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I’m fine. I went to the doctor yesterday and he said I didn’t have anything wrong with me following the accident. That’s great news. I had a tremendous headache, though, and told him about it. I described where it hurt, and how my left ear felt like the eardrum was pulled too tight or something, and he gave me a prescription for Vicodin. I also had a stiff neck and he gave me a muscle relaxer for that. What’s cool about this isn’t that woo-hoo, now I get to abuse some drugs, but rather that I have them now in case I need them later on. Sometimes my headaches and backaches are so bad I only wish I had this stuff on hand.

However, I didn’t get out of the office without him bringing up the other thing in my chart: the fact that my Mom had a cerebral aneurysm. He reminded me that two years ago, he recommended I go for an MRI to check my brain for any suspicious blood vessels, and I didn’t do it. True. I’ve made no secret of my fear of finding out what may or may not be lurking inside my brain. But he said that with my headaches, and the very strong possibility that I did in fact inherit the same condition my Mom had, I really couldn’t put this off anymore. So he ordered me to go for an MRI and an MRA soon. I have to call and make the appointment. He made sure to tell me it was a ‘painless test’ (meaning no IV of dye) and it was “much better to know than not know” and that treatments for these things is easier than ever, if I did, in fact, have an anuerysm waitin’ to pop… but still.

I’m not exactly excited about this. I’ll do it. I will. But I refuse to be happy about it.

In other news, I bring my car in for repairs tomorrow morning, and they are giving me a rental car; the other guy’s insurance is paying for it. I got them to go up to “intermediate” size (if I wanted to rent another Rav4, it would cost me $6 a day… I’m too cheap right now for that). I’m glad they are making all of this pretty easy for me. Oh, and a woman from his insurance company is stopping by with a form I need to sign about my doctor’s visit yesterday, and to give me a check for $400 for medical expenses. I’m not sure how it all works…like if I need to give them the receipts for when I go, for my prescriptions, etc… or if they just give me the check and don’t care to see receipts. Either way, that’s pretty cool. Now the copay from yesterday and the prescriptions are covered. Sweet!

So far, so good. Now I just hope they can actually do all the repairs my car needs and they won’t come back to me and say they need to consider it a “total loss.” I just want to keep *my* car.

I’m working from home today, and it’s been nice. I got a few things finished up, and now I am thinking about doing some stuff around the house. Like painting. I’m a little wary of the fumes from the paint, though, because I only just got my headache to go away a couple of hours ago. It was gone when I woke up, and then came back for most of the morning. I took a nap around lunch time, and it eased up. I’d blame it all on sinus stuff, but I’m not having a lot of drainage or anything. It’s not quite a migraine, so that’s a relief. But it’s definitely annoying to have a headache that lasts about 3 days.

Overall, today isn’t too bad. I’ve got the pets here, being weird as usual. Simon apparently has a new thing for sleeping on Hurley’s dog bed. I bought him his own bed, but he only uses it to slide across the floor in, like it’s a sled. (He dives into it and it scoots across the tile.) Hurley is serious about his self-appointed job as security guard. When the kids got off the school bus this afternoon and were walking home past our house, he had to bark at each one of them. I guess he does that everyday. Great; I’ll be known as the woman who has the crazy barking-dog. At least he’s in the house when he barks, so it can’t be that annoying to everyone. Still… shut up, dude! You’re really loud for such a small-ish dog.

I still have 80% of the episodes of Season 2 of Flight of the Conchords to get through. My sister lent the DVDs to me. And I have to admit that it’s just not grabbing me like Season 1 did. I don’t know why. I’m also having trouble understanding the lyrics in the songs this time around. It could be the crappy speakers on my old TV, though. Either way, I feel bad that I’m not eating this up like I did the first season. I’m just wondering if anyone else feels this way about Season 2. Or maybe it’s just me.

I have to get the It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas Special DVD. Now that is a show that I consistently love. That and 30 Rock routinely make me laugh out loud as I watch, and that’s not always a common occurrence when I find things funny. Oh, and I think Parks and Recreation is getting better. Last week’s episode with the mural-designing contest definitely was the best I’ve seen on that show so far. I watched it twice.

Well, back to whatever else I should be doing. The woman from the insurance company is due here any minute with that amazin’ $400 check. Four-hunnerd smackaroos! I be rich! (cue excited banjo music!)


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  1. I’m going to keep nagging you about the MRI until you tell me you’ve gotten it done. And I will resort to bothering your sister if I have to. It’s too important. Preaching complete.

    Yeah, we’re one of the houses with loud barking dogs. There’s a bus stop right in front of our house and Chloe loves to bark at the kids. Nemo mostly just likes to bark at other dogs that get walked in front of our house.

    Glad you’re feeling a bit better and that you now have a stockpile of meds, that can come in handy, trust me. Good luck with the car today, we just went through the same thing with the hubby’s jeep after the old man across the street backed into it in our driveway. The first place we took it to wanted a lot of money, but we found a cheaper place so it wouldn’t be considered “totaled”.

  2. All right, all right… I don’t want to be nagged, so I will get it done really soon. I promise!!

    I was just thinking how fun it would be to see Chloe, Nemo and Hurley together. The three of them would match. And then they would form a coalition of barking that could never be silenced! On second thought… let’s not bring them together. I don’t know that I could deal with a coalition of barking.

    Did your jeep get fixed, then? That blows about the old man backing into it. Did he have insurance… or were you guys stuck paying for it? You might have already written about this someplace so I’m sorry if it’s a repeat question.

  3. There are a few shelties that go to the dog park and they are awfully adorable. There was actually one there on sunday and the owner said he doesn’t normally like other dogs, but he was letting Nemo check him out. He could tell Nemo has a little sheltie in ’em I suppose.

    R’s car got moshed on his birthday, Labor Day weekend. Neighbor didn’t want to report it because he’s old and he’s afraid they’ll take his license away, but there was only so much he was going to pay under the table. It took 3 places, but when we took it where he likes to take his car, they gave us a great deal and yes the jeep is fixed and looks fine.

  4. So glad the insurance is paying for your rental and being good about all the payments and everything. I hope the repairs go as smoothly.

    I thought the same thing when I got my drugs from my tumble. I may not use these all now but I may need them later. It’s a good thing to have on hand for those times I can’t move because my head feels like it is going to explode.

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