You can’t always get what you want (the cat to do)


Busy times! I’ve had a lot going on these days between work and life outside of work. Luckily, I have gotten a lot accomplished at work. I’m really so close to being all caught up now, and I love it! In fact, if all goes well and my authors cooperate, I’ll even be a little bit AHEAD of schedule, going into January. This is really awesome, given how hopeless and messy everything felt just a few months ago. I have worked hard to get caught up, and it’s nice to see it all finally coming together.

I’ve been cleaning and doing little projects around the house, like hanging curtain rods and towel bars (or attempting to, in one case– I am hitting metal inside the wall and can’t screw all the way in) and re-organizing part of my kitchen. And then, there has been some fun writing going on. Not enough to get me totally excited yet, but still enough to keep me encouraged and actively thinking about the books again. So that’s been nice.

I’ve done some Christmas shopping, but not nearly all of it. I’ve got to get moving with that. The problem is, once more, money. I just don’t have it this year. Especially now that I know I have that looming car payment beginning in January. I’m trying to figure out what I can cut back on in order to make my budget happen. It’s going to be tight.

All I’ve done so far to decorate is hang a wreath on my front door. A wreath. That’s it. I should get the lights up outside, and put up my tree. I just haven’t felt like it for some reason. I’m going to get it done this weekend though, for sure. Any later than that and it won’t even be worth bothering anymore.

At least there was a brief break in the daily monotony: Vegas Princess visited on Tuesday night, and we had such a great time! My sister came out with us, and we went out to dinner and then walked around Target for an hour or so, laughing and being goofballs. (I explained to VP that this–going to Target, laughing and being goofballs– was a normal activity for the sisters, so she was basically just accompanying us as we did something we’d be doing anyway. She was game for it!) We had such a fun time, and the laughing got pretty crazy. I loved it. I think we all did. We all needed a good laugh!

Anyway, she was a fantastic house guest– so easy to please, I loved it! And now my sister and I are anxious to drive up to Vegas so we can visit her in her city for some more goofy fun. (As soon as I have money, I can consider it!) I’m glad she got to come over and stay with me, and was sad her visit had to be over so fast because I had to go to work yesterday and she was leaving after dinner. But we are only 6 hours away from each other. It’s not over for our friendship. Oh NO. Not by a longshot. Bwah ha ha, Vegas Princess!

(I don’t know why I had to go all Dr. Evil on that last phrase, but it made me smile to do it. So… there ya go.)

Simon’s been a little annoying lately. He was acting up while VP was at the house, and I think it was because he’s not used to having guests that aren’t my Mom, sister and/or BIL. Also, Hurley was smitten with the visitor (aww!) and as a result, wasn’t as into playing with Simon as usual. I think all of this caused Simon to get a little ornery and defiant in an effort to get more attention.

For instance, he was blatantly hopping up on the stove and counter while we were standing in the kitchen talking. Normally I just have to look, point and say, “GET down” and he jumps down. (In fact, I only say “GET” anymore.) Yet the other night, he was walking all slowly and snotty, like he was saying, “Ooh, you don’t like me doing this, do you? Well, screw you, I’m doing it!” I had to actively pick him up and put him on the floor. Which probably reinforced the behavior, and so he kept on doing it. SIGH.


He also bothered VP a little while she was trying to go to sleep. He jumped on the guest bed next to her, demanding to be pet. Then he was messing around with her jewelry on the nightstand. In general, he was just being a pest. Fortunately, VP is a cat owner and lover, and was genuinely nice about his behavior. It didn’t change the fact that I was still ticked off at him for “being fresh.”

He continued his crappy behavior last night, when he walked around on my dresser and nightstand, knocking shit around and to the floor and meowing. It woke me up around midnight, and again around 4am. The first time I got up for a drink of water while I was awake, and put a little more food in his dish. He’s been eating like a piglet lately. Cleaning his bowl out in one sitting. (Both of my pets usually eat a little bit here and there throughout the day.) Talking and crying whenever I walk into the pantry, where the cat food jar is kept. He’s just being a cat… I know, I know. But STILL. Still.

