Work in Progress!!


Here are some current “after” photos, and the “before” photos so you can see the progress that’s happening at the house. (Thanks for suggesting it, Vegas Princess!) It was the end of the night over here for me, and uploading some pics definitely seemed fun since I’ve been transcribing yet another interview all night. That article from Thursday and Friday? I already have to rewrite it since my boss didn’t like it. Yeah. Anyway, yes… house distraction? GOOD IDEA!

So here you go. First, here is the old kitchen–followed by the way the kitchen looks right now:


And NOW (please pardon the horrible blurriness):



We still need to get the sink and faucets installed, and they need to move the electric over so the stove can be slid into place. I also have to take that stupid door off that leads to the laundry room. And do the lighting retrofitting. But this gives you an idea of the new layout, the counters, cabinets and appliances… yay!

The view to the living room area–which you already saw, but here it is anyway:


and NOW:



The French doors:


New doors:


The bathroom… I didn’t get one that showed the tile on the floor before, really, but I’ll post my “before” photo anyway because, well, why not?

Before (the same tile as that in the whole kitchen area and down the hallway was in here):


And now (still awaiting a sink, of course…but the toilet, vanity and tile is all new!):


(The color on the tile looks so much darker and richer in real life–it seems washed-out because of my awful camera. But this floor tile is my favorite thing so far. I love it! It’s also in the master bathroom, too.)

And here’s how the guest room (on the left) and my office (right) look from the hallway right now. New flooring!! There’s plastic down to protect the new carpet, which is a kind of dark coffee color with gray in it; and the laminate is the same cherry stuff that’s in the living room. I love this, too. The room seems so much brighter and bigger with this laminate in there!


So, there you have it. Obviously there’s still SO MUCH to be done. But it’s coming along!

And the big news is: I will be moving in this coming Saturday, October 3!!! FINALLY!!!

I’ll do the cosmetic stuff and decorate once I’m in there. It’ll be so much easier. I seriously can’t wait!

Thanks for looking at my house. πŸ™‚


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  1. WOW! Just WOW!!! It looks AMAZING!! Thank you for posting the pics because I have been dying to see what it looked like. I am a bit of a remodling freak and love the before and after pics so you just made my day!

    You are going to love living there. I can already tell from the excitement just in the description of the pictures. πŸ™‚

    Next up: pictures of it all done, then all done with your furniture and of course the backyard!

  2. Thank you so much! I’m all but obsessed with the house… you should see the stack of design magazines I’ve bought over the past several months, and even books. I’m glad that a lot of what I envisioned with the new kitchen layout and the flooring turned out to work so well. It’s really encouraging. I love walking into the house already, just because everything is so much more open and airy…!

    I will definitely keep photographic track of the progress, because I really need to have that whole before/after flipbook when I’m done. πŸ™‚ All this stress and hard work WILL definitely be for something!

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