“I’m not a bum. I’m a Jerk.”


Oh, man… could I love a movie more than I love The Jerk? Probably not. No matter how old it is or how many times I see it, I still laugh really hard.

I’m so happy my fever went away! I feel a lot better today, but my throat is still retardedly sore. That feverish feeling yesterday was the worst. I slept so much–which was nice–but I hate that I lost a day, effectively.

My damn wrist is doing awful, though. Now I can’t brush my teeth very well or write with a pen. I’m bracing it as much as I can. I take it off to use the bathroom and eat, since I need to wash my hands. I can’t wait until next week’s appointment.

At least life isn’t a complete pile of rotting trash… I’m doing OK at work again, getting closer and closer to being on-schedule all the time. In fact, I am only behind on one article, and that’s just because it only came in on Tuesday and I’m still editing it. But it’s HERE. I’m not chasing anyone down, pleading or bargaining to get something submitted. Ahhhh. It feels good.

And OMG…I don’t weigh much less, but I have lost an inch on my hips since I resumed working out! I measured myself yesterday out of boredom, mostly, and was surprised to see that. My calves are slightly tighter already, too. It’s a start! (The fastest way to get my legs in shape is, hands down, hiking. So I am trying to do that as frequently as possible. Besides, I only get a handful of months to do it because once it’s hot, hiking in the Valley is all but impossible. You need to go out of town for an hour or two before you can do it without dying.)

I’m still a little intimidated by the new gym, to be honest. The last time I went, these two very fit women in the locker room had to help me because I couldn’t lock my locker. It’s a complicated thing where you put your card into this electronic reader and you get a key. Well, turns out my new membership card doesn’t have a crucial hole punched in it, and you need that hole to use the lockers. So now I have to get someone to put the hole in the card. But the issue is, the card came in the mail and one of the ladies said I might need to contact “corporate” about sending a new card, since she wasn’t sure the staff at the gym has the hole-puncher on hand. (It’s a weird oval-type shape.) I don’t know. It’s a pain. Also– I don’t think I should attempt anything with weights that will stress my wrists. But I want to do those muscles so bad. I’m terrible at ‘resting’ an aggravated joint or body part, I really am. I think “I can just do a little” and that’s not a good idea right now with this wrist thing. No way. Soooo, at the moment, my preferred workout is the mountain. No weights involved, no punch-holes or lockers. It’s nice.

Let’s see, what else is new… hmm. I don’t know.

I’m almost done reading Cinda Williams Chima’s latest novel, The Demon King. Any of you who read the “Heir” books in her last series, if you decide to read this one, too, know it takes place in an actual fantasy world. Not present-day. For me, this was a change that I wasn’t sure I liked at first. I tend to avoid the books with made-up names of cities, foods, religions, plants, etc. because they annoy me. Usually if a book has a drawn map of the book’s world in the front, chances are I will lost interest while reading it so I don’t always bother. I love fantasy, but I like fantasy grounded in reality somehow. Anyway…

This book hooked me in! I’m reading it whenever I can now, and I’m sad I’m almost done already. It’s good. There are two protagonists and she tells their stories by the chapter, and as it’s going along, you can see the two beginning to overlap and become ONE story… it’s cool. And I still like how she writes her female characters. Overall, I recommend it. (Plus, if you read this one, you don’t need to know a thing about her previous series, so you won’t be lost. This is a standalone book. For now, anyway… she is writing sequels.) Cinda Williams Chima may not be a popular writer or on a lot of people’s radar, but I know she could be. Should be. While everyone’s busy losing their shit over the Twilight series, her books are modestly hanging out on the shelf, waiting for someone to discover them. I think these books have the potential of taking off, too. Someday. When enough people read them.

I’m late to the party, but I’ve been listening to David Bowie non-stop these days. My sister gave me his greatest hits CD for Christmas, and I love it. His older stuff is cool. I’d heard most of these songs before, but never really paid dedicated attention to them until now.

I’m on a Quiznos kick. Weird, because for the longest time, I disliked that place very much. But all of the sudden I’m addicted to their red wine vinaigrette dressing. When added to cheese and veggies on a toasted bun = MMM. Me like it. It’s funny because I tried to go there two nights in a row, only to miss them by mere minutes since they closed earlier than I expected. Now I know their hours, and I’ll make no mistakes. I’ll get there before closing. Oh yes, I will. (There is only one Quiznos in my area, which sucks.)

Well, that’s the random stuff I had to share. There isn’t much else, and so I leave you and this blog now, in peace. Go with God.


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  1. Glad you’re feeling better, sorry the wrist isn’t. Also relieved you’ve been able to catch up at work. Don’t give up on the gym, you’ll have no choice when it gets hot.

  2. I’m so excited you’re seeing results from working out! Almost makes me want to get up off my fat ass… 🙂 I’m going to try to get my hands on The Demon King because you said so; in return you really need to check out Patricia Briggs’ Mercy Thompson series, starting with Moon Called. Werewolves, shapeshifters, witches, vampires and fae — and it all takes place in the “real” world. (I think there’s even a map in the front of the book, but no funny business, I promise.)

  3. Do you think you injured your wrist during your return to the gym? or maybe while taking down Christmas lights? Such possibilities just occurred to me…

  4. Snarky – Nope, there’s no way I’ll give up on the gym! Because of that very reason… there are so many times when hiking is out of the question. Not just hot weather, but most of the time during the week, since I don’t have time to go home, take care of the pets, and get back over to the mountain while it’s still light out. I wish I lived closer to a hiking area.

    Fraulein- I’ll look into those books for sure, since you’re recommending them! I’ve seen them on the shelf before but never gave them a second glance because of the covers. (Yes, I truly DO judge books by their covers. Meh.)

    Jen – I woke up one morning with the wrist problem, and thought I had laid on it in my sleep in a funny position. So many that’s actually what happened…? But the gym thing is a possibility, since some of the upper body machines involve some twisting at the wrist. I don’t recall a sharp pain or anything. It’s a mystery. (And it was already hurtin’ by the time to lights came down so I can’t blame that!)

  5. Ha ha! I just left a comment on your previous post asking about the lights. I guess Jen and I think alike. 🙂

    Glad you are feeling better but I am worried about our wrist. It sounds scar, especially since you have to use it so much.

    YAY for catching up at work. Woo hoo!!

    I have never seen The Jerk. Does this mean we can’t be friends any more?

  6. I regret to inform you that no, we can no longer be friends. If you see The Jerk, we may resume our friendship. Notify me once you’ve seen it, KTHNX.

    Um. I hope my sarcasm is apparent here…!

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