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A regrettable thing happened over the past year or so: I got really, REALLY sick of everything related to Twilight. The movie just ruined it. I liked the movie, even for its cheesiness. I’ll admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the way it captured the feel of the book, and although I’m not impressed by Robert Pattison the actor, I liked his Edward interpretation. It was good.

What was NOT good was the merchandising overkill, the way the media pumped up the screaming-teen factor, the fact that RPatz (just.stop.with.this.) was on every single cover of every tabloid magazine I’d stare at in checkout lines, and the ridiculous overhype about New Moon. (Posting pictures of a pre-FX-glittery Edward standing shirtless on set was laughable to me… were people that desperate to see this stuff?! Just wait for the movie, ya monkeys!)

Anyway, as a result I haven’t really clicked on or read much about New Moon. I did see the trailer with Jacob. It looked pretty good even though the werewolf effect seemed kind of “off” somehow, but whatever– I will still see the movie, of course. Especially since New Moon is my favorite of the four books, since it’s the most angsty and features lots of Bella/Jacob stuff. I always liked those two together a whole lot more, anyway. New Moon is the only book of the four that I’ve re-read. (Well, I re-read parts of it… and I did it because my BIL was auditioning for Paul and Quinn… but it’s still the only one I picked up again.)

This morning I finally found myself watching this video from Death Cab for Cutie, and it’s like my jaded-clouds parted a little. I got into this. Probably because this song is, in my book, SO MUCH BETTER than the songs Paramore did on the last movie. I can only hope that RPatz keeps his singing ‘talents’ to himself on this new soundtrack, because SHEESH. I thought Eddie Vedder was incomprehensible. And then I heard RPatz sing. Holy cow.

I like this song a lot; it’s stuck in my head. And check out the cool old house in the video, and the way it just fits the tone of the song.

For me, it also does what the trailers up until now could not– it makes the movie look intriguing. WELL. Except for that insanely-corny effect of Edward’s face against the pinkish sky right before Bella takes off on the motorcycle… that was the only thing that took me out of it. I get it, I know why the movie does it, of course, but it doesn’t change the fact that SOME THINGS DON’T TRANSLATE ALL THAT WELL TO FILM. That bit really would only work in a book, and we all know it.

Is anyone else really beginning to wonder how the hell they plan to show Renesmee in the Breaking Dawn movie? Or the whole gross birth scene? I don’t know… I’m not hopeful, because frankly, that stuff didn’t even work in the book. (I won’t get into a whole long rant about all the things that disappointed me about the way the series wrapped up with that book, because it’s just that: too ranty, too long.)

Anyway, back to my main point of this post. It’s to talk about songs that are stuck in my head lately. The second song in my head these days is yet another Death Cab for Cutie song. It’s a much older one, though– it’s called I Will Follow You Into the Dark. I found it last year when I watched this strange-yet-good movie called The Invisible, and as soon as the movie was over I had to go download the song. I’ve been listening to it all year, really; but in the past couple of weeks I got back into it again because it’s a very autumn-sounding song to me. I hum this tune all the time.

Next, a girl I went to high school with has been a recording artist for awhile now– I just found out a couple weeks ago thanks to Facebook. Her name is Beth Arentsen and she was definitely a talented girl back in the day. She got the lead in the school play as a freshman, and everyone was totally jazzed about her voice. In choir, she got all kinds of solos, and even though I (and probably more than a few other choir members) were kind of jealous of her talent, we also had to admit that yes, the girl could sing, and she deserved those solos.

I haven’t had the money to buy her whole album yet or anything, but I want to based on the strength of the songs I have listened to so far. She’s good. I’m happy for her, and this time I don’t feel a shred of jealousy about it, either! I have one song of hers, called Sap on Wood, and this is the third song stuck in my head right now. Nice video, Beth! Local girl makes good! 🙂

Finally, I have a very, VERY guilty pleasure song to round out the current earworms. This one happened because I was trying to find video from the MTV Music Awards since I missed seeing all the hoopla when it aired, and I heard a bit of Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi song. I liked it. Yeah, yeah, I know. But I didn’t really like it until I saw the silly-creative video she did for it. I’d never seen any of her videos before, and after I saw this I clicked around to watch some more, but none of them were this interesting. I liked the weird story of it, the chances she takes as a performer. I can respect that. Plus, in my mind, this is her only really catchy song. And I’m sure that all you True Blood Eric fans already know that he’s in this video:

And so, that’s some music to put in your music…pipe… and smoke it…? I don’t know what I am trying to say. Just enjoy them if they’re your thing too, I guess!


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  1. Oh, that Lady Gaga, such a kook, so happy to make NSFW, totally in-character videos. I must confess that I also share in your secret shame as I can’t stop listening to her album. She’s just so darn catchy!

  2. I’m actually relieved that you “like” Lady Gaga, too. I don’t have the album, but I confess that in the past week or so, I’ve thought about it. I have a feeling the songs that aren’t on the radio all the damn time might be decent. Am I right?

    I think we should have a tribute band to her, and we can call it Our Secret Shame. We can act like big asshole performance artists, all pretentious and emotional. We don’t have to imitate her; in fact, we shouldn’t. If we’re gonna do it right, we tap into our own inner kooks and throw it all out there. That’s the way you do a tribute to LG.

    I won’t wear leotards. Maybe I am just trying to get out of having to wear leotards in our LG tribute band. It’s possible. Whatever. I’m so over it.

  3. Oh, the Lady Gaga album is a good time, especially the non-singles Starstruck, I Like It Rough, Money Honey and Boys, Boys, Boys (that last one I believe has a shoutout to that I Love LA song off of the Naked Gun soundtrack!). I downloaded them because I’m cheap, so if you want to get an idea of if you’ll like them, I’d say to try It’s a music aggregator so it will give you links to the music blogs that have tracks available.

    So, as for our band, if leotards are not involved, I still want to get in on the lamé leggings and Mickey Mouse shades. The Kabuki makeup looks like it would be fun too, but again, we don’t want to go for a faithful impersonation–it’s all about spirit, as you said.

  4. I am a closet Lady Gaga “fan” too. I don’t have her CD but did get a few of her songs, they are just so catchy (except the Disco Stick one, still don’t like that one) But I didn’t know Eric was in this video THANK YOU!!!

    I too am sick of all the Twilight overload. So much so I have not wtached anything about it lately since the new trailer came out. It is all just too much. And I don’t believe Breaking Dawn has been commissioned for a movie yet so maybe they won’t do it. I have been wondering how they are going to do it too, but they can do amazing things with Special effects these days.

    Oh The Invisible was a great movie, I really enjoyed it! 🙂

  5. Okay I just watched the video and I am a little disturbed since I have heard about the rumors Lady Gaga is a transvestite etc… wonder how Alex liked doing that scene…

    And now the wheelchair and all the blood at the VMA performance makes sense.

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