Color scheming my next move


The other night, my sister helped me pick out the colors I’m going to paint the kitchen, hallway and hall bathroom. I’m so happy and relieved to have made decisions, finally, on paint. This has taken me MONTHS to decide. I like almost every color, for the most part. I have such a hard time not wanting to paint my house like a bag of Skittles. A red room here, a green room here, a yellow one and a purple one… I’d do it, too, if I didn’t have people to help me come back down to reality. Not to mention the pile of decorating  and home improvement magazines that I’ve collected this year, which all say the same thing: don’t go overboard with your color palette. You still have to live there, everyday. If looking around your own home gives you a headache, then you know you’ve gone too far. I don’t want to go too far.

So, this weekend I’m going to buy the first batch of paint! I’m pretty excited about it. I’ll be doing the bathroom in a pale aqua/blue color (pretty much a lighter hue of that Tiffany blue). The main color on the walls in the kitchen is a taupe-type color called “oyster.” Then, I will accent with the next shade lighter on the same paint card, along with a very, very pale blue. I hope to actually do the blue accents with tile, accessories and stuff like that.

I got the idea for that color scheme when we were out at the mall the other night. We went to a store we like called Downeast Basics, and their walls were painted in such pretty colors! Most of the store was a lime green color, with the taupe as the accent. They painted black birds and tree branches on the green walls, and that looked great. But in the dressing rooms, the walls were taupe with big, random polka dots here and there that were painted in a very pale blue. Those colors just looked fantastic together! Very relaxing to look at, and yet somewhat sophisticated. I took a photo with my phone but I didn’t need to… when we got back to my house, we realized I already had paint chips that had those colors! (I’ve collected a LOT of paint chip cards. A LOT.)

So, with her help, we got it narrowed down to the right shades, and I made my decision to go for it. All I have to do now is, yeah… buy the damn paint! (And of course, prep, paint and cleanup.)

A co-worker gave me three cans of dark red/plum paint that she and her husband were going to toss. It’s pretty! And I think it will make a cool accent color at the very least… or, I might even paint my office that color if I like it enough. We’ll see!

So, as long as I don’t get all lazy or too busy writing my work article that I didn’t finish this week… I will be painting this weekend. Progress, my friends, marches on.

In other news, I am giving the stupid lawnmower back to the landlord. I tried to load it into my car last night and bring it over myself so I didn’t have to inconvenience my brother in law (and his truck), but… lawnmowers are really, really heavy, dude. I managed to lift it up and into the back (seats all down), but I had it in backwards and it wouldn’t fit that way. I tried to turn it around and only succeeded in spilling gasoline on my shirt and the back of my car, and nearly straining my back. Rather than push it, I gave up. I’ll hopefully get BIL to help me with it tonight so we can get it to the old house, leave it and be done with it already.

I also did some very, very close reading of the Arizona Landlord and Tenant Act and realized that, technically, I wouldn’t have a chance of winning against him in court. That’s because I didn’t send him WRITTEN requests for him to fix things that needed fixing… 95% of the time, I had called him and left voice mails or even just talked to him about them. I can track down the dates I called him based on what I cross-referenced in my email and this blog, but it’s still not the same as what the law says I actually needed to have done.

I really might have to pay him. HOWEVER… I won’t pay him the full amount. I just won’t. I’m thinking he’ll get $100 from me, along with as detailed a list as I can provide of all the things, dates, and outcomes of all those times I asked him to fix something and he didn’t. While it’s not something that would hold up in court, at least the thing is, he KNOWS what I’m talking about if he sees this list. He can check his own phone records to back up what I’d be telling him. While there’s a small chance he could still want to take me to small claims court over this, I don’t think he would go through with it. Not when he knows, in his conscience, that yes, there were times he didn’t follow through. Plus, for all I know, he hasn’t read the whole ALTA document like I have and might think that my list of dates *would* support me in court.

Either way, I feel better about the whole thing now that I know what I’m going to do, and knowing that I really sought out the answer regarding what I legally have the rights to do. It’s almost behind me forever. The end is right there, in sight. Whew.

I also wish I was settled in and everything was normal, because I would love to offer my assistance as a foster home for an animal rescue here that is closing its doors due to foreclosure. They have 70 animals to place before November 4, and the ones that don’t find a place to go will be euthanized– they just don’t have any other options. It’s so sad, and there was a story in the paper about it today. I really hope that with the publicity, they’ll get all those pets homes. If not, I do wish I had the means and ideal situation to take one or two in. I’d continue to find them homes, not keep them. I really do NOT WANT ANOTHER PET of my own. I do, however, want to keep helping animals. If I can do it, that is. Sigh… I don’t have money to donate, so I can’t do that… I hate feeling like I can’t help out. I’m really counting on the other people in the community stepping up to plate on this one, you know what I mean? I have my fingers crossed that the high-profile article does the trick.

Also, I should mention the rescue houses a LOT of pit bulls of various breeds (American Staffordshire, American Bull Dog, Boxer Pits, etc, etc…) and that’s a dog I’d love to take in. I firmly believe in letting people see the sweet, often gentle natures of these dogs so that their reputation as being vicious fighters can begin to turn around enough so people won’t walk right past their cages at the pound. I’d love to have one to bring around to events and walk down the street, socialize with him or her, just getting a good dog out there in the spotlight. It would be really cool. (Not to mention the fact that I think their big, broad heads and crazy-wagging-tails are adorable! The pits I’ve known have been such sweet little babies.)

Alas, I sincerely doubt I’ll actually do anything in this situation. Not now, anyway. Besides, I’m still not sure about the fostering thing now that I have Simon. I feel like it would be courting trouble to keep bringing new dogs into the house, because it’s not going to be a lot of dogs that understand just how to play with him. And I will NOT put his life in danger, under any circumstances. I’d figure out other ways to help out if it seemed like this would be a real issue. Hurley and Simon will always come first, ALWAYS.

That goes for any future men I might date, as well. If they don’t like my boys, they can’t date me. Simple as that. 🙂

Well, time to wrap this up and get some more stuff accomplished here. I’m the kind of blogger, I realize, that takes all day to write a post. A little here, a little there. And then later on when I read it back, I can even tell where the ‘breaks’ were because I see the subtle changes in the way I am telling a story or talking about something. It’s funny; at least to me, anyway.

Oh! And can I just say for the record that I really need to get back to the movies sometime soon– I need to see Inglorious Basterds, 9, Zombieland, Paranormal Activity, Where the Wild Things Are, and Whip It. Not having money has seriously cut into my movie-going experience. Can’t have that!


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  1. The first paragraph cracks me up! I think I’d probably do/think the same thing!

    As for rescuing, why not go ahead and contact the place, but let them know it would be a few weeks before you get your house in order. That way, if somebody else is willing to put up a rescue temporarily, they would at least know there would be a place for it to go. ?

  2. I think rescuing is a great idea! You can help animals find homes and have a revolving door of adorable pets to play with for a time. 🙂

    I would stress upon the bloack mold issue with your landlord. That is a HUGE deal since it is toxic and not suitable to live with. Hopefully he would realize you could sue him for unhabitable living conditions and drop the rest of the money you owe. And did you let him know all the repairs you did on his precious lawnmower? He better compensate you and apprecitae that!

  3. Asshole landlord guy is asshole. I definitely think you should slam him with all those dates and details; I doubt he’s read up on all the pertinent legal information. Probably just counting on scaring you into agreeing to do what he wants.

    I can’t wait to see what paint colors you pick. I actually have pictures saved of colors I want in my home … someday. I don’t know if I’d be able to resist the urge to go nuts at the paint store, especially if I were the only one who had to live with it.

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