OK, since I wrote this morning, a lot has happened. I talked to my mortgage broker about things, and while it’s still confusing as heck, she assured that she does think I will be able to get this house, one way or another. It might be that I don’t get as much money to do repairs as I’d hoped for, or I might not qualify for ANY and I just have to do the repairs on my own using either a refinance on the mortgage or getting a line of credit somewhere else, like my credit union or something. I guess I can live with that. After all, if that were to happen, I’d be getting a house for $118K. That’s still a bargain. And the lower mortgage payment would mean more money could be freed up to pay off loans/debts to get everything done. I don’t know. We’ll see.

I also gave the contractor dude one last chance to get me the bid or it was over. I meant it, too. But he did get me something, and I got it all over to my broker. The only thing was, I contacted another contractor while I was waiting for the first one, because I thought that was the smart thing to do, given how little time I have left. So now a second contractor wants to go out to the house tomorrow, take a look and give me an estimate on things.

However, he was hesitant to do it, since I was honest and told him I just got in the bids I needed…but would love to see if he could beat the price. He was wary, and I kind of feel terrible about putting him out (driving out to the house to look at it) if I don’t end up hiring him. Part of me wants to hire this guy because of the bad taste the first contractor left in my mouth, after all this chaos and lateness. And that my sister doesn’t trust him (she did work on her property once and she didn’t like how long it took him to finish) kind of adds a level of dubiousness to the whole thing.

But I also feel a sense of loyalty to my friend, who arranged all of this and has been running around trying to pull all of this together for me (we’ve got 4 bids, all from 4 different contractors) in a short period of time. He’s a hard working guy, and I know he won’t settle for less than great work. He swears up and down he “won’t let me down” and I do believe him. Plus, if what he is telling me is really true, we could get all of the things on my list…including the wishlist, which includes the new flooring and gravel for the backyard…done for the amount I hope to get. This other person? I don’t know. I’d likely have to get less done for the same amount of money, from the sound of it.

BLECH. I hate making decisions like this. Maybe I don’t have to. Maybe it will be made for me in the next couple of days, when the appraiser goes out to the house to do the appraisal and looks at my list of things on the bids and determines what would–and what might not– add value to the home for the money. Personally, I think ALL of it will add value, because I’m not doing anything excessive but I am updating the home to make it more attractive and energy-efficient. It’s not like I want to commission someone to paint a mural on my wall or something. Although I would…with my own money. Especially if the mural was of something like, “Stooges Through the Ages” and shows the Three Stooges in different historical scenes. I’d get a kick outta that.

Anyway, as I was saying: Here we go, I guess! I don’t have much control over anything right this second, so I’m going to try to let this serve as my venting-board and have a relatively quiet, calm night. And then tomorrow if any decisions on contractors need to be made, I’ll do it. Right now, though– it’s another one of those “glitter” moments. Where’s my little glittery deer? (Because I have not only the pink one, but a black one, for year-round elegance.)


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