Olive’s Family


At least there is some good news to share today. Last night, the most wonderful family came over to meet Olive and in a nutshell, they are PERFECT.

I’d sent out my flyer about her last week, asking my close friends to pass it on to other dog-minded people. I don’t know how the flyer reached this one woman, Mary, but it did. She said it was going around her office, but I didn’t know the name of the person who’d distributed it. Either way, it clearly went to people who should have seen it, because Mary called me on Monday and we talked for a good 15 minutes.

It was a great conversation from the start. She was just in love with the picture and description of Olive, and said that she was really exactly the type of dog she and her husband were looking for. They have three little children… I think the youngest is maybe about 3 years old, the oldest about 9. The family had once had a puppy and it didn’t work out. It became aggressive as it grew and bit the youngest kid one day, so they had to give that dog up. Ever since, they have wanted an older dog, specifically, that is more on the mellow side…but still sweet and friendly and fine with kids being around.

I was honest and said that young kids never visit my home, so I can’t say for sure how she would be, but given her demeanor with pretty much everyone we meet, I had a feeling she would be just fine.

The clincher for me was when she told me there were no other pets in the home, and there were no plans for any other pets in the future. They really want ONE DOG that they can devote their time and attention to, fully. She was very clear on what they were willing to do, the training they were ready to take on if needed (she asked excellent questions about crating, separation anxiety, food aggression, you name it) and really listened to what I was telling her about Olive. I was definitely impressed, and suddenly the clouds moved away from the sun a little and I felt hope that this could possibly work out. I could actually be setting Olive up for an extremely happy and fulfilling life, and that thought cheered me up considerably.

So the whole family came over last night (right on time, I might add) with their three cute, well-behaved kids in tow. I was personally really excited to see that the oldest child was a girl. I can totally see Olive getting all princessed out. Anyway, they came in and it was just…WOW!

Instant chemistry!

Olive was smiling and just soaking in the attention. She had no problems whatsoever with the excited kids all wanting to pet her, talk to her, even hug her. In fact, she got into it so quickly it was almost strange to witness. It was like she was being reunited with people she’d been missing!

(I’ll note that Hurley was out when they first got there, and he, too, was happily eating up the attention. I ended up putting him in the other room with Simon so that the family and Olive could have some focused time together.)

Seriously, what a NICE family. Talk about the all-American, ideal family for a rescued dog. Holy cow. They were great with her, very polite, very loving. I could tell the kids fell in love with Olive pretty much right away, and then Mary showed signs of being truly smitten herself, and her husband was calling Olive over so he could pet her and try giving her the commands I showed them all. (Olive did a very lovely demonstration of her tricks. The family was clapping when she did what they asked her to. Awww!)

My sister was there, because I wanted her to witness this and also, serve as emotional support if they ended up taking her last night. I planned that I would be a total wreck, with the way I’ve been sort of emotional about this whole thing, all week. But my sister saw what I saw, too: this was an absolutely perfect match. It’s doubtful it could have been any better.

So we all were just talking, laughing, the kids were rolling on the floor with Olive… it was the nicest twenty minutes. I didn’t feel one little ounce of sadness! This was very surprising. Instead, I had such a fantastic feeling of, “this is how it was meant to be!” and being so grateful that the flyer found these people and they found Olive.

Sometimes, the universe is so awesome in how it works out.

They waited for me to give my OK… the kids were all, “Can we have her Mom, Please? Please?” and Mary said, “Well, that’s up to L if she wants to allow us to have her.” Ohhh. I was humbled and touched. And of course, I said, “Absolutely!” (I did do a little of the “now, are you guys gonna take her for walks, and brush her?” routine, with a knowing glance at the parents, who didn’t seem to mind. They were enthusiastically chattering that YES! they would walk her and YES! they would brush her! The daughter even took my sister aside and gushed about how she couldn’t wait to brush her and take care of her.)

Being the responsible, intelligent people they are, they asked if I wouldn’t mind if they came to pick Olive up on Friday. That way, they not only had time to get all the supplies in-house to have a dog again, but they would have the whole weekend to be home with her to acclimate her to the new situation. Another huge score for them! Of course I agreed, and they told the kids to say goodbye to her for now, that they’d be bringing her home on Friday. Those kids, man… they were losing their minds in the cutest ways. Just smiling and hugging their parents and hugging Olive… I’m telling you, it was perfect.

As they left, the youngest boy suddenly hung back by the kitchen. He was refusing to leave! He wanted to stay with Olive. When his Mom began leading him out of the house, gently explaining “you’ll see her again in just a couple of days,” he began to cry. OH MY GOD! How adorable is THAT?! He did not want to leave her. A dog he only just met. I was so touched I almost teared up, myself!

Once they left to load back into the family van, my sister and I squealed and shared our shared relief and happiness in what had just happened. It went even better than I could have hoped, and I couldn’t stop smiling. Olive seemed to miss them when they were gone, because she was suddenly less animated. I just knew we had met her true family.

She is going to that A+ home I’d dreamed about for her. She’s going to be fawned over and that’s exactly what she seems to need. She’s going to a home that definitely understands and appreciates her sweet, gentle nature and will bring it out even more than I ever could. I think that she must have lived with children before in her past life, because of how easygoing she was with kids touching her all over, and the way she was licking their little faces.

On Friday, I will be somewhat melancholy to see her go off with her family, but it’s not going to be a bad thing and I’m not feeling like I will have regrets in any way. I’m so happy for that family, for those kids. They found their dog! And I’m so happy for Olive. SO HAPPY.

I might try to get them to pose for a photo before they leave on Friday, just so I have a picture of them all together, because, AWWW. Cute. I’m going to ask Mary to keep me updated once in awhile, maybe even (cross my fingers) send me pictures of Olive with the kids. That would be so cool.

Like I said earlier, it’s just fantastic when things work out so well. I’m not going to forget this feeling, and the lesson I learned here. The lesson being, don’t always assume you are the only person who could love a certain rescued pet as much as you do. It’s not true. And if you approach the search for the perfect home from the right perspective, if you stay picky and hold out for the right time and right person/family, the reward is incredible. I don’t mind at all that I spent (eek) so much money on Olive. I got her ready for her forever family, just like any breed or mutt rescue would do. It’s money that I could have donated to another group or something, but instead, I put it into one very special dog. It was all for a noble cause and a cause I believe in with ALL my heart. So yeah, I couldn’t be happier about it. What more could I ask for?

Way to go, Olive! And Olive’s family! I know you’re all going to have a happy, fun life and I’m definitely ready to send Olive out of my nest now.


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  1. This is so wonderful! What a perfect match. I don’t think you could have found her a better family from the sound of it. She will fit perfectly and they are responsible and loving and just PERFECT! I hope they let you take the photo so you can have a keepsake because then you can be reminded that you did the absolute best thing for everyone and everyone will be happy! 🙂

  2. I’m so happy for you and Olive, though the recount of events made me want to cry because I know how sad it will be to see her go on Friday. You are truly wonderful for finding her a fur-ever home where she’ll be truly happy.

  3. Thanks! It’s really great; I almost can’t believe it. Maybe it’s recent events with the house and stuff, but part of me is kind of waiting for the phone to ring and they’ll tell me they changed their mind about taking her. It really does NOT seem like that would happen, though, when I think about it. I could sense how strong the sense of YES was in the house last night, and it felt real. And not just from them– from Olive, too. It was the neatest thing. 🙂

  4. That’s a really sweet story. I am glad it worked out for everyone involved. Do you think it would be hard to get pics/updates about Olive? Congratulations on making a family and a dog very happy. Well done!

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