Yesterday, I was over at my new house. It’s coming along really well. I love the new windows and French doors in the kitchen, and the kitchen itself is looking good now that the countertops are in. I kind of regret the pattern I picked out for the laminate now, because it sort of doesn’t go with the floor that I have right now. (The beige tile laid in a brick pattern.) The countertops are primarily gray, black and white; it’s supposed to have a look like granite. I picked it when I was thinking that I’d be replacing the kitchen tile along with the other flooring… I’ve been daydreaming of dark gray or black slate or travertine… but soon afterwards I realized it was too expensive to do that.  Either way, now I have a slightly mismatched kitchen and I haven’t even decided on a color to paint the walls yet. I was going to do yellow, but me and my sister both think that yellow isn’t going to really go with the countertop/ floor combination anymore. I’m leaning now towards a pale blue/turquoise color with bright orange accents. And I still harbor the lime green dream… I’d love to paint all the walls in there that color, but worry it would be overkill and give me and any visitors a headache!

But the good news is, the countertops are growing on me after being there yesterday for awhile. I might never love them, but it could be so much worse.

Anyway, yesterday I spent some time there cleaning up a couple of things and pulling/spraying weeds. It’s great because the previous owners put landscaping plastic down under the gravel, so weeds aren’t a huge problem for the majority of the front yard. Just along the edges of the property. Still, even though I don’t live there YET, I want the place to look great. So I pulled them. It was easy work, not like the weeds and stuff at the house I’m renting. The weeds at MY house have shallow roots that just come right up with a gentle tug. I’m happy to report that this morning, I don’t feel sore at all.

I’m also happy to report that I met the neighbors on the north side of my house. They are an older couple who bought the house about a year ago after living in Colorado. Their names are Richard and Arliss. They were very talkative, friendly and down-to-earth. Their grandson lives with them, and for a teenager, he was very nice and polite and also willing to talk. I ended up standing there chatting with them for about 40 minutes. Arliss, the wife, was especially chatty. She stayed behind after the two men went back inside the house (it was pretty hot out yesterday–lucky us, we are having a last-minute heat wave before the fall weather kicks in) leaning on her cane and just telling me all kinds of stuff. I liked her a lot, and think that my Mom is going to get along great with the both of them. The only thing that was a red flag was her strong dislike for Obama, but I find that a lot of people are reacting that way lately. I just declined from arguing or anything, just nodded my head and smiled as she talked about him being a Marxist and how she was taught in school as a kid to hate Communism and all of that… lol. I think we’re a long way from Communism! I love how universal health care is equated with Communism in the minds of so many people. Besides, and I know I’m going out on a limb here when I say this, but the basic tennents of Communism aren’t really all that bad. Problems arise in the execution. Clearly, society as a whole isn’t ready for what Communism could be if it were done correctly and with the right leadership. I doubt it would ever work, and that’s fine, too. As long as people are being treated fairly and no one is denied a basic service, I’m happy.

Look at me– the Commie lover!! Ha! 🙂

Anyway, this morning I’m up early because I can’t sleep anymore thanks to the stupid headcold/ sinus infection I’ve got at the moment, and I heard a clatter of bottles outside a little while ago. I looked out the window and it was the other Richard, my current neighbor. You know, the one who was creepy-flirty with me and ended up posting anti-gay rhetoric on his Facebook page… the guy I go out of my way to avoid seeing every day? Well, he was throwing away a massive amount of beer bottles. He had them in a laundry basket and was dumping them into his recycling bin.

It reminded me of something I wanted to put as my FB status update on Thursday night. That night, as I went outside before bed to throw out the latest catbox bounty, I saw him sitting on his front porch with an open beer. He was talking into a cell phone, all sloppy drunk. I think he was talking to a woman, because he said something like, “It’s cool, baby, just come over. I want you to come over tonight,” in a slurry, drunk voice. It made me kind of choke back an audible laugh because DAMN, BRO. You realize that whoever she is, she isn’t going to respond to your drunk dialing booty-call efforts, and you ARE sitting on your front porch at 9pm at night, where anyone walking by can see and hear your patheticness, right?! Do that shit inside your house. Have some dignity, for Christ’s sake.

He’s a total alcoholic. I remember him telling me awhile ago that he had had some “trouble” in the past. He’d gotten a DUI and totalled his car, and was divorced. But he was “so over that now” because he goes to church a lot and he gets sooo much out of being there… At the time, I remember smirking as he talked because he was definitely trying to give me The Sell, by putting his demons right out there up front but HEY! He is a church-going fan of Jesus! Surely that makes him a great guy! Wow!

Nope. Sorry, dude. Game over before I even thought about putting the quarters in to play.

When you’re an alcoholic bigot with obvious issues with women (which later became super-obvious when he would post FB updates about things like ‘women are nothing but trouble’ and ‘why does she do this dumb crap all the time’, etc.), I’m not going to give you the time of day. In fact, stay far away because I could end up sniping back at you with my own opinions and making you feel like the sorry lump of shit that you don’t even realize you are.

My point to this whole post is this: my current, drunk neighbor is named Richard. And my new neighbor– friendly, retired guy who told me he was the one watering my big eucalyptus tree out front because he “couldn’t let a beautiful tree like that suffer”– is also a Richard.

Somehow, I’m pretty certain I’m going to be a LOT happier living in my new house, with a new Richard nearby. Hmm.

Now I just need to meet the people on the other side of me. Hopefully they aren’t drunk bigots! Or dog haters. I’m always scared I’ll live next to a psycho who will throw things at my dog. Not that I ever have. It’s just an irrational fear of mine, in the back of my brain.

Kind of like my fears of being shot as I am out walking, or that I will fart in public.


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  1. Whatever you do, DON’T watch “Lakeview Terrace.” That movie made me want to crawl back to my parents house where I know all the neighbors and no one is out to get me. 🙂

    So can we get some pictures of the new house goings-ons? Or do we have to wait until everything is done?

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