On second thought…


Oh, man. I don’t know what my deal is, but last night I  just started to think about backing out of the purchase of that house. And this morning I’m definitely still not feeling good about things.

It’s not all because of the contractor-bid-ordeal. It’s because I have this sinking feeling that the loan will not go through. I might be asking for too much for this particular house. I’m so confused and need to get basic black and white answers in an attempt to sort it all out. According to the loan paperwork, I am getting a loan for $125K. Now, the sales price of the home is $118K. So if the amount doesn’t drop down after the appraisal, I will only have $7K to do all the repairs with, IF I get the 203k renovation loan. IF. However, I am going to present bids that equal about $15K today– IF the damn contractor I’m waiting on actually decides to get the fuck back to me. It’s to cover all the stuff the house needs: kitchen repairs and upgrades, flooring, new bathroom sinks and toilets, new back porch to replace the crumbling pergola, replace the windows, electrical and plumbing repairs and modernization, painting and repairing the exterior of the house (lots of damaged fascia and stuff like that). I have no idea what is going to happen once my mortgage broker submits everything. I don’t know what they will agree to, and what they won’t. I’m worried and stressed out, even though I am trying so hard not to be…

So last night I went out to the movies on the spur of the moment. I saw Easy Virtue, finally. I wanted some eye candy and some distraction. I was getting it, too, until my phone silently buzzed in my purse. I looked down and saw it was my realtor calling. For the rest of the movie, my thoughts kept wandering to whatever she had said on the voicemail she’d left. The second I got out of the theater–cute movie, by the way– I listened to her message.

She was telling me she would feel more comfortable in stalling with the agent on the Pretty House. Because yes, that one is STILL being considered by the bank. Yeah. Since April they have been considering it. We never told them about me and this new house, because it seemed like a good idea to keep a back-up in place. Yesterday, my agent called and said the Pretty House agent wanted to make sure we were “still interested” and I told her to just tell her no…to finally let her know we are going with another property.

But then, hours later, my agent called and left that message. She said she kept thinking about it, and she really feels better if we DON’T just say no right now. She said, “I just think we need to get to a point where Monica (my mortgage broker) feels confident with a loan going through.” So I guess my broker IS NOT CONFIDENT ANYMORE. This whole thing might be dead in the water!! Not because of me, or my credit…but because I can’t get people to get their shit together and do what they say they’re going to do. And also, because I don’t have straight answers about that loan amount, like I said above.

So I put a call in to my broker…still waiting to hear back. I have GOT to talk this all out, N-O-W.

Oh, and the best part?? The stupid contractor that hasn’t gotten back to me is the one holding EVERYTHING up. He was supposed to call me last night so he could get my fax number to send over the written bid. This bid was due on MONDAY. And it’s now WEDNESDAY. (Sorry for all the caps, I’m just so angry I feel like screaming! Not at you, though. Just in general!!) Yesterday was one long waiting game that never came through. My friend who is trying to organize this whole thing is doing a great job, but he can’t control if these contractors don’t do their part of things. I mean, do they want the work, or not?! You’d think in this economy, they’d be all over it. I texted my friend to tell him that this fucktard has not contacted me as he was supposed to, so he needs to send me his number right now so I can call him myself and demand that he get the estimate to me or risk losing the whole thing.

Because that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

So, again, the Pretty House seems like an option again. Hell, it’s already DONE. I wouldn’t have to deal with a single contractor, or get a fancy loan that requires all this extra work. So it will be a few dollars more a month. Big deal. Because, if the house didn’t appraise for lower than $118K, and I did get the whole amount I was hoping for…hypothetically, I’d be paying just about the same amount for my mortgage on this current house that I would to get the Pretty House! And the Pretty House would have a lot less stress attached to it.

Ugh. Pain in the ass. All of this. Seriously, this has got to stop. I can’t take much more of this ongoing CRAP!


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  1. Really? I am just dumbstruck that all of this is STILL happening to you. Why can’t you just get a house already? ARRRGGGG!!! I am so frustrated FOR you and I’m not even the one trying to buy. Keeping my fingers, toes, and other extra limbs crossed for you.

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