel bad about the sugar I eat! LOL! and I don’t eat that much, but I made the family Valentine sugar cookie recipe over the weekend, so I have been noshing on those… but that’s a seasonal thing and when they’re gone they’re gone…

    Also, FITNESS said something about people who eat a piece of fruit before every meal consuming about 187 less calories per meal… (It’s a fairly cheap magazine subscription, BTW… and always full of recipes, if you’re interested. Or just brows their website.)

  2. Ha. “brows”. I meant “browse”. Damn stray cats in heat outside yowling and all the males are fighting with each other distracting me.

  3. If it’s not dirt, I bet it’s the ghost!

    Your real estate ventures and decorating make me so excited (I am an HGTV junkie)–keep it up!

  4. Eee, your place is so cute! It looks so good! It’s after the Lost premiere right now by the way, but only where I am because you live in the past! Or the future, possibly. I don’t know. Lost blew my mind and now I’m going to bed.

  5. Jen- Thanks! And yes, isn’t that the stupidest gate in the world? It’s GINORMOUS. I want to explode it with dynamite, but that might hurt the garage. I’m getting SHAPE magazine and now a really good new one (for which I am blanking on the name right now), which comes with my gym membership. I love magazines, so I might check out Fitness soon too.

    Lengli- Dirt or Ghost? That should really be the name of the next lame paranormal-hunters show on the Sci-Fi channel. (I know they are now SyFy, but I can’t bring myself to use that name first.) I love the HGTV shit, too. I love a magazine called Do It Yourself (very original, yet fitting) that has all kinds of cool ideas that I intend to copy sometime. Eventually. Maybe never. Depends on how ambitious I really am. Ehhh!

    Fraulein – Thank you! That is the only room I’m ready to photograph so far. Everything else is… well, not as cute, to put it mildly. And LOST, LOST, LOST! It was the best night ever! Thanks for the mystery text. That was funny. 🙂

  6. I wish you had weed too, Trish. Maybe tonight we should go get some. We talk about it, and never do it. Let’s change that. 2NITE.

  7. The curtains look great! It really polishes off the room. And I still love your living room. I wish we had had more time to hang out in there and chill. It is a GREAT room!

    I think, right before you take down that lovely RV gate, you should go all gangster and spray paint weird shit all over it. That will definitely tell your neighbors you are a respectable homeowner. More so than the weedy front yard. 🙂

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