No more bullshit


That’s it. I’m DONE.

I can’t do this anymore. I’ve been trying really hard all these months, putting so much energy and time into this whole stupid house ordeal, and today I am just ready to just say “THAT’S IT!” and forfeit my deposit money and walk away.

Why? Well, because my fucking retarded contractor has NOT gotten back to me. This, even after we had a heart to heart on Friday and he promised me that he would be getting back to me so we could arrange a time over the weekend, or “at the latest, Monday morning”, to go over the list of items and figure out a final price for everything. Well, guess what never happened. It’s now about 1pm and despite my calls and texts, I HAVE HEARD NOTHING. I could put someone’s head through a brick wall right now over this, I am so beyond furious. I actually do NOT want him to call me right now, because I think I’ll lose it. I’m not joking or being dramatic. It’s true. I will s-c-r-e-a-m my brains out at this fucker.

I just wrote to my broker to ask what my options are at this point. Could I just back out of the renovation part of the loan, and go back to just a normal FHA loan? And if so, is there a chance the house would then appraise for a more realistic (lower) market value? Because if I do this, I could always apply for other loans after I move in and do the work little by little on my own, or using that apparent tax credit.

And of course, my other option is to just wipe my hands of this whole thing and give up. And that seriously doesn’t sound half bad right about now. The people who are trying to buy the house I’m renting have said they are willing to let me stay on, either on lease or a month-to-month basis, if I needed or wanted to.  Or, I could just find out what their bank countered with and beat it by a couple thousand and just STAY THERE. Yeah. I know I said I didn’t want to, but seriously? It’s not so bad. I am close to work, I wouldn’t have to pack up, I’m comfortable when I’m home (meaning, I like the feel of my home) and if I owned it, I could make it my own and fix the damn fence. It would be a small, affordable mortgage. Then, this whole thing would be OVER and I could relax again and have my life back.

Having my life back from all of this mess is actually something that I see as being a worthy reason to just see what I’d need to do in order to stay where I am. I’m not sure the frustration, stress, annoyances and now, all the extra work I’m going to have to do on this new house if I do in fact stay with it, are worth it anymore.

I hope my broker gets back to me ASAP. I can’t sit here acting like everything is OK anymore. I’m going to start crying those annoying frustration-tears soon if I don’t keep myself under control. And that control is swiftly drifting away with every hour that my phone does NOT ring.


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  1. Okay, fuck that contractor, first of all. I mean, he COULD be having an emergency, but if I’m correct, this is the guy you were having misgivings about to begin with, right? My gut says that he’s just unprofessional as hell. Better to get rid of him now.

    As for the rest, I really don’t know. On one hand, it’s not worth all this stress if you don’t love love LOVE the house you end up with. (You don’t want another situation like you had with your convertible…) On the other hand … all that money you’d be out. Eek! Plus, your desire to just walk away is probably the stress talking.

    So yeah, I’m not real helpful. But if you do stick with this option, I’d definitely give that contractor the boot. Just my 2 cents!

  2. WOW, I don’t read for a few days and I come on here to comment about dieting and read all of this crazy, sad shit. L, I can totally see where your frustration is coming from and I think staying put is a great idea. Maybe all of this is a sign. I cannot believe that contractor- no wait, I CAN believe it because those fuckers are known for being shady and not showing up for days at a time. Just think- at least he didn’t do this when you already paid him and you were waiting for the house to be done.

    Also, I agree with Fraulein; wait until you are not screaming angry to make the decision because losing your money is not a good thing either.

    I am waiting to hear about the results.

  3. I feel for you. I have never had to go through something like that before but I know you will do what is right for you- no matter what the decision is.

  4. I would wait until you cooled down a bit to make a bog decision. However, get rid of that contractor NOW. There has to be someone more reliable out there (I think you mentioend another one you spoke to in a previous post)

    I am going to stand firm in my belief that you should not buy the house you are renting currently. You have said before that you wanted something bigger and more your own and that there was a lot you didn’t want to have to fix in your rental house. I still think you should try to buy your own. However, I don’t blame you for thinking about quitting the earch because this has been nothing but a struggle for you. 😦

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