DUDES. I’m drowning in geekdom!


As if my last post and the comments I replied with don’t already prove it, I realized just now that my entire life is extremely nerdy and dorkish.

Here’s a quick run-down of why I say this:

* I’m watching Dollhouse right now on the DVR (the latest episode, which aired tonight) and pausing it so that I don’t miss one freakin’ word of dialogue because I love this show so much and wouldn’t be able to stand it if I missed some little detail (it will be gone soon, as they CANCELLED it. Boooo!). Dollhouse is kind of a cult-ish, geeky show.

* I have a pile of notes on the chair next to me. It’s stuff I researched for my book. I’ve really been into figuring out the science behind my plot. I need to know how it was possible. So I need to really understand some of the nuances of genetic engineering, outside of science fiction. It’s surprisingly interesting to me, and I’m enjoying myself as I read up on stuff like recombinant DNA, stem cells, germ lines and knockout genes. Lately, I’ve been seriously considering going back to school. No, I’m not joking when I say this, but I’d like to study molecular biology. I know math is involved, so that’s the only thing holding me back from going for it. I’m afraid of math.

* The magazines on my coffee table right now: Fresh Home (because of the decorating thing) and Novel Writing. Not an US Weekly or Marie Claire to be found anywhere, sadly.

* I tried to cook chicken divan for dinner tonight, had to consult the internet. When that only confused me more, I needed to call my sister. She told me what to do, and I went to do it only to realize I don’t even have a covered frying pan (in which to pre-cook the chicken). How did I get this far without knowing what is in my own kitchen?!

* I’m obsessing about the final season of LOST. I’m reading crap all over the interwebs that’s driving me pleasantly mad.

* On my way home from work, I was merrily singing along to Weird Al’s “Dare to be Stupid” and “Nature Trail to Hell (in 3-D)”. Just how many 34 year old women are doing this at any given moment, I wonder…?

* I’m too dumb to have celebrity crushes on the usual suspects. Sure, I definitely appreciate me some Hugh Jackman and Johnny Depp, I really and truly do. But noooo, I always have to like completely obscure actors no one else cares about, at all. So I sound like a dork when I say, “Hey, so…who else is excited for Killing Bono to come out?” BLANK STARES. No one I know likes this guy. Just me. This makes me feel, yet again, like a geek. (And I am. Let’s face it. One of my all-time HUGEST crushes was on Wil Wheaton during the Star Trek: Next Generation days. Yup. You can ask my sister. I’m not proud of it– and yet, here I am admitting it for the sake of this post.)

* It gets worse. Speaking of Guys I Like: If I could actually date a celebrity, for reals, it would be Eric Wareheim. I am completely serious about this… the guy is hilarious!! And when I met him last year, I almost bit my own tongue in excitement. (For some reason, I can’t embed the photo, but you can see it on Facebook in my “Life in Hell” photo album. By the way…does anyone get the “Life in Hell” reference? Think bunnies.)

* A high school friend on Facebook recently messaged me to talk about my preference for Spuffy over Bangel. She says that girls who understand romance usually prefer Buffy with Angel. And that I’m “probably a masochist” because I happen to like when Buffy is bangin’ Spike. Mind you, this was a conversation all in good fun, and she didn’t anger me or anything. But it reminds me yet again that even when it comes to the Buffyverse, I’m in the geek minority on this one. I just think Spike’s waaaay hotter than chubby Angel. Any day of the damn week I’d take Spike’s English hilarity and hot torso over Angel’s obsessive brooding with the hair gel.

* I just SPAZZED OUT because…OMG… Cinda Williams Chima commented to me on Facebook tonight!! I told her I was “salivating” for her next book, and then like a nerd, corrected myself in a doofus-funny way, and she replied that “she too salivates over books frequently.” I literally squealed in excitement that she made a direct reply to my comment, using my name and everything. I would freak out if I could somehow get to know her, even in a little stupid way like Facebook. It’s because I admire her career very much, and love her novel structure. Not because I’m a creepy stalker-type or something… (nervous laughter)… at least, I don’t think I am…

* This is a perfectly acceptable Friday night for me. Go out, with friends? DO something?! Socialize and have life experiences?! Hell no. Not this girl.

