I’m thankful for three great days


It’s been a nice three days off so far. Thanksgiving went really well! It was the first one in my new house, of course, and my sister came over to take care of the turkey and other dishes. I did a green bean casserole, apple pie, carrots and we both sort of did the stuffing. Everything was delicious and the only stressful moment was when I’d left the room and the gravy bubbled over and went everywhere on my new stove. I lost my shit for a few minutes over that one because JEEZ… what a spazz I can be sometimes! We had to wait for the whole thing to cool down and dry up before I could finally get in there and scrub all that cooked-on gravy off the pretty black surface. It took some doing, but it now looks OK.

My Mom was able to stay over that night, earning herself the honor of being my first official houseguest! The night before, my sister and BIL gave me their old queen-size bed and mattress for the guest bedroom and we all put it together so it would be ready for my Mom to stay there. It looks cool having a bed in there, even though the room needs to be painted and everything yet. Either way, I really am so happy I can offer people a whole room to themselves when they stay here! It’s really cool.

I’ve been parking in my garage the past couple of weeks or so. This is totally new for me. I’ve never been able to do that until now. It’s so weird–but nice– to pull into a garage every time. Everything feels so much safer and cozy this way.

Yesterday I spent the morning with my Mom, having breakfast and visiting my sister at work to bring some Krispy Kremes to her office as a surprise. Mmm. Krispy Kremes are delicious, but expensive and rich. They’re definitely a once-in-awhile treat, not something you can get on a regular basis.

I took Hurley to the dog park last night, but it was kind of meh. There were only about 4 or 5 other dogs there, and the owners weren’t very friendly. One girl even walked away from me as I tried to start up a conversation! She played it off like she was going to check on her dog, but all she did was move off to the side alone again. FINE, BE THAT WAY! I felt like saying. Whatever. Hurley wasn’t all that into being at the dog park anyway, and so after about 20 minutes of sort of wandering around, we left to walk the whole park before we went home. He was so funny, because when we were in the off-leash area he was so clingy. He did that the last time, too. He’s cordial and sweet to any dogs that come up to him, but he doesn’t just run in there and start chasing or playing with anyone. I would urge him to go “go get those dogs!” and he would get all giddy and go galloping off towards the dogs, and then he’d make a U-turn and come galloping back to me. Oh, well. At least we tried.

Today was great, because I woke up feeling pretty ambitious. I got some stuff done around here and then me and my sister went hiking for the first time since … umm… March? YIKES. It was so crowded out there today. We couldn’t find a spot at our favorite trailhead at all, even though we circled around and back a few times. Finally we drove over to another trailhead, one we had never tried before. That, too, was a full parking lot. But we did get in, and it was a good hike. I felt so out of shape for the first 20 minutes or so, breathing like the fat lady I am and getting all red and blotchy all over my face. It was a tough trail since it was a steady incline, and we had no idea where we were really going. We went probably 3/4 of the way up the trail, and decided to head back so we wouldn’t hurt ourselves or overdo it on our first hike back out again. Good decision. I feel pretty great now. I’m excited because usually when I start hiking, it spurs me on to working out, in general, on a more frequent basis. So we’ll see what happens, but it should be good!

We had lunch out and then stopped at the cutest little cluster of stores, just for the hell of it. We’re really glad we did, too, because it was great. It’s basically a collection of old houses, turned into stores and restaurants. Big, old trees everywhere… it was so quaint and pretty there. It didn’t feel like we were in AZ, which is always a fun feeling. We can’t get over that we have never stopped in this plaza before; it’s on a road we regularly drive on. I’ve looked at it and said to myself I’d stop in there one of these days. And today was the day.

We went in a brownie shop and WOW… it was fantastic. A tiny little bakery run by a grandmother, her daughter and granddaughter. The place smelled of freshly-baking brownies and they sold little crafty gifts and jewelry at really great prices. They had a little sidewalk sale out back where they were selling baskets and decorated Christmas boxes for 50 cents and $1.00 each. It was such a bargain that we had to buy a few things. I also bought us cupcakes, but I haven’t had mine yet. They look adorable and almost too nice to eat. Oh, and we got to chat a little with the grandmother. I do love talking to grandmotherly-types. I could sit there all day, asking them about stuff and just bullshitting. I think it’s because I miss Granny. Either way, it’s great when it spontaneously happens like it did today. It put me in SUCH a great mood.

And to top it off, it began to rain as we left. Perfect! Even though the rain wasn’t heavy and didn’t last, it was at least overcast and a little chilly out. When I got home, I wasn’t ready to be back inside so I raked my backyard. It went well, except I am out of big black trash bags, and the wind started kicking up making the dust billow around too much. I had to stop. Plus, I was tired. Turns out I have a HUGE yard, and there is a ton of dead grasses and blown-in garbage to pick up. I got half of the piles up and need to get more bags so I can get rid of the rest. The whole time I’m out there, Hurley was racing around, chasing planes. Bark, bark, bark. Run right through the piles I’d just raked up. It definitely got annoying. I had to put him in the house. He’s my baby, and he is cute as hell and my best little friend, but DAMN. He seems almost psychotic when he is in full Sheltie, herding-mode. His eyes get the crazy look in them, and he smiles like he thinks he is the coolest dog in the whole wide world, and he is saving all of us from the horrible planes that fly over the house. It’s cute for about 5, 10 minutes and after that: I’m ready for him to calm down. At least be quieter. His bark is sharp, piercing and sometimes when he is really wound up, he barks these little high-pitched yips that sound like he is being hurt. I hope my neighbors don’t think I am kicking my dog out there. 😛

So, now it’s quieting down for the night and I am thinking about running out to get more trash bags and some veggies, since I’m all out. But it’s so NICE here at home. Especially when I have soft music playing out in the pretty living room, and I can hear the windy night outside. Ahhhh. I needed this weekend so much!

I hope yours was great, too. And that you had a very happy Thanksgiving!


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