I have bin infected with teh germs.

I started feeling sick-ish on Friday, and went home early from work. Since then, I’ve felt worse and worse until last night when it all culminated in a violent session of vomiting that lasted up until about noon today. Ye Gods. I don’t know that I am out of the puke woods just yet, but it’s been about two and a half hours and I am finally keeping some water down, so I take it as a good sign. I hate this crap; I hate how achy and sore I feel, and how I keep getting the chills and then getting hot…UGH. So gross. I don’t know that it’s possible to feel any less attractive than when you’re in the throes of throwing up. Thank god I live alone and no one can see this hot mess!

I figured I’d blog because I don’t feel like watching TV or anything, but I can’t stay in bed all day either because it’s driving me nuts. (Even though Simon has been so incredibly sweet and cuddly he is tempting me to just stay there with him.) Here’s some so-called highlights from my weekend, for posterity’s sake.

* Olive went home with her new family on Friday. I was all weepy and crying as I watched the car pull away from the curb with her in the passenger seat. I know she will be OK but it was still difficult to actually say goodbye. My sister and I went out for dinner later on, and I felt a lot better getting out of the house. I’ve felt a little better about it all every day that goes by, but I still really wish the people who took her home would send me a photo or an update. I don’t want to be stalker-y or anything, but I can’t help but be curious. And anxious to hear really great things about her and her new life.

* I hung out with Mom and my sister on Saturday, which was fun. I can’t think about what we ate for lunch right now, for obvious reasons, but at the time it was very good. (Red Robin– none of us had been there before) We went to Costco with Mom for the first time since we got our membership and it was cool getting some stuff even though the crowds in that place were madness-inducing. I wanted to shove more than a couple of morons.

* Hurley is doing well, even though I think he was a little weirded out by the absence of Olive at first. He also kept going to the front window the first couple of hours after she left, like he was looking for the car to pull back up and drop her off again. Simon didn’t seem to notice, at least not that I could tell. Although it was interesting to see that both of them were wary coming into the bathroom while I was showering. That was always HER territory for whatever reason. She had a rule that they couldn’t come in while I was in the shower. Now that she isn’t here, they still seem a little conditioned to stay out of there. When I called to them just to see what would happen, there was some literal over-the-shoulder looking going on. From both of them.

*Simon seems fully recovered from his surgery. He and Hurley are playing and having fun like usual. Also, Simon is just beyond affectionate, which makes me so happy. It’s fun to have a loud purr right next to me as I sleep…type…watch TV…read… Just adorable. He is such a good cat. If he is doing something I don’t like and I yell “No!” he gets it. And usually doesn’t do that same thing again. Mostly, he really DOES seem quite doglike for a cat. He comes when called, and not just into the kitchen to be fed. Nope, he will join me anywhere in the house if I call out for him. He has almost mastered “speak” for a treat. Kristen’s cat is trained to “give paw” so I am going to do that with Simon, too. Why not? I mean, Hurley’s got to do it… it seems natural that his little pal would do the same.Β 

Also, he really likes dog food. He likes his cat food, sure, but I have been using some new dog food for treats the past couple of days (a great way to integrate new food into a pet’s diet little by little, by the way) and he loves it. FYI, it’s Purina Pro Plan shredded blend, chicken.

And today I gave Hurley a rawhide bone again. He hasn’t been able to have one for months and months because of the spats that would occur when he and Olive would bicker about whose bone was whose. He’s so happy with his bone! Just carrying it around from room to room, resting his chin on it, and of course, gnawing on it. Simon is curious about this rawhide and wants to check it out, but Hurley just gets up and moves away so Simon can’t ‘steal’ it. I feel kind of bad for Simon and wondered if anyone knows of something that would be the equivalent of a rawhide chew for a cat. Or could I give him a small rawhide, like a twist/stick or something? I doubt he could really eat much of it, anyway. But I just have this feeling he might like to have something too. (And I also know this is me projecting human traits onto a cat. Yeah. I know.)

So anyway…I guess that’s all I can think of at the moment. Oh, I meet with the interior designer/contractor on Wednesday to begin to figure out how this whole thing will progress. I hope to get a tentative timeline so that I can schedule my move! So far no one has contacted me about paying rent for August and is it terrible of me that I’m just not interested in paying shit to anyone right now? I’m supposed to hear from the listing agent when this house has closed, but so far, I haven’t heard a thing. I know I don’t want to pay anything to that asshole who owns/owned the house anymore. So yeah, I’ll just wait to see if anyone hassles me for money and go from there.

I’ve got some new music to listen to. (Like how I am all over the map with this post?) I’ve been groovin’ on Owl City the past couple of days. I love The Postal Service but since they only did one album (the lead singer, Ben Gibbard, was really focused on his other band, Death Cab for Cutie, so PS never really went anywhere), it’s good to find something with that similar sound. So if you like Postal Service–or hey, even Death Cab– give it a try. Apparently Owl City was a big Myspace phenomenon, but I never go on there and I’m not in high school so I didn’t know that till I read more about the band (really just one guy).

Another great album is Sweetheart. It’s a collection of love-song covers sung by She & Him, Jem, Katy Perry, and a bunch of other people. I think it was a Starbucks compilation. But since I start to smoke if I so much as set foot inside a Starbucks (would burst into flame if I ever drank that shit), I didn’t know that, either. I just noticed it while browsing iTunes and gave it a try. I’m glad I did, because it’s just sweet, happy music and I like that kind of thing right now.


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  1. Ugh. Hope you feel betetr soon. Nothing is worse than the flu. Just an all-around yuck with some puking thrown in for good measure. FUN! Relax and recoup. I would be surprised if all the stress and emotions you have been forced to experience with all the shenanigans going on in your life these last few weeks made you more prime for sickness.

    I am sure if you contact the family they would send you a picture. I am guessing you didn’t get a picture on the day they picked them up. 😦

    Time out during this comment: I just saw a commercial for a Snuggie for your dog. I am a bit stunned by this ridiculous revelation…

    Okay. I shook that off. I love that you are rebonding with Hurley and finding out the true joy of Simon. I think your little mixed family is going to be the best thing for you. And nothing beats the sound of a kitties purr. πŸ™‚

    I am so excited to hear about renovations being done so you can move. Yippie!!

  2. Aw, my cats USED to be good like that. Until they got OLD and SET IN THEIR WAYS and said “Eff you and your rules, lady!”

  3. OH MY GOD! Today I was watching my friend’s store and a lady came in with a 12 week old sheltie to buy food. I have never seen one that small. She was so cute. I thought of you.

    Anyway, feel better. Glad you are at least holding something down. 😦

  4. May I also add that while Starbucks’ coffee is pretty crappy, their compilations are really good. I like the one you are talking about. Another one you could check out is Songs of the Siren which are all women artists of all musical genres. And yes, I said SB coffee is crappy. I know I worked there but it was ’cause I couldn’t get a job elsewhere. I like some drinks that are not coffee related but overall, their coffee is the pits!

  5. Ooh, I’m getting into Owl City too. Mostly it’s just the one song they play on a radio station here. I’m so hip and avant-garde! πŸ™‚ I’ll have to check out the rest of their/his stuff.

    FYI, I called my new little guy Simon the other night. Actually I called him quite a few names before I got it right. “Simon! Oliver! Jack! Dammit, cat, get down from there!”

    Hope you’re feeling a lot better by the time you read this.

  6. We always eat when we get to CostCo first so we dont end up killing the people. Oh, but they push, though.

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