After this, I will walk my dog like I do every night before bed and, if no one seems to be around as I’m walking, mumble some book dialogue to myself. Or I could let a little fart slip out, anonymous in the night streets. Either or. Both scenarios are equally probable.

See? GEEK!!!!


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  1. I’m kind of surprised Dollhouse lasted as long as it did. I enjoyed the first 5 or so episodes that I watched, but lost interest after that, probably because we moved and my schedule changed… but I haven’t been able to get back into it. I’ve tried a few times and it’s just not holding my attention.

  2. Sorry, Facebook friend, Spike is wayyyyyyy hotter than the meatfaced Angel. Sure, it’s probably my predilection for glam rockers, but come on: that scene where he’s killing the Slayer on the subway and is all Sid Vicioused out? That has been replayed many a time.

  3. I LOOOOVE that damn subway scene so much!!! I really know what you mean about that being replayed many a time… definitely. “You know you want it. And the SECOND…the SECOND that happens! You know I’ll be there. I’ll slip in and have myself a real good day.”
    (I love how his voice basically purrs when he talks to her… mmmm…)

  4. Always been a Spike girl! Angel was okay but the whole unable to have sex or he turns evil thing kind turned me off. I mean what is the use of a hot boyfriend if you can never do it with them??? Plus Spike has a British accent and totally redeemed himself and proved he is worthy so yea Spike!!

    However, I always thought, before the Buffy/Spike thing happened in Season six, that she was best suited with Reily and was so pissed she f-ed that one up big time.

  5. All right, I’m back for more Buffy talk!

    Yes, she really did screw up with Riley back in the 4th season. Of course, Spike was the best because he was hot AND funny, but Riley was the smartest, best choice for her. He was so great! And yes, they had a lot in common. I remember hoping they would work out because I loved the chemistry they had. But…I was glad he moved on, though… that was a nice touch.

    I’m still bummed out about how things ended with Xander, though, poor guy! First he loses an eye, and then there’s what happened to Anya. I got all choked up in that final episode when he asked about Anya and when they told him what happened, he said in a broken voice, “That’s my girl.” Awwww, that sucks! (I guess I should read the Season 8 comics to see what happened next. I just couldn’t move much further beyond Dawn as a Giant, I guess! If I can get them from a library or something, I will.) I’m back on a Buffy kick lately, thanks to finding it playing on Logo randomly one night a couple weeks back. And I realize I really MISSED THIS SHOW.

  6. Also, Jen– regarding Dollhouse: This show is a tragedy and here’s why. In the first maybe 4 or 5 episodes of Season 1, it didn’t really grab me either. I stuck it out because of solidarity for Joss Whedon and Eliza Dushku. But then, once the show found its tone and started having FUN with the storyline, it took off! And then Season 2 has been AMAZING. Stuff I never would have imagined has happened, it’s become all mind-twisty and complicated and awesome. It’s such a shame, though, because it’s cancelled. I think what happened was a bunch of people tuned in for those 1st few episodes and went “mehhh” and the viewers went away. And they never came back, I guess. So sad. It really has/had incredible potential because of how original an idea it was and the intriguing back stories they could have delved into for all the characters. Joss Whedon is the new Rodney Dangerfield: he gets no respect!

    FRINGE is another show like this, but fortunately, that’s not cancelled. YET. But it started out weak and unsteady and gained traction as last season went on. I’ve cried watching episodes of that show. I think it’s amazing. And I am loving Season 2, which is even crazier and deeper than the first season. It’s like LOST, but better in a way because things DO get revealed and the little mysteries are sometimes solved in one episode. People always complained that LOST didn’t dole out enough answers and got too complex for its own good. JJ Abrams clearly learned from that and made sure Fringe doesn’t do that.

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