OK, OK. Photos for REALS.


The kitchen/laundry room, and my pets. My sweet, sweet pets.


(I still need to use the Goo Gone and get that stupid sticker residue off of the refrigerator. And clean off the grubby handprints from the delivery guys. Bleh.)


(I heart this green, and might use it someplace else in the house, too. It came out really pretty. Of course, the picture doesn’t really do it justice.)


(Simon’s cheek is pressed up against the glass here. He sits like that a LOT. And like usual, Hurley’s chest fur is covered in spit. NICE.)


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  1. I LOVE that washer/dryer style. Is it Kenmore? I am thinking it is. I am JEALOUS. Yes, I am jealous of your washer/dryer….. weird huh? My friend has the same style but it is top/bottom and they are so fancy and nice.

    Is your house a ranch? I ask this because my new pet peeve is houses (and most of them are like this) whose laundry room is one one floor and the bedrooms are on another. It’s not a lazy thing either; I just don’t think people should have to schlep heavy laundry up and down stairs. So if you have a ranch then that makes laundry extra nice along with those new, fancy appliances.

    And your animals are freaking cute. Even when they are covered in spit from their daily WWF Wrestling matches.

  2. Yes, all the appliances are Kenmore. I’m a fan of that brand. The washer & dryer are high efficiency models, meaning they’re expen$$ive and they had better even out the investment by saving me lots of water and electricity, as they’re supposed to. I couldn’t have afforded them if they weren’t in that ding and dent center (there are small scratches on the top of both of them). Thanks for the compliments! (Yes, the house is a ranch. Almost all the houses in AZ are ranches, BTW. Heat rises. You don’t want a hot second floor.)

  3. Oooooooh, is lovely. Even with the handprints or whatever. I like that green too. And the floor. And the washer & dryer. The sweet, sweet washer & dryer.

  4. I covet your washer and dryer as well. We have what was in the house when we bought it and the dryer has seen better days.

    Simon and Hurley are TOO cute, I wish Lou and Nemo would chill out together like that. They are getting better though, they’ll go nose to nose every once in a while now and then just kinda walk away from each other.

  5. Heh, Sheryl has that green (of course I love it) in her house and she is painting over it. dark gray. She hates my favorite color. I mock her.

  6. I now have washer and dryer envy. Those are just so PURDY!! And I love the green! Would be agreat color for a bathroom too.

    That picture of your two buddies is adorable. I love how they love each other.

  7. Thank you! It’s been great to see some color in this house. Outside of the yellow living room, the entire house is white, beige and on the outside, brown. VERY dull. I can’t wait until I can paint the rest of it and decorate; wake the entire place up and make it my home. That little laundry area is the first taste of what’s to come…! Yay! 🙂

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