That ain’t granite


Things are continuing to go well now that the new contractor is part of the picture. This morning I went to the design center showroom and worked with an interior designer to select carpet, laminate, tile for the bathroom floors, cabinets and countertops. It was pretty cool. She only showed me options that were in my price range, so I didn’t have a chance to fall in love with something in the outrageous price range. Not that I would have; I seem to have a taste for the more inexpensive stuff, anyway. Not sure why that is. But you know how magazines sometimes have a spread of different purses, or shoes or something, all of different prices? I find that if I were to pick out my favorite item on those kind of photo spreads, it’s usually always one of the cheaper items once I look at the tiny caption print.

So anyway, I picked out a cherry laminate wood floor for the living room and my office; a darker-tan/gray carpet for the other two bedrooms; and a dark gray/black porcelain 18″ tile for the two bathroom floors. The kitchen cabinet decision was a lot harder. I’ve been thinking I want white cabinets so that I can paint the walls whenever I want and change the look of the room without it being a whole lot of expense or work. Plus, the current kitchen area is very dark and claustrophobic, so I thought white would be bright, clean and neat-looking. I found a simple shaker-style cabinet door that I like, and in white, it’s going to be really pretty, I think. I just hope I’m not making a mistake in not getting something in a wood stain. I like the deep cherry color of some cabinets, and I like pale blonde maples. But not much in between. In the end, I went with my original white idea.

I picked out a laminate countertop that looks a lot like granite. But it isn’t expensive granite, hell no! It will trick you from a distance, though. It’s a matte finish so it won’t scratch as easily as a glossy finish… it’s very pretty and I think it will go with whatever color(s) I end up painting on the backsplash and walls. My top choices, in order, are: moss green, sea blue, orange, and dark purple. I don’t know yet what I’ll choose, but with white cabinets and that countertop, any color will look great!

It was fun to pick this out, and begin to really visualize what it’s going to look like. This is really coming together– I almost can’t believe it! What a huge relief and weight off my shoulders.

The showroom is right down the street from my job, so I was able to come back in afterwards and get more work accomplished. I’m glad they are so nearby so I can go there and get help if I need it, etc. With that other contractor my friend recommended, I didn’t even know when I might be able to go pick out materials or where it would be. We never got that far in the process, after all that time. Whereas this has progressed leaps and bounds since Tuesday. In two days, everything just flipped over into the positive and I’m amazed at the difference. Thank God my broker found this company!

Oh man, Fourth of July weekend. Is it bad that I have no desire to do anything special? I don’t really care about going to a BBQ or party at all. I have tomorrow off so it’s an awesome three day weekend, and I think the most I will do is perhaps go to a couple of matinee movies if I can. Maybe take my Mom to see “Up” since we are the only two in the family who haven’t seen it yet. I don’t know. I also have very exciting plans to clean out my closet and pack up more of my office. Woo hoo! I know how to celebrate the birth of our country, alright. Heh.

I weighed two pounds less this morning than I did last week. Two pounds is probably just water weight, so I’m not too excited yet. Besides, all I am doing is reducing the sugar and cutting out snacks. I haven’t begun an exercise regimen yet, and the walks are not cutting it lately with Olive being all slow. But whatever. Seeing any reduction on the scale is a motivator, so I’m glad for it. It’s better than seeing those numbers creep upward, like they had been. Whew. I hope you all are doing really great on your weight loss plans, too! Keep it up, my fine bitches. Keep it up. 🙂


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  1. Ooh, an interior designer, fancy! Seriously, though, I’m so excited for you!!!! It’s all coming together … finally. I could totally see orange walls with the white cabinets … nice and bright.

  2. 2lbs is awesome! even if it IS water weight! It still means you’ll look leaner! I’ve found that excess sugar increases water weight just as much as salt does…

    I’m glad you’re finally having fun with the house! Personally, I loathe white cabinets, though. I’ve had them in almost every place we’ve ever lived/rented, and was quite dismayed that some helpful person trying to boost the resale value of the house we bought went and painted ALL of the cabinets (top AND bottom- and there were A LOT, all the way around the kitchen) white before we bought it. Flat white. I had to wipe them free of fingerprints, splats and spatters as part of my weekly housecleaning- EVERY week. I dread thinking what they probably look like now that Tenant’s Mexcian fiancee and her two sticky-fingered toddlers are living there. *shudder* Give me good ol’ wood finish that hides such things any day!

  3. Okay, flat paint of ANY color is just ridiculous in a kitchen. Oh, and congrats on the weight loss! I forgot to mention that.

  4. Isn’t picking out that stuff so much fun? Woo hoo! So glad you are finally getting things done and now it is all coming together. I think deep purple walls with white cabinets would be awesome.

    Yay on the weight loss! When I went to the doctor yesterday they weighed me and I noticed that even on their scale I have lost weight. But this week since I have been sick I feel like a huge shlub because I can hardly move let alone exercise. Boo!

  5. Whew, thanks guys! I know the weight loss will speed up tremendously once I start working out, but every little bit helps in the meantime. It’s better than gaining. 🙂

    I’ve actually been rethinking the white cabinets, to be honest. My sister pointed out that it could look a little less dynamic because once I start painting everything, have the new countertops in there, and take out the stifling row of cabinets over the current peninsula, the room will be all opened up and brighter than I think. White could slide into the background. However, a dark cherry wood WOULD be striking with the same colors I’m already considering, especially the green or purple. It’ll look a little more expensive, and yes, it won’t show dirt as much. (I agree with Fraulein– flat paint should NEVER be in the kitchen! That’s crazy. No wonder you had so much work on your hands to keep it clean! The previous owners apparently didn’t get it, Shades.)

    Vegas Princess– feel better soon! It always gets really bad right as it moves into recovery-stage, so hang in there. You’re no schlub; you’re building up your strength to come back even more powerful than ever. Kick ass!

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