So I get the contractor to finally come around after spending hours on the phone with him last night. And today, the FHA lady Kathy turns into a massive bitch. I’m too pissed to write the entire details here at the moment, but she was supposed to send me/my contractor a list of the items that WILL add value to the home so it will appraise at the right price, and my contractor was supposed to work off of this list. NEWS TO ME. I did not get a list of items.

I call her, and she admits she hasn’t done it yet and doesn’t give a clear answer as to why or when she will actually do it. All she does is get abrasive and nasty saying “there’s no way this is going into underwriting today, it needs much more work, blah blah blah” and I am like, “Lady, it appears to me the reason it is not going into underwriting is because you haven’t done your part of it, so shut the fuck up and quit giving ME attitude!

So now we likely won’t close on time. There is a $300 fee for extension of the closing date, and $100 per diem fee up to 10 days that we go over. That all comes out of MY POCKET. Not one of the imbeciles I am working with; MINE.

I’m working on figuring the math out if I lose more money by extending the closing date, or by just backing out and forfeiting my deposit money. Either way, I am all lined up to lose money. That’s just terrific. I love it when I can lose thousands of my hard-earned dollars due to the incompetencies of other fucking people. Who doesn’t! Throwing cash away is so much fun!!!

My broker’s trying to console me, trying to tell me maybe I can just stop the renovation loan bullshit right now and just have a normal closing, and maybe try to refinance after I move in order to do the changes I want to do… she’s supposed to call me after she talks to some other people in the FHA and at the bank that was going to do my mortgage to see what the options are…

But honest to God, I don’t want to do it anymore. I don’t. I feel like I have lost my mind, lost all sense of self-control because I worked so hard to stay on top of people…double check my end of things to make sure I had everything I needed… return paperwork ahead of deadlines…make every single call I had to make, even when it meant running away from my desk 15 times a day at work to talk with everyone from my realtor to one of five different contractors… and now, this happens?! Excuse me, but…NO. Not acceptable. My brain can’t process that this is falling apart because of other stupid people. It’s beyond “not fair.” It’s just WRONG and I can’t take it.

Sorry for freaking out. Sorry for only being one-track-mind over here. I am apologizing not just to anyone reading this tedious shit, but myself. I never should have let it get this far, never should have allowed the search for a house to get to this point.

Now I know better. I won’t do this to myself again.


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  1. I agree. Don’t do it. Wash your hands of it. Provide all parties involved with a succinct business letter,detailing everything YOU have done promptly and to uphold your end of the deal. Detail what has gone wrong, and end this disaster before you end up with some stress-related health issue.

  2. Im so sorry honey. For an extra fifty bucks, I can scream at anybody you want me to. Hell, lets have them audited. Not their companies. Them. You can do that. ya know. Bring they asses to the attention of the ol ai ar es

  3. Yesterday I “fired” the contractor, because my broker worked her ass off and found a contractor that actually specializes in these FHA renovation loans exclusively. That’s all they do. Sure, I might have saved a couple of bucks here and there having my friend’s contractor do the work, but… I feel a lot more at-ease with this new company already. I’ll blog about it more later after I know more, but they are out at the house as I am writing this, measuring and finding out what they need to in order to write me a quote. They know the process with the paperwork down to the letter, so it’s going to move through fast. I like the woman I’ve been talking to since yesterday a lot; she asks good questions that make me feel like yeah, they really WILL get this job FINISHED, on-time and correctly.

    I feel so much better about things. Also: I don’t have to work with Kathy, the FHA person, as directly anymore, since she will deal with this contractor directly rather than going through me. Ahhhh. Sigh of relief.

  4. Well, at least things have slightly changed for the better. I am glad you got rid of that shady contrator. And what is up with Kathy acting all nice and then turning into a total bitch? These people do not seem to understand that for them, they may have hundreds of people they deal with but for you this is YOUR house, YOUR life, YOUR money. You are the only one involved and having to depend on them to do their job so that you can move forward. I think they lose sight of the fact that for you it is the end of the world if things don’t go through. For them, it’s just another day another job. This is why I hate relying on other people. I wish we could all just do everything ourselves.

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