Rolf the Dog


Rolf is my favorite Muppet. I was just thinking about him, because I have the song, “I Hope That Somethin’ Better Comes Along” in my head. Remember that one, from the Muppet Movie? Well, you’d better. If not, we cannot be friends anymore.

That was a random way to start a blog. Rolf is so overlooked, though. Everyone always thinks of Miss Piggy, Animal, Kermit (especially Lady Gaga, that whore). But where’s the love for Rolf? I wanted to give him some respect. 

Tomorrow’s the day we leave for NJ. Holy crap. I’m not even close to being ready to get on a plane that early in the morning. (We need to be at the airport by 5am.) I got so sick this past weekend with what was probably some sort of salmonella poisoning, based on the symptoms I had. Because I was projectile vomiting–no kidding– I missed some prime time to be packing both the house and my suitcase. I lost about two whole days. It sucked so much. I don’t remember ever throwing up that violently before, in my entire life. I’ve gotten sick but it’s usually a one-time-puke thing and I feel better after that. No, this was beyond that, for sure. I also had the Blessed Joy of Diarrhea to deal with, as well as a splitting headache, stiff neck and high fever. I pretty much considered scribbling out a will in eyeliner as I sat slumped against the bathroom wall, staring at the roll of toilet paper in front of me. Luckily, a few dozen spoonfuls of some anti-nausea medicine for babies, a little Gatorade (both courtesy of my sister) and some dry Rice Chex later… I was keeping things down again and on my way to relative normalcy.

But playing catch-up today has been a nightmare. My to-do list is just so long and it keeps getting longer. I will be staying late at work tonight to get more of it done before I leave, and taking the Neo word processor with me on the trip so I can write an article on the plane. (Might as well make the most of all those hours.)

On my lunch hour, I drove Simon over to RaeAnn’s house, since she’s watching him while we are away. (My other co-worker, Karin, is watching Hurley. On Saturday morning, I brought him over to her house so he could mix with her two Brittany spaniels to make sure everyone got along…which they did, of course! He’s going to have two playmates, a pool to try out if he wants to…he’s going to have a blast, I know it.) I made a weird decision to try to keep him out of the carrier for the ride over there. He got so upset the last time he was in the carrier. Well, it turns out, it wasn’t bad. He wouldn’t shut up, basically, but he mostly stayed out of my way. He walked around the seats and stood up on the doors, looking out the windows and meowing at trucks and cars that went by on the freeway (YUP… I did this on a freeway… maybe not the brightest move, considering what could have gone awry if he’d panicked and jumped on my head or something) and basically seemed interested in what was going on. His tail wasn’t fat, and he didn’t get even close to having an accident or getting carsick. Thank goodness! My gamble paid off. We survived the 40 minute car ride. Now, he is happily settling in over at RaeAnn’s place, where he’s sure to be totally spoiled and coddled for the next several days. Thank God I have friends who are willing and able to watch my little beasties for this amount of time! I feel better knowing they won’t be in an empty house all day and night.

You know what sucks? We have a three-hour layover in Baltimore before we can go on to La Guardia. How stupid. I wonder if I should have rented a car in Baltimore and just drove it up to NJ…maybe it would be a better use of our already-short-time that we’re going to be there. Whatever, we’ll be fine. I’m just so excited and grateful to get back there at all, even if I know the time is going to fly by! I can’t wait to feel the cooler air, smell the ocean and the woods (maybe see some early leaves changing color?), eat good Jersey food again (PRODUCE! BREAD! ITALIAN! OMG!) and best of all… see my people again!! Can’t wait to hang out with Kristen, the baby-child, her husband, my Dad, any friends I can squeeze in there, Tina Fey, Kristen’s family, my Dad’s awesome dogs…

Yeah. I hope I didn’t jinx anything by saying it out there like that, but yes: I will be meeting Tina F. for lunch on Thursday. Kristen is taking me up there b/c she (Tina) has yet to meet Kristen’s son in person, even though an upcoming little-boy character on an episode of 30 Rock will be named after him and everything. (Yes, Tina F. is THAT awesome and that close to Kristen’s family!) I’m going to freak the hell out, meeting perhaps one of the biggest writing-idols I’ve ever had. But Kristen keeps assuring me how nice she is, how down to earth and funny she is… AHHHH! We’ll see how dorky I end up sounding, I guess. I actually can’t wait to see the writer’s room. I’m gonna fully geek out about that damn writer’s room. I know it. (That’s where the magic happens. So, of course, I want to go to there.)

So, here goes nothing. I have to do some more work here before I can leave, but if I don’t get to blog before I get back, this will be my last post before I die of Awesomeness Overload on Thursday and don’t recover until I get back on AZ soil and return to my usual life.

I hope I’ll see some of you guys! But if I don’t get to, I will come back again as soon as I can. I still love me some Jersey. Always have, always will. I can’t stay away for very long. 🙂


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  1. I don’t know what’s cooler; the fact that you’re having lunch with Tina Fey or you get to eat bread and NJ foods for 5 days straight. 🙂 Ah, let’s put it equally on the list. Dude, have fun meeting TF. That’s really cool. And I hope you have fun in NJ. 🙂

  2. I love Rolf! He is one of my favorites too.

    Have a wonderful trip and try not to freak out too much over Tina Fey. We don’t want to have to bail you out of jail or anything like that. 🙂

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