Phantom Hamster!


Before I turn this thing off for the night, I want to share something: I think my house is a little… weird. I don’t know that it is haunted, per se, but there are some strange goings-on that defy explanation. If a ghost or spirit is behind this stuff, I’m really wondering if maybe I ended up with a “special needs” ghost. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

When I am walking from my hallway to the end of the opening in the wall of the living room, I smell a pungent odor that reminds me of how the dirty cage would smell back when we had a hamster. I’ve been smelling it for about a week now, and it’s maddening. I thought it was a smell from outside, drifting in through an open window, but I ruled that out. I’ve looked behind and under all the nearby furniture for any food that the cat might have batted around or something, but there isn’t anything like that. I’ve sniffed my furniture, and got on a stepladder and sniffed around the air duct that would blow there. Nothing! I’m completely baffled about this smell. So strange.

So I’m wondering if there is the ghost or “memory” of a hamster in this house. Maybe it died in the kitchen…? Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I was the only person in the world to be haunted by a hamster? Simon would be driven insane, as he tried to catch the hamster with no corporeal form. The Ghost Hunters people would laugh at me — like they are so smart, anyway — if I called to have them come out and do an investigation into my hamster ghost. But the joke would be on them when the little guy shows up clear as day on a photo. Or one of those voice recordings (all they would hear would be cute little gurbling, chewing noises). A hamster ghost wouldn’t know enough to be wily and make it so they don’t show up on film, like the people-ghosts do. A hamster ghost would just kinda be there, walking around, pooping and eating for all eternity.

And the other thing is, of course, the black figure by my bed thing.

It’s happening almost every single night now!

I don’t know what the hell is UP with this. I’m baffled. The good thing is, I do know I’m not really scared of whatever this thing is. Although I do scream out loud every time it wakes me up. It happened on Thanksgiving night when my Mom was sleeping over. I screamed when I woke up to see it right in front of my eyes again, and my Mom called out, “What is it? Are you OK?” and I had to call out to her: “Yeah, it’s fine. I’m just seeing that thing again. I feel like a dork, Mom. It’s probably just my curtains.” I fell right back to sleep after that.

The one good thing about having it happen while my Mom was here was that I had a witness to the screaming. I was starting to wonder if I was really waking up when this happened, or not. Like maybe it’s just a recurring dream, including my scream. Now I know I am actually screaming out loud, and waking up for real.

Isn’t this so weird?? Every time this happens, I focus my eyes once I wake up and all I see are my black curtains. And all fear is gone, my heart slows down again, and I fall back to sleep. But here’s what I have realized, too: whatever it is I am seeing feels like it is right there in front of my face. Like, leaning over me. It startles me, and I jump and scream for a second or two, and then calm down again and go back to sleep.

I wonder if this is some strange sleep-apnea thing…? Maybe I am snoring so bad I stop breathing, and this weird dream/figure thing is how my body wakes me up and gets me breathing again. I’m considering all the possibilities. I’ve never had this happen before. I don’t usually have recurring dreams, for one thing. And to have it happen this frequently is definitely a little alarming. And annoying. I want a good night’s sleep, straight through. This is retarded.

Let’s just say for a second that this really IS a ghost. What does it want? What is it doing, just startling me the same way every night? Is it trying to get a message to me? If so, it had better try another tactic because this is just confusing and well, it seems like a pointless waste of energy for this ghost to exert. Why just appear and be gone without getting a message to me? I always think a ghost wants to tell the person to help them somehow, get a message to a loved one… something like that. Also: it can’t be an evil ghost, because not once has Hurley or Simon reacted to what happens. I’ve never heard a hiss or a bark. Animals are supposed to sense these supernatural things. At least, that’s what I have always thought.

What if it is a dermatologist ghost; a dermatologist who owned a hamster? The reason it’s always right near my face is it’s fascinated by my ridiculously large pores and oily T-zone. It only wants to help me.

Either way, these two things are unexplained phenomena and it confuses me because I feel very much at home here, safe and happy. There’s no sense of foreboding. I guess the phantom hamster and the dermatologist ghost are just part of our family here; even the pets seem to accept them (both Hurley and Simon are visibly happier here than they were in the rental house). I wonder if I have to get them Christmas gifts, or if it’s acceptable to just say “Happy Holidays” out loud to them and that’s it. What the hell is the etiquette on this sort of thing? I should look into it.

And don’t worry about me. Hurley and Simon will definitely let me know if anything evil is going on. I have faith in my pets.

And…I have faith in my imagination. Which is, of course, the cause of all of this. Unless it’s a brain tumor. Good thing I’ll be getting that MRI soon, huh? 😉


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  1. Are you sure that maybe something like a mouse or a bird didn’t die in one of the walls/attic/ceiling… ?

    Re: the other thing. It could also be related to your migraines and, if there is one, the aneurysm.

  2. This is creeping me out. If celery and carrots start missing from your refrigerator drawer I think you definitely have a ghost hamster. And if I saw a dark figure in my room every night I would freak the “f” out!

  3. I might need to swallow my fear of the attic and crawl up there to see if there is, in fact, something dead up there. It’s strange, because the smell is definitely like a wood shavings and food pellets smell. I really thought it was the smell of cut grass at first. I’m baffled. Oh, and the place where it smells is right in the middle of the floor, in a spot where there is no furniture. It’s definitely got my mind boggled.

    A friend advised me to try talking to the black figure before I go to bed, asking it to please leave the house and let me sleep. I tried it last night, and I still woke up with the screaming thing again. Either it’s a stubborn spirit, or a brain problem. Who knows anymore?

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