Instead of working, I’m blogging again.


What a relief that it’s finally payday. It’s been an expensive month. I spent more than I would have normally when S was here (I bought most of the gas, and we shared the cost of food, and I picked up the hotel room in Flagstaff, figuring he definitely spent quite a bit more than that just flying out here), and I had to pay for car registration and the emissions test, the super-high summer electric bill, along with Simon’s neuter and shots. Not to mention there was the tiny little event known as the So-You-Think-You-Are-Closing closing. Money is really needed right about now. Definitely.

I definitely need a haircut, so I’m going to make an appointment today. I can’t do anything with my bangs this week but push them back into a headband. They are almost long enough to be grown out, but not quite. They’re at the perfect length to just fall right over my eyes, and just a third of inch or so away from being the length at which I could tuck it behind my ears. Plus, it has been months since I had a good trim.

Hurley could desperately use a trim to the groomers, too. The amount of snarls and matted chunks of hair I find on him every single day is staggering…ever since Simon came around. That’s an unfortunate side effect of this constant wrestling, I guess. It just means Hurley has to sit still while I try to work some of the knots out with my bare hands (he tolerates this much better than the comb or rake in the delicate spots near his ears and underbelly) or, in hopeless cases, snip them out with scissors. While I like this time with him, I know when I need to call in professionals. And it’s looking like we’re just about to that point.

I haven’t heard anything yet today on the house situation. I do know the water was turned on yesterday, and the strange termite inspection did happen. And my agent and the broker paid for Mike, the contractor I met up with on Wednesday, to go back to the house and do minor pipe repairs on the sinks so as to appease the bank. I don’t know why, exactly, they just went ahead and paid for that and didn’t attempt to get me to do it, but that’s DEFINITELY not something I’m gonna whine about! Because as it turns out, I did need to turn the water on in my name. The lender would not do it, and I didn’t want to lose the whole thing by being an “uncooperative buyer” so I sucked it up and paid the $26. The water company assured me I could call and cancel if the deal on the house fell through, so… there ya go.

I’m not feeling all that great right now, so I’m debating leaving work early so I can go home and take something for my head and my belly (it’s lovely to have two icky problems at once) and go to bed again. Besides, it would give me a little more time with Olive. Last night was her last night living with us, and when we took our walk around the neighborhood, I was feeling a little choked up. She still looks so cute walking side by side with Hurley. And she always does this thing where she looks up at me with a big smile on her face as we walk, like she’s saying, “Walking with you is awesome!” and I’m gonna miss that. Hurley doesn’t check in with my face very much on a walk. He responds to my voice, but could care less what my face is doing when he is out on ‘patrol’, which is how I think he sees the walks. He prances along all alert and quick, eyes darting all over the place and nose quivering with the many smells he encounters. If there is anything new or out of place along our route, he has to check it out. And if I deviate from our route, he seems agitated and pulls a little as if he’s trying to keep us at status quo. This behavior of his also amuses me greatly. I love how different their personalities are, and it’s definitely going to be strange not having hers around anymore. I hope Hurley will be OK without her. (He will, I’m sure. He’s got his Simon, and I think sometimes that’s all he needs.)

I’m feeling better about my job today, because a neat article I pulled together this past week is getting excellent reviews so far. Maybe the best I’ve had so far this entire year. I only wrote a third of it–the rest I coordinated with two other authors– but it’s a different format and tone than the usual stuff; and I feel happily justified because there was a little bit of pushback I had to deal with while I was working on it, and yet…they finally let me go with it, and the result just goes to show that if I can be a little more creative and push the editorial tone to a slightly more ‘edgy’ place, it can pay off. All I need is to be able to do this stuff, and I can run with it, make the magazine even better. I don’t feel as bored and complacent as I had been feeling. So I’m glad this happened because I really needed some kind of small spark to get me going again. I used to be in charge of all the editorial content in a few magazines in my career. At the moment, I’m not in charge of anything, so it has been tough to have to push things along at a slower pace and just write what other people tell me to write about. You’d think after more than two years, I’d be used to it. And it does have its merits– I don’t feel as stressed out as I used to at those other jobs and it’s nice to not be the one ultimately responsible if something falls through. Still. I can and want to do much more than the lacksadaisical stuff, and as time goes on, I’ll be less happy all the time if I am only writing the flat, predictable content. I don’t really like working from a year-long editorial calendar when we could be writing about more timely topics as our feature articles. But whatever, it’s my job, and I’ll do what is expected of me. And I can even put a smile on my face while I do it. (If I have to! I look so much better with a scowl.)


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  1. Yay, happy news! Also, I love that you’re calling it “So-You-Think-You-Are-Closing.” You funny, girl.

    Re: the bangs situation: I know it’s too long to tuck behind your ears, but is it long enough for a couple of cute little clips?

  2. Congrats on the article! And I really am amazed at what Olive has lucked into. I hope this new direction her life is going is the best thing and exactly what she needs. I wonder if she was taught to “look at me” on walks, or if it’s just part of her nature? I never really tried that part of training, but more and more people ARE training their dogs to do this, for practical reasons. Leo does it quite often, on his own, actually. If he sees something that he thinks I haven’t observed (and the truth is most of the time I’m in my own little daze), he will nudge my hand with his nose until I look at HIM! But I think you’re right about herding dogs- it’s all about being “on patrol”!

    Re: the bangs. Once upon a time, long, long ago, I read a bit in a magazine about managing the growing out phase by sweeping the bangs to one side and securing them with a decorative bobby pin. If you aren’t the cutesy, decorative type, I know they make clips and bobby pins to match just about every hair color these days… There was also a suggestion to twist your bangs first, then pin them to the side, just to appear more modern. Maybe that would work? Oooh, you could also do the sweep/pin them to the side and then comb your longer hair over them look. The one that’s popular now, but is reminiscent of some hairdos from decades ago.
    Or those “gripper” elastic headbands with the rubber on the underside that all the female athletes are wearing these days…

    Well, feel better, and thank goodness for small favors!

  3. I know it is sad about Olive leaving you but it does sound like this family is going to be the perfect fit for her. 🙂 And hopefully they will keep you up to date on how wonderful she is doing.

    I am glad your job is going better. It is always hard to not feel great about your job. So those days when things just feel GOOD are precious. They remind us why we got these jobs in the first place. Sometimes it is not always just for the paycheck. I like feeling good about my work and the job I am doing.

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