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We’re back in Arizona. This is good, because I really missed Hurley and Simon. And I was so anxious to check the status on the house renovations. It’s not so good because I miss my friends and Dad so damn much right now it almost hurts. I had a great time spending some quality time with Kristen, especially, and bonding to her son. I’m totally smitten with that little dude. He’s so happy, sweet and all-around NICE for a baby. I can just tell he’s going to have an incredibly friendly and kind personality. I’m not sure why I know that so definitively, but I just have a strong feeling about it. He hardly cried, and spent most of his time smiling and making baby-chatter. I can’t get over the fact that he is her child. The first baby that I feel a strong connection to. It was wonderful to see him start smiling and laughing when I came into his view; I’m so glad he seemed to like me (as much as a baby can like someone, anyway).

I didn’t get to see so many people while we were there, but to be honest the trip for me really was about seeing Kristen and the baby. I’ll get back out there as soon as I can (maybe this coming summer if I can pull it off), and maybe then there will be more time for hobnobbing and schmoozing. Or maybe not. I like being the antisocial freak sometimes!

But I did have a lot of fun on this trip. We spent a day with our Dad and went to Atlantic City and Smithville. I was afraid of going to AC because of a really stupid so-called premonition I had a long time ago that told me that if I ever went back to AC, I would be killed there. YEAH, I KNOW. It seems so dumb. Especially now, now that I have been there and it was a very nice day and had no deep feelings of foreboding while we were there. I bought candy on the Boardwalk and waded in the ocean. It was kinda great! After that, we drove up to Smithville, the historic village. It was funny because it was my Dad’s idea and then once we got there he got all dumb. You know how men get all whiney and complainy when they are in places with lots of little shops? That was my Dad! It was more funny than annoying, though, so he’s lucky for that. Me and T had a fun time going in some of those shops and remembering when we used to go there as kids. I bought myself a cool little bat-shaped suncatcher. It’s black glass, so it isn’t technically going to “catch” a whole lot of sun. But it’s still neat. I’m going to put it in my kitchen window, or my bedroom window.

That night, we met up with my uncle, and had dinner with him and our Mom and Dad. How weird to have dinner with them all like that. It wasn’t bad, though. The only problem with that dinner was the restaurant was so incredibly loud because it was packed with people– there were at least two huge tables of gigantic family/friend groups with kids yelling and running around. We made it through the noise, though, and had a nice time.

The next day was Sunday and I had plans to meet up with S, who was coming down from Albany to see me. He got a hotel room for the night so we could spend some time together… it was in the same hotel we stayed in as high school seniors when we just wanted to be able to sleep next to one another (and make out) for a night. But because I wanted to squeeze out the most of my remaining vacation time, I quickly organized a little gathering to go to “the shore” in a group. We even got a spur-of-the-moment add-on to our party (Lengli!!!) and overall, we had a fantastic time running around the boardwalk, riding a couple of lame rides, playing games in the arcade (T was winning like CRAZY that day!) and some of us ate some fried Oreos. (I didn’t, though.) It went so quick though, and before I knew it we were already driving back ‘home.’ Still, it was a fun way to spend an afternoon… and it was Jayden’s very first trip to the boardwalk!

That night, I went with S to visit his brother and sister-in-law at their house. Their baby is 2 years old and completely wired all the time. Just babbling, doing stuff, running around, being a tornado of activity. He was so cute, though. It was cool spending some time with them, just talking and having some wine.

S and I went back to the hotel, and it was nice. I enjoy spending time with him, talking with him, laughing and kissing. However… I’m going to just say that I think we are more friends than anything else. Things didn’t exactly happen and I am actually really cool with that. I just don’t feel it right now, and just don’t want to deal with even the semblance of a long-distance relationship or anything. He’s a great guy, but he might not be “for me” anymore, realistically speaking. Not sure why, but I get the sense the feeling is mutual, so there are no real worries at this point at all.

On Monday, we drove around past our old houses, memorable locations, and visited the totally-renovated town library that looks nothing like it used to when we lived there. It was pretty cool, and we had a great time. After he left to head back home, I went back to Kristen’s house and hung out with her for a couple of hours. We went food shopping. You’d think something mundane like that would be a crappy way to finish off a vacation, but I liked it. We had fun and I loved, loved, LOVED being able to help her with the baby. I wish I could be there all the time for the mundane, everyday stuff like that. When it was time for me to leave and head back out to my Dad’s house for our final night in NJ, I was sobbing like a lunatic. We cried for a long time and had a hard time saying goodbye. It’s so much harder now that she has Jayden. They’re a family, and they are really my family, too… I love all of them so much. The whole ride back to Dad’s all I could think about was moving back to NJ. I can’t do it for awhile because I just bought the house and everything, but we’ll just have to see. It might be in the cards, or it might not. I don’t know! In the meantime, I promised Kristen and her entire family that I would write a spec script for 30 Rock and give it a shot at getting a job at the production company. If I did land something like that, I’d simply have to move back. There’s no way I could ever pass that kind of thing up. I’d just rent out my house or something!

MY HOUSE. Right. I was so nervous that work wasn’t getting done over there because of some of the weird phone calls I fielded while I was away. But luckily, some stuff did happen. They installed the new windows and flooring. And they look fantastic! The tile in the bathrooms is my favorite, I think. What a difference it makes. Today, I stopped in because the appliances were being delivered and the contractor was there installing the new French doors to the patio. They’re going to look great. It’s coming together, and they still need to do the countertops and put the sinks in, and do the final plumbing and electrical work. The foreman told me that this should all be completed by this Sunday.

That means that I likely can move in the following weekend! October 3 is my target date. I am checking on a couple things with the contracting company to be sure, but if all goes well, today or tomorrow I will schedule the ACTUAL MOVE. Reserve the moving company. Finally!

I would have liked to get it all done before I moved in– the painting and finishing touches in the baths and bedrooms– but it’s OK. I just want to get in there and everything. Now that the flooring is in, I feel OK moving furniture into the house. Now that all the appliances are present and accounted for, all we need is that final electrical and plumbing work to happen and it’s livable. YAY!

Well, this blog took me ALL DAY to write. I’m sick of seeing it on my screen everytime I sit at my computer in between doing things, so I’m ending it here. As soon as I get to it I’ll have some pics from my trip… including the 30 Rock ones, of course! But now I am going to take a quick nap with the pets (awwww!) before I get busy with real-life work stuff that is driving me absolutely insane. I can’t rest until it’s done. Son of a bitchin’ work, ruining my life! I hate it and want to kill it.

But first: I finish off the recovery from this jet lag. Where’s the sleepmask and ear plugs?


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  1. Welcome back!

    I was going to say “welcome home” but… that just didn’t seem right, given what you’ve been experiencing.

  2. Sounds like a great trip! Going back to your roots is always tought. I had the same issues when I went to MA for a visit. Couldn’t see everyone and then didn’t want to leave and now I want to move back. And we are stuck in Vegas. Which makes me depressed.

    I am glad your house is coming along well. I am so excited to see everything when you move in!

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