This is behavior I’d be pissed off at in a dog, and would not tolerate. I’m very used to dogs. So I feel the same way when he, a CAT, does it! I want order and good manners in my pets. I want them to react when I tell them something. But Simon, he’s got his own “thing” going on, most of the time. He’ll just tune me out! Or not come when I call him! He used to come every time I called him when he was just a couple of months younger. What– now he’s growing up, he’s too cool to come to his Mom when she calls him? NOPE. Not gonna fly, pal. You better get your ass in shape and get onboard the Discipline Express! Shouldn’t be hard for you– Hurley’s already onboard, and is even wearing a Junior Conductor cap since he’s so good at being on the train. He’ll show you how it is, ease you into how things are done on this train.

Don’t worry… I am not actually upset at Simon.

And I know perfectly well that this is just typical cat behavior. He is quite normal, and in fact, could still be graded more on the “well behaved cat” scale than the other direction. My issues with my little teenager could be SO MUCH WORSE.

I’m just whining because waaaaaaaaaaah, I want a cat that’s mostly a dog! That’s all! Is that so much to ask?! Are you there, God? It’s me, Unrealistic Pet Owner Person!

Let me be perfectly clear on my final thought regarding Simon: I love him so much. I can’t imagine life without him now. He is my little ginger baby and I think he is still the sweetest, funniest cat that I’ve ever owned. Well… he IS the only cat that I have ever owned, by myself. But you know what I mean. He’s adorable. He’s beautiful. He plays with Hurley so well and they amuse one another so much they sometimes barely acknowledge my existence as they wrestle together. I might say I am ticked off, but, the weirdest part of it is: I don’t mind. I have a strong suspicion that this is the exact feeling most cat owners (of good cats) feel. You definitely have to “forgive” some behaviors that would be unacceptable for a dog, because you don’t have a choice. Cats think differently than dogs. I see that now.

I’m learning and growing as a well-rounded pet owner. I no longer have a bit of a prejudice (for lack of a better word) regarding cats. I’ve gone to the Dark Side. I know what it’s like to breathe in the dust of fresh litter as it’s poured into a clean tray. I know the sound a cat makes when you wash its ass in the sink, and know the painful feel of how it thrashes around in your arms as you try to wash it, and how that thrashing is inifinitely different than the “put me down on the floor now, please” thrashing that happens following a cuddle-session. Yes. I know well of these things now.

I’ve been schooled, yo.



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  1. Life will never be dull with a little orange kitty in your life, this comes from someone who’s had one of two in her life fro the past decade. They’re always a pain in the ass, but when they’re loving, you just can’t resist them… they’re too damn cute for their own good.

  2. I had such an awesome time with you both! It was nice to forget everything for awhile, laugh and be silly. I really really needed that so thank you so much. Also, your house is amazing and I was so honored to be the first to use your guest shower. No one can take that away from me. 🙂 And your adorable Hurley and Simon were a treat. I loved them both and can’t wait to see them again. I have all those pictures I need to send you. Charming and I will definitely come see you soon and you must come to Vegas too!

  3. Oh, the orange kitty…what a little blessing he has been in my life. Not at all annoying or strange or diabolical. NOOOoooo. I’m holding on for that day everyone says is coming: when he becomes an older, calmer cat that just wants to sleep all day. They say it’s coming. I just need to be patient.

    Knock on wood (knock on blog?), he has been good the past two days with the tree. I think Monday’s fury affected him because he’s very careful about hanging out over there by the tree when I’m home. The bigger issue is he keeps finding ornaments that were broadcast throughout the house on Monday; ornaments I missed somehow in the clean-up. I hear a skitter-skatter sound, and look to see him knocking a little wooden horse around the kitchen. Or a pink snowflake. Where has he been hiding them?

    Vegas Princess, it was so cool to have you over. We had such a neat time with you and it *was* great to laugh like that. Thank you for saying such nice stuff about me and my house… you’re so sweet! I wonder: should I make a plaque to hang in the bathroom to commemorate the First Shower? It can have your picture, mounted on a handsome wood wall hanging, with a brass plate declaring the achievement and the date it happened. (I can order two plaques at the same time, so you can have one, too. I know you will want one of your very own.)

    Me and my sister will have to take the drive to Vegas sometime, for sure. Just let me know when it might be a good time! No rush. Not with everything you have going on. Just take care of yourself right now and remember you’ll always have a place to sleep (and shower!) at my house if you need a quick getaway. 🙂

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