NO-vember begins


I’ve been saying it for awhile now: once November 1 hits, I will be in a good place financially again. A normal place… no more double bills because I’m paying for two houses. No more crazy expenses like car repairs, etc. Nope, November would be the first month of my new budget. Things were going to be so much better in November.

Not so fast, ya dumb broad.

How silly to assume that everything would be OK! Of course something new would have to happen that would suck up all of my money. I’m not out of the bad-luck woods yet, apparently.

Yesterday my toilets wouldn’t flush. Both of them.  I tried plunging, and it didn’t do a thing. Then I went outside and saw a gross mess of toilet paper and water coming out of a black pipe just outside my front door. Yuck. Time to call someone to help with this.

My sister referred me to the plumbing company that she uses at her property, and they were able to get out there about two hours later. The guy was very professional and polite about everything, and assured me that it shouldn’t take too long to snake out the pipes and clear the blockage “as long as we don’t run into any bigger problems” and he would knock on my door when he was done. Cool. It was going to run me about $100. I was not happy about this, of course, but the alternative– not having any working toilets and sewage backing up on my front yard– was much, much worse.

Two and a half hours later, the guy had run the snake through FOUR times, going out 120 feet in both directions. And yet, the problem was still there. Now, in fact, if I flushed a toilet, water would come up out of the shower drains. He’d gotten some junk out of the line that ran from my house to the pipe in the front yard (something that appeared to be either a plastic bag or a diaper; a piece of rag-material that seemed like a t-shirt; and a large disgusting clump of wiry brown hair that he thought “might be dog hair, or rodent hair”…BLERP…), but the problem was still happening in the section of pipe running from the pipe out front to the street. Somewhere under my front yard, there was a clogged or damaged pipe. He couldn’t resolve it and said I’d need to have them come back out today with a camera that could go down and check out the pipes, and then do “hydrojetting”, which means they would shoot several thousand PSIs of water through the pipes to really flush out whatever could be in there. He suspected, though, that roots from the tree out front might have broken through the pipes.

My tree, my lovely eucalyptus tree. I panicked and thought I could end up losing the tree. However, he said that removing the part of the root that was affecting the pipes would probably not hurt the tree. So that’s good. It would mean, though, that they’d have to dig up my yard and replace any pipe that was beyond repair. When all is said and done, if it does come to this worst-case scenario with the roots and stuff, it could run me just under $1,000 total.

Today will cost another $300 (maybe less), on top of the $178 I already paid for last night’s work. I just pray that it’s some really stupid blockage, like someone flushed a sneaker or something, and it will be over with. I don’t want to do the root-thing. (Who would?!) So just cross your fingers for me that it will turn out to be an easy fix and I’ll be finished with this mess by today. Eeek.

In the meantime, I can’t really flush my toilets or take showers longer than “about two or three minutes” because the water will just back up and come out of the pipe in the front of the house. I can use the toilets, but he said to keep flushing “to a minimum.” Oh, man… I hate this! I feel so gross without plumbing that works properly. I didn’t take a shower this morning because I just didn’t think I could do it in two minutes or less. I plan to just take one after they fix the problem this afternoon. Otherwise, I’ll be trucking it over to my sister’s place if I have to, until the problem is fixed.

Not cool, House. Not cool, LIFE. I’ve had it with things going all weird and having bad luck. Thank God we just tweaked my medication, and I do think it has kicked in because last week was a lot better than it’s been in a long time… because if I was hearing this news about the plumbing on my old brain chemistry, I might have just snapped or something. I don’t know. All I know is, right now I feel like laughing, in a way. Because COME ON. This is just retarded. I don’t want to tempt fate by saying “what’s next?” but seriously… why does it feel like I’m just going to be one step away from the next silly crisis, for the rest of my life? This past year has been so incredibly sucky. Maybe January 1 will come and 2010 will bring nothing but normalcy and maybe even good luck.

I won’t count on it, but I’ll hope for it.

I better go and see what my bank account looks like on this fine morning. SIGH.


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